Sibyl Prophetess: Witches In The Bible

One night in November 2011; I had a dream. I dreamt of being a great prophetess who was speaking at a public podium in the center of a cobble stoned plaza. I looked Mediterranean or Greek, with long flowing dark brown hair, fair olive skin, wearing a red robe with a hood. I had a great book open before me and there were three women in robes behind me. I was the leader of the women and I knew I was a prophetess. I recognized my real mother in this life as one of my priestesses though she looked different in my dream. I was admonishing the people to give praise to the Great Goddess in the sky and teaching them the words from my Great Book, but they would not listen to me. I saw a great war break out and it was bloodshed on the street. I felt we were under siege by Romans.

I remember being very sad that they had turned away from God our Mother and very excited upon waking that I have taught this all before! When I awakened I wondered if in history it could be possible that women prophetesses existed that taught about a Great Goddess. Of course, I scanned the internet trying to make sense of it all. Was my dream literal or symbolic? It was so vivid and felt so real! Just when I was about to give up I found it! Sibyl prophetesses were known the world over! What makes this dream so remarkable is that I had no idea prior to this dream that Sibyls existed, that they wrote and read from Great Books and they taught about the Mother Goddess. So the confirmation indicated that indeed this was one of my past lives.

Sibyl Pythoness Oracle

delphic sibyl (Delphic Sybil)

I have struggled most of my life with an addiction to food. Finding Goddess within me gave me the ability to love myself more. As women we are created in the direct image of Goddess the Holy Spirit Mother and of God the Holy Spirit Father. Our very nature is wrapped in the core of whom She is and as we begin our journey back to our dear Divine Mother we finally find our purpose! This self awakening helped me break my addiction to food.

Sibyl Prophetesses Our Heritage

Women of all skin color, cultures and countries need to unite. We are the women that carry the world upon our backs and birth the destiny of the universe from between our hips! It is time we open our eyes and really see ourselves past the color of our skin, but to the divine Goddess pattern we were all created from!

In my hungry search for Goddess, I found first the lives of these extraordinary women thanks to my dream. I soon learned that all over the world, in Ancient China, Africa, Greece, Israel etc, there were women who were called oracles, pythonesses or prophetesses. In particular, there was one woman (whom I believe I was in my past life) who tried to warn the people about impending war and destruction and it fell on deaf ears. Finally she went to the King himself and offered him 9 books. In those 9 books were poetic words of prophecies concerning the future of the country. The King refused to pay her what she requested. Each time she burned three books and each time she requested the same amount. Finally when it came down to the last three books he agreed. I found it very interesting that in my dream I had a great book, in this life I have been writing poetry since I was 8 or 9 yrs old and the Prophetesses wrote their prophecies also in great poetic books. In fact, some of their prophecies became a part of the Holy Bible, so important were their words.


Long before Jesus Christ was born to the Virgin Mary, there are said to have lived wise women who inhabited shrines, temples, and caves, and who, being blessed “by the gods” with the gift of prophecy, read the signs of nature in order to foretell the future. In many of their prophecies they foretold the birth of Christ. In the Bible, Mary goes to the temple to dedicate Jesus and give her offerings. Anna, the sibyl prophetess, meets her and finally sees the child she had prophesied would come. So also did prophet Simon. But Anna took it one step further.

She became the FIRST person to spread the word that JESUS CHRIST was born, which made her truthfully the FIRST APOSTLE. This is hidden in the depths of the book. But there is a triple Goddess surrounding the birth of Christ. Anna, who prophesied him, Mary who birthed him and Mary Magdalene who was there when he rose up from the dead.  We call these seers “Sibyls,” after the Greek word for prophetess (“sibulla”). In fact the Bible is chock full of “seers”, prophetesses, judges, queens, and women clan leaders. Moses and Aaron’s sister Meryam was one and so was Mary Mother of Christ. Prophet Isaiah’s wife was one and so was Enoch’s!

miss goodwitch

One of my favorite Sibyl’s is recorded in the Bible and her name was Abigail. In the Bible Abigail was married to a fool! In fact, his name Nabal literally means “fool”. Anyway, David was a rebel and was on the run from this evil king named Saul. He protected Nabal’s shepherds and in return asked for some food. Well, Nabal turned him down and so David and all his thousands of men were coming up the hill to slaughter the whole town! However, Abigail very intuitively, packed a bunch of provisions and met him as she was coming down the hill. Once there she prophesied to David that he was chosen by God to be the true King and she also prophesied specific things about his life. He was so amazed at her gifts of discernment and wisdom he backed off!

When Abigail returned home she told her husband and soon he died just as she insinuated he would in her prophecy to David! After he died, David married her, and when he won the war she became the Queen and Sibyl oracle of Israel! Later she gave birth to a son who became the Prophet Daniel! So right here, smack dab in the Bible is a WITCH! The reason I say Witch is because in truth a Witch and a Prophetess are the same thing. They foresee the future, can speak to spirit and angels and have the unique ability to manifest their desires with prayer and vision.

Their faith is unshakeable because not only do they believe in God but am intimately connected through visions and clairsentience. Abigail not only  that but she became the Queen of Israel married to King David and who was the ancestor of Jesus Christ! This is very similar to the Celtic traditions of Wicca of the High King marrying the Goddess to rule the land. Hmmm, I wonder which came first? It’s hard to know but what I do know is that it’s part of Christianity too! And this is only the tip of the iceberg! I have many more stories from the Bible that show proof that most of the ancient Jews practiced magick and were Witches! Wicca and Christianity have alot in common after all, huh?

Moonbeam Blessings and Meteor Shower Kisses, Love Ostara





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  1. Siobhan Miren Conway says:

    O.M.GODDESS! WOW! You REALLY researched! I thought I researched good! But YOU took IT up 3 notches! KUDOS! Thank you for sharing that GREAT information. I’m sure to share with my “Christians” friends & family. 😉

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    1. Thank you Siobhan! I hope you and your friends enjoy!


    2. Thanks a bunch! I hope you do!


    3. Thank you so much! I really appreciate your feedback! Hope you enjoy my other posts as well. Keep in touch!


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