Mother Isis, the First Triple Goddess

Isis3 Many historians and pagans have searched for proof that the triple Goddess existed in Ancient Egypt. Most refute it saying that Egypt was so polytheistic how could they possible venerate one great Triple Goddess? Well, in fact I believe the concept came from them. In the beginning most of their beliefs were based on four pairs of Gods and Goddesses, with each representing the four “creative powers” of the universe. This was very similar to the story of Indra, the Brahmist King of the Gods, in Ancient India. Indra’s mount was the first elephant to emerge from the Garuda’s egg. Brahma had held the pieces of shell in his hands while singing seven hymns and, led by his elephant Ayravana, 16 elephants manifested. The 8 females, the caryatids or supports of the world, stand at each of the points of the compass holding the universe together. In Egypt;the Ogdoad was a system of eight deities, four goddesses and their consorts. The number four was considered to represent completeness. Nun and Naunet represented the primeval waters; Heh and Hauhet represented eternity; Kuk and Kuaket represented darkness; and Amun and Amaunet represented air (or that which is hidden). The gods were all depicted with frog´s heads, while the goddesses had the heads of serpents. Only Amun went on to be considered as more than a primeval force. Nun was still referred to often, but only as the representation of the waters of Chaos. What is interesting is that in the book of Genesis in the Bible creation began as follows: Genesis 1: In the BEGINNING God created the heavens and the earth. 2 Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.(In Hebrew it states,”crouching as if to give birth.”) What is even more interesting is the word Beginning is actually the name of a Goddess. In Hebrew the word “Beginning” is actually RESHITH: reshith: beginning, chief Original Word: רֵאשִׁית Part of Speech: Noun Feminine Transliteration: reshith Phonetic Spelling: (ray-sheeth’) Short Definition: beginning The word beginning in every context means chief and is feminine! Which means that to the Ancient Hebrews the very beginning, God, in which all things were created is actually GODDESS! So here you have the beginning of a triple Goddess! How? Take a look: The Beginning-(Cosmic Waters,the sky the moon, the sun and stars)-Demeter/Ankh/Maat/Asherah/Metis/Gauri- is Goddess Mother The Land (all of earth, wind and sea and woman)-Persephone/Wadjet/Gaia/Tara/Mary/Artemis-is Goddess Maiden The Underworld (Death, Transformation, Eternity, Duat, Summerlands)-Neith/Hecate/Medusa/Lilith/Inanna/Kali-is Goddess Crone Then came Isis

