Angels are REAL!


My Miracle-Angelic Assistance

I had dreams of Angels singing to me to console me, when I was twelve, after my father passed away from stomach cancer. In college, at my lowest point I felt an angelic hand on my shoulder giving me strength to go on. An angel also saved me and my passengers during a near collision. I could see the Angel standing between me and the other vehicle and the evil grotesque demonic face of the driver staring at me with his beady eyes. I think the Angel intervened because it was more of a supernatural attack than a natural one. But, Archangel Michael was the first angel I actually connected to for help by name. When I was thirty-nine; I was in a car accident. The driver drove through a stop sign and totaled my car leaving my C-2 vertebrae in my spine subluxated and me in incredible pain. Long story short, the police officer gave me the ticket leaving me unable to afford healthcare or another car. I went a week walking my kids to school in horrible pain.

I read somewhere that Archangel Michael was the Angel over justice and police. So I requested that he would assist me so that justice would prevail. I asked for his direct intervention. The very next day the police officer came to my home and apologized. He told me every time he tried to put the ticket into the computer system it was rejected. He said he tried eight times and eight times it was rejected. Finally the whole computer system shut down in the police precinct. This forced him to have to go to the chief of police, which was difficult being he was a rookie and only a week on the job. The chief said I could have been driving down that road with my eyes shut and still wouldn’t be at fault! Needless to say, Archangel Michael also directed me to get medical help, for free, and I bought a new car with money from the insurance company. ANGELS ARE REAL! That is when I began to study and communicate with Angels, thanks to one of my spiritual mentors, Doreen Virtue, whom also taught me about the Law of Attraction.

Once when I was very sad over a breakup; I had a supernatural visitation with an Angel in my dream. In my dream I saw this big beautiful angel, he was so big I could only see from his waist to his chest as he was ascending from my body towards heaven talking to his fellow angels. I only saw his lower half , beautiful white, golden and rose colored light, and his great big hand on me as he did something to my chest. As I watched him ascend he was talking to other Angels telling them my fourth chakra was out of balance. I got the feeling I wasn’t supposed to have heard that conversation or seen the spiritual surgery. It felt like an accident. At that time I did not know very much about chakras, only that you have seven of them, and that they had different colors. I knew they were energy centers on your body but I did not know their meanings, locations or correspondences. Well, let me tell you I almost fell outta my chair when I found out the fourth chakra was the heart!

Well of course, my heart chakra would be out of balance. My heart was “broken.” The Archangel balanced it allowing me to heal. That was why I would weep incessantly and could not seem to get myself back together. I couldn’t understand it at the time and it made me sink into the pit of despair. It took me nearly two years to completely let go and heal from all of the junk, the soul tie and the lower energy attachment of my ex.

Within that space of healing that the Angels guided me through, I learned that I am a Light worker. I have learned being a Light Worker is about the power of thought projection, belief and action coming together to produce results to better the planet and all of humanity. It is magickal! Finally, I realized what the grand design of my destiny would entail! I was to write my book finally and share with the world my mission to help heal the hearts and minds of women all over the globe!

I also learned a lot about the Bible, Wicca, ancient religions around the world, and Magick! In fact, the Bible is chock full of magickal rituals, incantations and miracles. This came as a surprise to a born and raised Baptist girl like me. For instance, prophecy and decreeing with faith, is a magickal formula that pre-dates Christianity or the Scripture of Jesus Christ. When you state things to the Universe, as if they already are, this is creating a miracle, which is a great and magickal creation or some call this spiritual alchemy. If you use it for good with the intent to harm none, this is being a Wise Goddess. However, if you use it for your own selfish desires, it will come back on you times seven. One cannot fight evil intentions with anger; instead compassion becomes your greatest defense! (The bible says, “A soft answer turns away wrath…” same thing!)

In 2005; I stood before my church and prophesied about the Hurricane Katrina and the other hurricanes that would ravage half of the country. I also saw the great division of my church body where I attended and the mass exodus of many of the members there. I saw Angels surround the sanctuary during one church service and actually lay hands on people freeing them from all manners of demonic spirit attachments and sickness. People don’t realize that before the Pastor begins laying hands on people the Angels have already done so. They respond to the Pastor’s intent as he has already requested Angelic assistance before his service begins. If the service ritual gets very intense these Angels get very excited and will dance, leap …I’ve actually seen one break dance before the altar! They love to praise God! It always makes me break out with laughter!

Music is a powerful magick instrument! Music and dance with spiritual intent will call all of heaven by your side to manifest your needs. I have been in a service and seen televisions, house keys, healing in the form of rose petals be dropped on the congregation. As I have grown, most especially through the process of writing this book, I have discovered the vast awareness of the magnificence of the power of God rooted deep within my own consciousness. This ancient path I have treaded on in many lifetimes. I believe we all are teachers. It is up to us whether we will teach hate or teach love. We teach with our every action which is a manifestation of our thought life. I think therefore I am is a popular phrase but do you believe this to be true? If a tree falls in a forest with no one to hear it does it make a sound? How do you define a sound if no one is “hearing” it?

Much Love,

Ostara Miss Goodwitch



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