Dreams of the Goddess

I have had many dreams about Gods and Goddesses. They seem to come to me to assist or guide me just when I need them the most. It was strange as a Christian woman to begin having these dreams. I had never believed in Goddesses and thought it was evil. However, I have come to have a wonderful and close relationship with many of them. I regard them as facets of Mother God, Holy Spirit and sisters in Spirit.


The first dream I will describe is the one I had about being in Heaven. My hair was in what I would call an Egyptian bob hairstyle. I had on a white sarong on and gold sandals. I was standing at the door of a great pure white alabaster temple where I greeted new arrivals and ushered them inside. At first it appeared to be a great white church with huge white columns, with a roof made of clear crystal and floor to ceiling windows. Then I noticed that attached was a school, in fact, many schools were inside this great temple. In the classes were many young students all dressed in crisp cotton white.  Deep in the heart of this temple was an inner sanctum made of wood and cloth panels. Inside of that, was a room we were all making ready for Jesus. In my dream this temple was also on earth not just in Heaven.It sort of existed simultaneously.

I also saw a great bustling city of lights while I looked down from a white, balustrade (funny I had to look up this word to see what it was but when I saw the images of it I recognized the balustrade right away from my dream)… Below me city was bustling and seemed as if cars were moving very fast on the street or some kind of vehicles…people were not just walking.  I saw vehicles with many lights traveling at the speed of light and people moving, coming and going. Heaven was like one big huge city! I have also, during praise and worship trances, left my body and gone to the river of life and cleansed myself and then sat there on the lap of Jesus like a small child in the Garden of Eden. So there are MANY facets and lands in Heaven. I think this is what Jesus meant when He said His father has many mansions…I think that should have been translated KINGDOMS.


This dream is kinda funny… I was at Wal-Mart when suddenly these small hairy like imps were commanded by this really big, ugly hairy beast demon to snatch me and drag me to hell. There they shackled me to the wall with my hands over my head. I was Jada Pinkett Smith, for some reason, and pregnant. They threatened to cut the baby out of me and were threatening to do very graphic torture to me because they desperately needed me to be afraid of them. Finally they laid me on an altar of brimstone and suddenly I broke free, got up and began proclaiming the Word of God from Holy Scripture. I was bathed in this bright white light ( I felt approved and powerful) and suddenly the door busted wide open and Jesus, looking like Will Smith, came in and saved me. He took me back to Wal-Mart! LOL And we had a very interesting conversation about the whole thing. The weird thing to me is that I never thought of demons as hairy beasts and the wall pits of fire that people were being burned up in seemed very real. It was not really hot though. I think because I was still alive. What made this dream seem likely is that a year or so later a co-worker of mine had a book called Divine Revelations of Hell written by a Pastor Mary K. Baxter. In her book she described demons exactly the way I saw them in my dream and the fire pits exactly the way I saw them too! I realized then that the demons wanted to make me afraid so that I would abort my destiny. They had no real power to destroy my destiny, but if they could make me crippled with fear they could deter or destroy my fruit. It seems that they are already defeated! Thank you, Jesus!

Sibyl Prophetess

One night in November 2011; I had a dream. I dreamt of being a great prophetess who was speaking at a public podium in the center of a cobble stoned plaza, during Roman rule. I looked Mediterranean or Greek, with long flowing dark brown hair, fair olive skin, wearing a red robe with a hood. I had a great book open before me and there were three women in robes behind me. I was the leader of the women and I knew I was a prophetess. I recognized my mother as one of my priestesses. I was admonishing the people to give praise to the Great Goddess in the sky and teaching them the words from my Great Book, but they would not listen to me. I saw a great war break out and it was bloodshed on the street. I felt we were under siege by Romans. I remember being very sad that they had turned away from God our Mother and very excited upon waking that I have taught this all before! When I awakened I wondered if in history it could be possible that women prophetesses existed that taught about a Great Goddess. What makes this dream so remarkable is that I had no idea prior to this dream that Sibyls existed, that they wrote and read from Great Books and the taught about the Mother Goddess. So the confirmation indicated that indeed this was one of my past lives.

I found that all over the world, in Ancient China, Africa, Greece, Israel etc, there were women who were called oracles, pythonesses or prophetesses. In particular, there was one woman (whom I believe I was in my past life) who tried to warn the people about impending war and destruction and it fell on deaf ears. Finally she went to the King himself and offered him 9 books. In those 9 books were poetic words of prophecies concerning the future of the country. The King refused to pay her what she requested. Each time she burned three books and each time she requested the same amount. Finally when it came down to the last three books he agreed. I found it very interesting that in my dream I had a great book, in this life I have been writing poetry since I was 8 or 9 yrs old and the Prophetesses wrote their prophecies also in great poetic books. In fact, some of their prophecies became a part of the Holy Bible, so important were their words.

Long before the Jesus Christ was born to the Virgin Mary, there are said to have lived wise women who inhabited shrines, temples, and caves, and who, being blessed “by the gods” with the gift of prophecy, read the signs of nature in order to foretell the future. We call these seers “Sibyls,” after the Greek word for prophetess (“sibulla”). In fact the Bible is chock full of “seers”, prophetesses, judges, queens, and women clan leaders.

