A Natural Born Christian Witch! What?


I have met many people that ask me what is a Christian Witch? How can one be a Christian and a Witch? Don’t they contradict one another? Well the simple answer is no they do not. I was born a Witch. I was born with supernatural abilities, aspiriations and spiritual responsibility.  I have a divine mission in this world to spread Light and teach Love. This has nothing to do with the spiritual practices taught to me as a child. I could have been Muslim, Jewish or Hindustan and still born a Witch.  What makes one a Witch is a strong strand of Angel DNA that is activated at birth as opposed to most people who are activated as they grow and learn spiritually. It is like being given a license before you even learn how to drive! Not fun at first but you sure learn alot through the years that most people don’t get the chance.

As a child, being a Christian,  I had always had a special relationship with Jesus, that was rather unique. I have been praying, studying the Bible and having visions and literal conversations with God since I was five years old. My first instance was seeing the crucifixion of Christ on television and literally feeling as if I had been there standing at the foot of His cross. I also felt I knew Jesus personally. I remember crying and asking my brother who was this man on t.v that was being nailed to the cross. He laughed at his five year old sister who he probably thought was crazy to be going to Catholic school and not know who Jesus was. Later I went through confirmation for my baptism and had so many visions and dreams it was just crazy. I was hyper spiritual as a child. Preaching to my dolls in the living room, seeking to go to churches and talk to ministers of every denomination. To this day I enjoy every religion, because I  can see the interconnectedness of God  and Goddess in EVERYTHING.

When I turned twelve my mom would let me go with her to psychic readings. I remember as a child going to one lady who did my tarot cards. I also had a very close relationship with animals. My dog and I could communicate. I know most kids feel this way but it was unusual. I could actually hear English words in my dog’s barks and sometimes I could hear their thoughts. I still have an intuitive connection with animals, especially dogs. I also have an intuitive communication with babies.

As a young adult, I ventured into practicing my clairvoyant skills with a book I found in my mother’s drawer titled Practical Intuition by Laura Day. I practiced with that book from the age of fifteen to nineteen. Meaning; I read it and practiced some of the exercises in it on two separate occasions in my life from those ages. I am naturally gifted with clairvoyance and clairsentience. I can see things in other dimensions, smell them if needed and now I am claircogznant, where I just know things that are of higher consciousness and clairaudient where Spirit will communicate to me for myself or others in songs or that still small voice. I use all five of my senses to communicate to the other realm and I also meet them in my dreams.

I have since learned that these are the traits of a natural born Witch. And we have been around since the dawn of time. In ancient times we were called Oracles, Sybils and Pythoness Prophetesses. In pentecostal churches these men and women are called Seers and Prophets. In Wicca they are usually High Priest and High Priestess, but it is all the same. It is so important we stop labeling and dividing each other away and start loving and integrating our hearts to one big Rainbow Tribe. This is my prayer. Blessed be, Ostara Miss GoodWitch


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  1. Joanna DeVoe says:

    Practical Intuition! I remember when that book was brand spanking new & Laura Day was doing the TV rounds to promote it. I could not wait to get my hot little hands on that thing & I bought it in hard cover, which is unusual for me & a sign of impatience (I’m a paper back kinda girl!) Anyway- this is such a great post & sentiment. Love it.

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  2. Thanks Jo! ❤ Yes I was quite young but I wish i could've met her. Through that book I realized I was quite gifted..lol! I remember the feeling was absolutely delicious! Thank you for your kind comments! ❤

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