Simple Samhain Magic!


Hi Witchy WOo WoO’s!!!

Whelp HALLOWEEN is finally here! Yayyy!! Blessed Samhain! Since I was a little girl it has been my favorite holiday! Especially since I am born in October!  As a Libra, I have always loved dress up and play acting. My friends and I have always put on plays and little talent shows on my parent’s sun deck as kids. Now as a kid-dult (lol)  and Witchy Woo…I love it even more!

IN my devotional time, of course, I gather all my goodies from various stores. And connect with my loved ones that have crossed over the threshold. I also adore connecting with Hecate because to me she represents Mother Goddess in Her aspect as guardian of the thresh holds, cross roads and the Spirit realms. As a Christian Witch it is a great way to honor Holy Spirit Mother in Her many aspects. Hecate is one of my personal Goddesses and during Halloween I feel especially close to her. I also feel close to Ruth and Rahab from the Bible. They are also expressions of Mother Goddess and to me correspond to Hecate’s other aspects. Ruth the Goddess as the threshing floor and thereby symbolizing separation of ego and Spirit, rebirth, courage and transformation. As well as Rahab who symbolizes leadership, intuition and cunning! These are my Goddesses for Samhain!

Also because I do have a few very dear loved ones that have crossed over like two grandmothers, that I definitely want to connect to them. Here are some fantastic ways I have researched and am definitely planning on doing tonight at home and at our magickal coven celebration.


How did we get Halloween?

When Christianity came to the Isles, Ancestor welcoming and other Celtic traditions were denounced as evil. Although the Celts eventually accepted Christianity, they did not wish to give up their own customs. So, in order to win more converts, in the 7th century c.e., Pope Gregory reaffirmed November 1st as All Saints Day and October 31st as All Hallow’s Eve. All Saint’s Day became Hallowmas – a mass to honour the dead and All Hallow’s Even has morphed into Hallowe’en. It was meant to be a day of quiet prayer and contemplation, but the Celts wished to keep their own ceremonies. The Church’s teaching that the Beings walking the earth this night were evil and to be feared gradually took hold and people began to dress up in costumes to fool the “ghosts” and such that were roaming abroad. The food that was laid out was gradually turned into “treats” that were given to the children and the hollowed out turnips and gourds that were the lights to guide their loved ones home became the Jack O’ Lanterns of today.

Samhain marks the beginning of the “Dark” or “Dream” time and hunkering down for the winter. It is a good time to reflect on the last year and to prepare for the new one. Think about the last 12 months. Have you accomplished what you wished to do? Has your personal “harvest” been bountiful or have you left things undone that you had planned? Now is the time to see what you can do to complete anything that is unfulfilled and to contemplate what seeds you will plant come Spring.  For me personally I get the urge to rid my home and closets of clutter   .

Ancestor and Fae Welcoming

Many Wiccans traditionally create a welcoming environment for the ancestors by leaving food offerings on altars and doorsteps for the “wandering dead”. Candles are lit and left in a window to help guide the spirits of loved ones home. Extra chairs are set at the table and around the hearth for any unseen guest. Apples are buried along roadsides and paths to provide for spirits who were lost or had no descendants. Turnips and gourds are sometimes hollowed out and carved to look like protective spirits. Candles are placed in them so they became lanterns to help them on their journey. It is also a time for the faeries and other “wee folk” to come out of hiding and play tricks on unsuspecting humans.

Here are some great ideas I found:


For Candle Magic try these:

samhain candle samhain oil

I always do tarot readings on Halloween. Here is my spell:

Tarot spell for clearing negativity:

– Black candle

– Black obsidian (or black tourmaline)

– Rosemary incense (or Sandalwood if not available)

– A Tarot deck

Light the incense. Cleanse the candle by imagining it covered in white light and all the negativity cleared from it, do this until you feel it is thoroughly cleansed. Light the candle. Lay the crystals next to it. Now take out from your Tarot deck the following 3 cards: Death, Empress, WORLD.(This represents Transformation, Creative Birth and Completion)  Lay the cards one after the other beside (but not too close for safety!) the candle and incense. State loudly what you want to clear, get rid of or what you want to move away from. Then announce and decree:

BLESSED are these words and meaning

Clear and precise my every reading

Holy Spirit (Hecate, Isis etc, ..) breathe your seal

Only Angelic love may reveal


Leave this setting untouched until the candle is fully extinguished.

faith witch





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