Freaky Friday: Sex Magick!


Whether you are Christian or Pagan, gay or straight or both, you can enjoy sex magick with your partner. Invoking the Goddess of Love, whether you call her Aphrodite or Shekinah,( who is the Holy Spirit and the Hebrew Goddess of Marriage of Love and is Biblical) does not matter! Or one can express this with the names of other Goddesses. It is all the same, faces of our divine Mother, and does not belong to Paganism any more than Jesus only belongs to the Jews. 🙂

When I first fell in love with Sex Magick I was with a boyfriend that just, shall we say, lacked sensual skills. So I researched sex magick as a way to bring some sensual experience into the bedroom without making him feel it was a lesson. Temple priestesses in ancient Greece combined sex and mysticism. Tantric yoga channels sexual energy toward spiritual goals and also promotes health and longevity. Early Jewish mysticism contained sexual components in its rituals and spirituality. In Wicca’s Great Rite, a couple invites the God and Goddess to enter their bodies during sex, and the act is considered sacred. Mystical rites, rituals, and ceremonies involving sex have been practiced in numerous cultures, East and West, for longer than anyone can document. Early Celts engaged in sexual activity, particularly during the spring planting season and on Beltane, as a form of sympathetic magic to encourage the land’s fertility. Like other types of magical work, sex magic’s objectives are varied, ranging from healing to spell-working to spiritual enlightenment. The British poet William Blake, a Freemason, wrote about a facet of sex magic that involves sexual activity between humans and spiritual beings. In kundalini yoga, sexual energy is raised and directed throughout the body to nourish the charkas and encourage healing on every level. Because sex magic’s power comes from blending male and female energies with divine forces to produce wholeness, it can also be an effective way to consciously create virtually any circumstance you desire.

Tapping Creative Energy

Sex magic taps the powerful creative force inherent in sexual activity for specific purposes other than human reproduction. According to sex magic’s tenets, this creative force, which is responsible for all human and animal life, can be directed to create abundance, success, healing, and so on. Sexual energy can provide the fuel to propel all forms of manifestation. The result of magical coupling is known as a “magickal childe.” This means an effect is imprinted on the spiritual plane that will eventually materialize in the physical world. As in other types of magic, the participants mentally create an image of the intention they wish to bring into being. Then they engage in sex while holding this image in their minds. At the moment of orgasm, the image is released into the cosmos to be acted upon by divine forces and finally “birthed” on the material plane. This is only one of many sex magic practices, but it’s a relatively easy and effective method. Other forms, such as tantric yoga and astral traveling during sexual trance, require more extensive mental, physical, and spiritual expertise. In short there are many ways to harnass sexual energy.  During lovemaking, just as in any ritual, you must observe the following rules: 1. This is an ADULT’S ONLY practice, no children allowed! 2. All participants MUST be willing! 3. The area should be clean and spiritually cleansed. Burning sage or incense is cleansing as well as an aphrodisiac to many. 4. Sensual massage, love words, passionate kisses and touches, sexual play, all build the intensity and raise the cone of power.

Perfect oils or teas for sex magic preparation

Rose oil
Rose is known as the “Queen of Flowers”. Probably the most common scent associated with love, romance Valentine’s Day, rose is also the oil of the heart chakra, and associated with the archetype “The Goddess of Love.”

Place a couple drops on palms and rub gently in a clockwise direction. Then, slowly inhale 3 deep breaths to let the aroma waft into your amygdala gland in the center of the brain. Place directly on the heart center, behind the ears, on wrists, the womb center or in a bath.

Ylang Ylang
Ylang ylang elevates sexual energy and enhances relationships. Petals of this beautiful yellow flower are often strewn across marriage beds in Indonesia and the fragrance is perfect to diffuse to set the tone for your own romantic evening.

Jasmine’s floral fragrance is warm and exotic and has been used throughout history for romance and attraction. It helps balance the feminine energy of the body and is often used during childbirth. An absolute, rather than an essential oil, this is a highly concentrated oil blend that is safe for inhalation but should never be ingested. Jasmine blends beautifully with ylang ylang, rose and sandalwood.

Here are a few I found on the internet at Magical Oils of Love, that I have personally tried and ADORE!

Love Massage Oil
1/2 cup sweet almond oil
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/2teaspoon vanilla extract
Combine all ingredients in a glass bowl; mix well. Let mixture sit, covered,for 24 hours. Strain mixture through a coffee filter or cheesecloth. Bottle in an airtight container.
Ecstasy of Love Oil
This oil is meant to help invoke an ecstatic state when with the one you love especially when engaging in romantic activities.

A 10mL cobalt blue glass vial (for Inanna)
Sweet Almond Oil (base oil for Athena)
1 whole red rose bud (for Aphrodite)
1 drop Myrrh essential oil (for Demeter)
5 drops Jasmine essential oil (for Diana)
3 drops Narcissus 5% dilute oil (for narcissus)
5 drops Rose Maroc essential oil (for Aphrodite)
3 drops Sandalwood essential oil (for Venus)

This oil should be made on a Friday in the hour of Venus when no planets are retrograde.First, place the rose bud in the vial.  If you have trouble finding a rosebud,use some red rose petals. Then add the narcissus oil first, then the other oils and lastly, add the sweet almond oil to the top. Shake and let stand. To use – anoint your temples, heart and root chakra with this oil. You may also to use some of this in a bath which has been specially drawn for youand your love or for yourself before meeting with the one you love. You may also anoint a love attraction charm with this oil.

For a more subtle scent- Use aromatherapy scented pads in an aromatherapy necklace which will allow for slow and gentle diffusion of scent. This is purr-fect for use before rites of Inanna, Aphrodite,Shekinah, Venus or any love Goddess! This oil can also be burnt on charoal as an offering to the Goddesses to bring love into your life or place some in a dish next to a golden apple and some lapis lazuli as an offering before sex.

Disclaimer: It is intended to be used in the evening and you should not under any circumstances do anything involving heavy machinery or driving after using this oil on your body or in the same room being inhaled. Test before using!! Narcissus can cause bad reactions in some people. test, place a small amount of oil on your inner elbow for a night. If you have a reaction, do not use anywhere on your body. Do not use on sensitive or intimate areas. Do not ingest or add to food. Moonbeam Kisses and rainbow Dreams!

Luv, Ostara



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      2. Oh it doesn’t bother me in the least bit! Same sex or opposite sex….what is gender really, but drapery! The REAL energy of sexual love takes place in the mind, the heart and the soul! So LOVE ON!!! Blessed BE!

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