What made Isis so universally famous is she became the first Goddess to embody the persona of all three Universal Goddesses in ONE form. Subsequently, this is what made the Egyptians despise Ankhenaten so much! He took their faith and made it supremely male! That is why they felt he was not Ma’at. They felt he did not uphold the true way of the Goddess which was what Ma’at, as Mother Wisdom and the reshith, stood for. However they were mistaken! If you look at pictures of of the King Ankehanten and his family he shows the sun disk (God Aten) and his rays of light to be the Ankh, which was shown being inhaled by the King and his family. So in this way he was teaching that Goddess came from God and was the breath of life. The belief that he created, became the foundation of the new patriarchal order of Judaism that continues to exist today. The breath of life, originally the Ankh symbol of the Goddess, became the Shekinah. God’s wife Originally the Hebrew god, El, had a wife named Asherah. Even one of the twelve tribes, Asher, is named after Her. She is the primordial Mother and the reshith. She is one third of the original Hebrew triple Goddess. Ever wonder why the Bible repeatedly refers to Zion as the Bride? Because She is part of their triple Goddess concept that came from Egypt. Lilith was the Serpent Goddess. She was the Crone Goddess of death and destruction and represented a woman’s sexuality, intuition and regenerative healing powers. As time went on the Crone aspect of the Goddess became a demon that killed babies as the patriarchal rule destroyed all of the Asherah groves and took worship of Her out of the Holy temples. King Solomon was the only known to venerate her and he was later written as falling into idolatry. So the Hebrews also had a triple Goddess;Asherah, Zion and Lilith whom, the ancient Israelites called reshith (the Beginning) and Jesus called the Kingdom of God. This is an example of the original triple Goddess concept. To the ancient civilizations Goddess was all of creation great and small and the male aspect of God was the High Priest that served the Great Goddess. He governed to make sure that everyone obeyed the Laws of the Universe that Goddess created. Wicca is based on this and so is the original Hebrew faith, Hinduism and many others. It was only after the Patriarchy took over that the beliefs became skewered with financial greed and began twisting into a permanent male dominance that has influenced all faiths and beliefs, except for a few. As the Greeks and Romans took over governorship of the Holy books and much of the ancient history the leaders caused many of the Goddess loving Hebrews to become more clever. They renamed their Goddess Shekinah. And She became more of a fertility deity for married folks. They still celebrate her sexually in the privacy of their home with their wives. They even give their wives the day off from cooking and hard work! The Sabbath (Friday evening) is the day of the Goddess, but many of us celebrate this in our “old ways.” Freya’s day,is still venerated in Wicca as the day of Love! Get out your “come to me” spells ladies! Right? In Christianity, we are told the story by the Greeks about Isis and Horus all over again it seems. Biblically,the story of Mary and Jesus Christ seem to reiterate the Isis and Horus story almost exactly. It is my belief that Isis, Osiris and Horus reincarnated to finish the work they started. Why else would they journey to Egypt? And why else would Jesus personally know prophet Elijah? These gods came back again to finish the story of Salvation. I mean, why not? All that matters is they exist! And yes, they can bring enlightenment to anyone of any faith. God is NOT a religion. Isis/Mary is to me one of the most prolific triple Goddesses that have ever been worshiped. It is exactly why the terrorists are taking Her name as a way of insulting the very Goddess Herself. Isis was the triple Goddess of Birth, Life and Death. The cat goddess Bast is her lunar/fertility aspect, holding an ankh in her left hand and the sacred poppy in her right. The Mother goddess aspect is represented by her sun-disc/moon crescent crown. She is the prototype of the Mother of God, who was later adopted by the Christian tradition. Sekmet, the ravaging lioness, with her burning solar eye, is the goddess’s destroyer/devourer aspect. Wings spread on bended knee, the Great Goddess Isis was the original Divine Mother; praised in hieroglyphic hymns as “she who made light with her feathers and wind with her wings.” Her form was painted on sarcophagi in order to catch the departing soul in her wings and shepherd it to a new life. As a winged goddess she may represent the wind; in the Osiris legend there are references to Isis wailing and moaning like the wind. She continually travels up and down the land in search of her lost husband. Upon finding Osiris’ body, she takes the shape of one of the swiftest birds, a kite. Darting above his dead body she wails in mourning. She restores life to Osiris by flapping her wings and filling his mouth and nose with air. I met Isis. Once when I was in church and I was worshiping in a frenzy of syncopated music, drumming and the rise and fall of the singing voices of the congregation; I fell into a trance. At that time I was new to Wicca and was just beginning to learn and accept different aspects of the faith that at first seemed so contradictory to my own. All of a sudden, I saw before my eyes a male God who I felt was Jesus Christ. I did not see His face, only from the chest down, as he was so immense. Inside of him, as if He was merely a coat being worn, was Goddess Isis. Her wings stretched out from His sides and began beating a furious Wind. I saw the wind unfurl from her wings and hit the congregation in waves! It was immediate! I saw the people begin to shout, build up a frenzy, cry, scream and all matters of praise mixed with joy,sadness and relief! I was so overwhelmed in the presence of the Great God and Goddess that my body bowed down on it’s own accord as if something was standing on my back. I remember I could not straighten up as long as I was in their awesome presence. I continued seeing them in my mind’s eye and remember looking at the bare feet of Jesus with no holes, just pure glowing feet. I posted on my facebook about my experience and was greeted with derision by all of my Christian friends. I have long since given up trying to share with them the truth about the Goddess and how important She is in my life. I cling to Wicca as it is my chosen home and life support. I know God is not a religion, but I find peace in the truthful acknowledgement of the Goddess whom even my beloved Jesus/Horus called Mother. It always moved me how even on the cross He gave us a Mother, when He gave Isis/Mary to Lazarus(John) as a Mother. Indicating that His final act was to restore a Mother, our triple Goddess, back to us at last! So sad so many Christians have absolutely no idea of how important She is to their faith. Thankfully, we Witches, still hold to the ancient sacred knowledge etched into our very bones through a millennium of lifetimes and sacrifices. We are the lightworkers and the healers of the world. 3 And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. 4 God saw that the light was good, and he separated the light from the darkness. 5 God called the light “day,” and the darkness he called “night.” And there was evening, and there was morning—the first day. WE ARE THEE MORNING! ❤ LET THERE BE LIGHT!

Moonbeam blessings and rainbow kisses,

Love, Ostara


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  1. Aquileana says:

    Great post… I have recently posted on Hecate , the Greek Goddess of Crossroads, Magic and night (among other things) she has also a triple shape,
    “She has been described as of terrible appearance, either with three bodies or three heads, the one of a horse, the second of a dog, and the third of a lion”.
    I see some point in common between Isis and Hecate. But Isis was the first one as you said
    I thank you for your thorough study and well documented post.
    Best wishes, Aquileana 😀


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