Fey Sidhe

I did not pick up the mantle to begin my life as a Christian mystic or Earth Spirit Guide until I was 38 years old. Once I picked up the mantle, or rather the white robe was placed on my shoulders by Jesus, I held it until I turned 40 and finally began writing my book. So as I am writing this book I can say I have had an increasing amount of spiritual contact with Goddesses and Ascended Masters from the Heaven. I have dreamed of Ostara (who is an African women with many different colored pastel ribbons in her locks) Aditi, Maat and Thoth (they are a couple), Queen Maeve, Jesus and the Archangel who fixed my heart chakra after my ex-husband first left me. All of these dreams could easily have been written off as my imagination if it wasn’t for the confirmation. One afternoon I was playing with my Doreen Virtue Fairie oracle cards. I have always been curious about fairies and wondered if they do indeed exist.

One of my friends, Rev. Valerie Love had suggested that I ask them to communicate with me before I fall off to sleep, so I did. The dream I had was nothing like I expected at all! In my dream I was a beautiful dark haired beauty. I was a bride and it was my wedding day. My husband and the whole bridal party was celebrating in the hills of my country. It felt as if we were in Ireland or Scotland somewhere. We were out in the woods celebrating, drinking, eating and laughing. I still had on my white and very beautiful wedding dress complete with my veil still attached to my hair. Suddenly a lovely red haired Goddess appeared and I felt she was Queen of the Fairies, but not Queen Maeve.

Queen Maeve, had shorter dark hair. This woman was very young, and beautiful and soft. She did not look like a fairy, but a regular person. She showed me a burrough in the ground. IT was very deep and one could walk through it like a catacomb under the Earth. She said if I go with her down there within seven years I would be very powerful, one of the most powerful on the Earth. I declined by saying, “What good is power without love? I can’t leave my husband. I am his Bride. However, my daughters are young, they have their whole future ahead of them. Take them and I will direct them through the maze as they go.” She smiled, very pleased with my answer. So she took them and they began their descent together. I woke up and began researching on the computer to find out who this pretty Goddess was that I met and talked to. In my research I stumbled across a Goddess I met in one of my meditations. Her name was presented to me as D’Anu. She had blonde braids and was of Celtic lineage. In my meditation she called me Isis. I cried with so much relief to see my sister at long last! It was beautiful!

Anyway, the research I came across stunned me. Apparently, I had met Brigid and had even taken on an aspect of hers as the Bride. Brigid was a Celtic triple Goddess who was expressed as Maid, Mother and Crone, the three aspects of womanhood in ancient times. In Celtic religion and Irish mythology, Brigit or Brighid (exalted one).

In her English translation of Irish myth, Lady Augusta Gregory (Gods and Fighting Men, 1904), describes Brigit as “a woman of poetry, and poets worshipped her, for her sway was very great and very noble. And she was a woman of healing along with that, and a woman of smith’s work, and it was she first made the whistle for calling one to another through the night. And the one side of her face was ugly, but the other side was very comely. And the meaning of her name was Breo-saighit, a fiery arrow.”-wikipedia

I found this very interesting as I am also a poet, and my face is asymmetrical like Shannen Doherty’s of Charmed (Prue). My face, as well as my breasts, are asymmetrical, but on a more spiritual note I recognized that ugly side, my Shadow side, that like her lived perpetually side by side my, Divine Light side. I believe I have found another of my incarnations or probably more likely she is one of my ancestors, as my great-grandmother was born in the Highlands of Scotland, a Scythian as Brigid.

Even more amazing, those underground burrows that Brigid showed me was the entrance way to their Home really exist! The people who were with her in my dream are called Sidhe, The Sidhe (shee) are considered to be a distinct race, quite separate from human beings yet who have had much contact with mortals over the centuries, and there are many documented testimonies to this. Belief in this race of beings who have powers beyond those of men to move quickly through the air and change their shape at will once played a huge part in the lives of people living in rural Ireland and Scotland. When the first Gaels, the sons of Mil, arrived in Ireland, they found that the Tuatha De Danaan, the people of the goddess D’ Ana, already had control of the land.

I know without a shadow of doubt my mother’s family, and half of my DNA, come from these people of the Tuatha De Danaans. The other half of my DNA may actually be from the Ancient people of Ethiopia. My father told me that his great uncle, who was a slave, told him we were Tutsi. They had more than one child, my spirit guides tell me. In fact they had two daughters as well as a son. I am a descendant of their eldest daughter, Elisaba. She came to be known by the Sidhe as Macha. And I am going to tell you I had to look up who this Macha is after I wrote it. I had no idea of who Macha is in the natural. But that is what the Holy Spirit told me. And yes…she is a daughter of the Tuatha De Daanan and apparently the only Queen that ruled the kingdom in her own right. (As I edited this draft I nearly deleted this because I have no memory of writing this or that this happened. The only reason I don’t delete it is because I said I had to look up who she was after my spirit guides told me her name and found her to be true. I often channel so I must’ve been channeling as I wrote this post and was not aware of what I wrote.)

Now let me reiterate I am not saying any of this is fact, except that they are my visions and dreams, of course. Could it possibly be real or just my imagination. How splendid it all would be, were it true! Personally, I believe it is!

Breathe easy, Love hard!




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