Magical finds at Books-A-Million!

Hi Welcome to my Witchy Woo Woo World!

I’m a single Witch and I craft all my magickal things on a shoe string budget. Many of my friends want to know how I do it. And of course, all of my Christian friends are more than curious about my new Wiccan path. So I have decided to take all of my Witchy Woo Woo’s and friends on a guided tour month to month. We will visit all my fave Witchy haunts and spiritual power places. I will also share all of the cool Woo Woo spells, crafts, rituals, potions and experiences that I learn from them along the way. Magic is all around us, you just have to believe! So some of my little finds may be quite unexpected and wayyy cool!

The rest of this month I am taking you on a short jog through Books-A-Million. This bookstore is so fascinating and full of delicious, witchy finds! I purchased my very first Tarot cards here as well as a plethora of spiritual books. Silver Ravenwolf, Scott Cunningham and Doreen Virtue are amongst my fave authors. Oh YEAH!
I get GREEDY! I have at least twenty different oracle or tarot decks! And probably over a hundred different books on Wicca, Witchcraft, Gardening, Angels, Reiki Healing, Crystals and more.

Check out these cute purse size little spell books I found!

And they even have cool Witchy bargain books! Check out the New Age section!

And let’s not forget the Witches Almanac calendar and a personal pack of Oracle cards, please!

Then after I grab all of these items….Check out the cool Hippie Chick bag I scored! (I’m a Books-A-Million member so it was a steal!. hahha….not literally, I’m a good Witch!)

Well that’s a quick snap shot of all the cool Witchy things I found at Books-A- Million! Tomorrow I will discuss my favorite pack of tarot cards I purchased there!

Hugs and Smooches Woo Woo’s!
Ostara Miss Goodwitch


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  1. Betty Cote says:

    wow its alot of stuff to learn .


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