Threefold Law



Hi there Witchy Woo Woo’s!

Conventional tradition has taught us that the three fold law means that anything we as Witches, do it will come back on us times three! However, there is more to this than meets the eye!  I’ve been a Witch since the day I was born and I have had much experience with the true meaning of the threefold law. As a natural Witch you are a transmitter of great power! It runs freely in your veins like liquid fire! You only have to turn your thoughts inward to manifest anything you want. We do not have to cast circles or shake rattles to build up power because we are POWER.


 We channel Goddess and God energy naturally, like a satellite dish. So it only goes to say we AMPLIFY the power of good or evil if it comes out way. Thoughts are energy. Emotions are energy. In fact, everything is energy. So when someone turns negative energy towards us we amplify this same energy back to them times three without even being aware of it!

For instance, when I was eleven years old and this other student used to bully me. She was very pretty with long hair flowing down her back in beautiful raven curls. One day she decided to show out in front of her friends and slapped me in the face! She had heard I just got baptized (not knowing it was because my father had just died of cancer) and as she slapped me she laughed at me, “NOW turn the other cheek!” I was never more humiliated in my life and wanted to cause her pain. But I didn’t and sucked it up and gave it over to God.

Now here is how being a Witch works!


 A year later when she came to high school she was in a freak accident in chemistry class causing her to lose all her long beautiful hair! To make the matter THREE TIMES worse, some jerk yanked her wig off during lunch hour and the ENTIRE school laughed at her scabbed and burned head. Now I wasn’t even at the school when this happened. However, it is the THREEFOLD law which was in effect. When you do harm to a Witch that energy is amplified times three when it comes your way. Now I felt very sad for this young girl and prayed for her. At the time I had no idea why exactly this happened. However, I noticed as I have gotten older that when people do good towards me that good comes back to them times three and when they do bad it also comes back the same way and worse. All the men in my life that have cheated on me or abused me in any way fell victim to horrible love triangles, drug addictions, loss of jobs, or even once death of the woman they cheated on me with ONLY after he married her. 


No I did nothing to cause this. And even loved this woman much as time went on and we all created a happy family of acceptance and forgiveness. But you can’t stop the threefold law. A natural born witch is Karma with LEGS!

However, the wonderful thing about this law is it works both ways!
Brightest Blessings! 

Love, Ostara



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  1. Siobhan Miren Conway says:

    Is this really true? I would love to learn MORE about your ways, but, IS there a book? Did you incorporate different varieties of books?

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  2. Hi Siobhan! Yes this is absolutely true. As a natural born Witch you are karma with legs. Ironically, one of the best books that validate this is the Bible. Psalm 105:14-16 ( He meaning God) “He permitted no man to oppress them, And He reproved kings for their sakes: 15″Do not touch My anointed ones, And do My prophets no harm.” -When you are born as a Witch, rather than made, you are born anointed with the power of Spirit. Because of this we can heal, prophesy, interpret dreams, and manifest matter from the astral plane. We can also influence other people’s thoughts, feelings and perceptions. Supernatural born WItches are the “anointed ones”. However, once one dedicates themselves to the craft they also become protected by a myriad of Angels and Ascended Masters. But I have to say the Threefold Karmic Law does not apply in this way unless you are a supernatural born Witch. That is why many people don’t understand it. Like me, you have to live it to fully comprehend, the power. But no worries, we are also extremely compassionate and empathic individuals. A good rule of thumb is to do unto others as not as they do unto you, but better! In this way you will always be assured of a Fan-Karma-tastic life! Have an Angel day!


  3. Reblogged this on MISS GOODWITCH and commented:

    Ever mind the rule of three. What you give comes back times three.


  4. Reblogged this on The Ohm Gathering and commented:
    I’ve always loved this concept across traditions and cultures. Rather than ‘three-fold law’ I tend to call it just karma. I’ve never really decided the input versus output, but I’ve always decided that good in means good out and the same goes for bad. But I find I’m more likely to receive more and much worse over time if I’m awful to someone. Positivity and kindness and a little optimism will bring good karma to you and those who follow your example, so be kind to one another.

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    1. Yes absolutely! I agree. I just add that as Witches or more highly evolved spiritual beings we amplify energy as well. So that what others do towards us creates this karma for them in a more aggressive way.

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      1. I suppose I never really thought of the amplification that way, but that makes fantastic sense. I was very much aware of said effect on power, though. Thanks so much!

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      2. You’re welcome.


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