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My soul path is to be a Lightworker and light the way for mankind to find balance. Balance is my biggest quest, the balance of womankind and mankind; balancing that energy and teaching awareness of the Mother aspect of God. Unfortunately, I can’t teach you magick. I do natural magic spells, as I’m a natural Witch, and I don’t need to create a circle. Praise and worship creates my cone of power and I speak in tongues. I go to church, raise holy hands and pray and worship God. I worship God as Mother and Father and I believe in Jesus Christ as my personal savior because I know for a fact he was crucified. I was there and have cell memory of his death and resurrection. At the age of five years old, I remembered this. He is my best friend. Jesus has been my main spirit guide since I was a child. I have seen the Holy Spirit inside Jesus Christ with her wings extended and rushing currents of air all throughout the sanctuary. These air currents hit the people in waves as they began shouting as if something tangible, physical touched them. Yes I have seen this in my mind. I have also seen a ring of holy fire circling the sanctuary and saw Angels ministering and healing folk right before the pastor  called for the elders of the church to lay hands on folks for healing. However, in my Wiccan walk I have met Cerrunous. He is the great stag God, Herne the Hunter and the energy of the Oak King. He showed me that He is an aspect of Father God. My appreciation of Wicca has enhanced my Christian beliefs in God. I don’t know how Christians can truly connect with God in such a close minded way. They miss so much of who God and Goddess is as their creators and intimate family without Wicca.

There is nothing anyone can tell me in this world that Jesus doesn’t exist because I have had a relationship with him all of my life. Just as I know other Goddesses and Gods are well as my beloved Angels. I summarize that there is really only ONE GOD and ONE GODDESS but they present themselves in many ways, and personalities. After all didn’t they CREATE US so uniquely?

I receive mental images of those crossed over on the Other Side. Some call this mediumship but I don’t know it just is….it happens spontaneously.  I receive information of just knowing information as fact from the Other Side, which is called Claircognizant.   This can be kind of difficult in separating my own internal cues or thinking sometimes and takes a great deal of soul nurturing, meditation and focus. I am also Clairvoyant where I see pictures in my head, sometimes in a zoom forward fashion, like on a timeline of people’s lives. Once when I attempted to read someone’s palm I saw a great tree growing up into the air from their palm. Now this was not a tangible image but a mind imprint. It is almost as if I recall it like in a memory image but at the same time “know” it applies to right now and is there physically for me to see. And I am Clairsentient where I get information  from feelings. Such as when I was shown that a loved one died of breathing difficulties I too experienced breathing difficulties. So when I relayed that info they understood it more easily.

I can communicate with anyone I choose mostly on the Other Side. I put myself into a meditative trance quite easily. I have studied with Merlin, which was no easy feat, as he is a bit squeamish about women and knocked me out to sleep twice by hitting me in the head before he let me work with him. It was worth it, as I flew on a dragon with him and got to become the Ocean. I learned a lot and became much stronger and more powerful. I will definitely post on my meditation with Merlin soon!

It is a bit hard for me to accept, and still quite wondrous and humbling, but with the assistance of my angels I can control the weather. I am learning to do this very carefully and respectfully. But I can stop rain and control the wind at times. I believe I can cause rain also and deter hurricanes and tornadoes. I cannot cause hurricanes or tornados because those come from Mother Nature and affects the entire planet. No one has that power. I can generally only affect my immediate environment. I can channel and communicate with Angels through automatic writing and crystals. I can communicate with crystals. Crystals are actual beings. They are like people, energy that is a life form, walks and talks and thinks independently. They are transporters who lead you to your spirit guides and ascended masters. Amethyst led me to Saint Germaine. I seemed to recognize him as someone special in my life at one time and called him Jean (John) Paul. He taught me about my great healing ability.(And yes I am condensing this ALOT). lol

One of the reasons I can communicate with crystals is I used to be one. I have incarnated as part of the elemental kingdom to understand and respect the planet better. Once I learned through this experience the life blood and heart beat of Mother Nature I grafted in this wisdom into my soul walk and this incarnation to help elevate human kind. I, like many other light workers, heal the world just by being here and radiating our amazing soul energy. That isn’t to say we can’t become angry or even abusive. We are just as susceptible as other people, but so is the Earth. The earth and human beings feed off of each other. We are connected beings, brother and sister to the planet. We come from all things and all things come from us. We are ONE. This is an aspect of the Trinity.

I am a Spiritual Midwife, awakened after many centuries of study in each of my life incarnations. It has been a journey that has taught me many things of many cultures and yet I find the more I have gained in wisdom the greater my need for and to give love and the less I really know. The expression of love is the most beneficial gift that we can give to the planet. Moving out of our own small existence and stretching our minds and hearts to be progenitors of peace, harmony and the elevation of the Spirit in the dance of life. We are our own choreographers. This is who I am. This is who we all are.

Brightest Blessings!



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  1. Tracy wm henderson says:

    very well researched info unity of sprit is to be unified with nature witch is unity with the galaxies.


    1. Thank you! I like the way you put that. 😉


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