Huna Magic-Mother Goddess, Mistress of Heaven


Sky Goddess

twilight view

The Sky Goddess has many names. In Egypt, She is Hathor and Nut. In India she is Aditi or Kali. In Asia she is Kuan Yin or Amaterasu. In Africa she is Mami Wata or Yemanya or Mawu. In Ireland and Scotland she is Danu, Osatra, Hecate and in Rome She is Hera. Catholics Goddess is Mary. The Hebrew Goddess was originally Asherah, then became Ruach haKodesh, which in English became translated the Holy Spirit.

In Hawaii she is Na’Wahine , Uliuli or Hina. Recently, I have been researching the offshoot of Hawai’ian spirituality and found an interesting correlation between their belief system and the belief system of the Ancient Hebrews, African Egyptians, Hindus, Asians, Native Americans, Celtic people and Arab nations. I realize that Max Freedom Long created an an offshoot spirituality called Huna, but I believe my research takes me far beyond those borders to the heart of creation itself….Africa and the Nile river. Hawai’ian spirituality actually stems from the oldest and most ancient Egyptian religious beliefs and Gods. This spirituality, I believe, came from Ancient LeMuria and Atlantis and spread out to Egypt, Hawai’I and Ireland/Scotland islands. People who are descendants of the aforementioned people are actual blood descendants of Atlantean and Lemurean people. The sacred wisdom and truth is recorded in our very DNA. There are many other people who live side by side of us who do not carry this DNA or carry it to such a minute degree that they have no connection to these truths.

See what most Americans do not realize, as they try to mimic the Great IO spirituality of Hawai’i is that one does not become a Kahuna, one is born a Kahuna. One is chosen by DNA and by the hand of GOD.

I learned; everyone has one belief in common that was taught by their most ancient and wise ancestors. That belief is God the Father and Mother created the Earth and human beings are their children. This is not a belief owned by Christians, or Muslims or Krishna’s. This belief is true in every nation and culture. There is one other belief that is also true about each nation and culture that they all have in common. Every single nation developed a belief system they called religion and used it to wipe out the Ancient Wisdom and force their nation to obediently worship God they way they decided would be most profitable to the pockets of the government. This is the “true war”. The in-fighting, the bickering and arguing about whose God has the biggest penis is all smoke and vapor sent by the force of darkness to distract you from finding the truth within your self about God.

Jesus, is a great God, and he came to the Earth to teach and help us remember these ancient truths. He has many names and has appeared to many nations and has done a great many things. Contrary to what Christians tell the world; he did not come to build a new religion or belief system. Jesus Christ came to return the Ancient Truths and awaken our consciousness to our own Divine Self. He is the way, the truth and the Light. Literally! On December 22th of the Egyptian calendar it is when the Sun would descend and on December 25th it was then the Sun would rise, as if from the womb of the Underworld. This was a transit course the Sun made around the planet Venus! And today the symbolism of this transit is the Pentacle or five pointed star.

That is why the first Christians were called followers of the Way. The word Christian was a word the Romans created to identify us for slaughter. It is not the name given by the first Apostles. Why would they identify themselves as simply followers of the way? Because no culture owns the Way; it is ALL TRUTH and it is known by ALL beings on Earth once awakened and activated by the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Bible was written by great KaHuna men and women who taught the universal truth of unity, healing, love and purification. This is true Ohana. The Holy Spirit, our Divine Mother Force of creation is the activating code buried deep within Mother Earth and the guiding light shining radiantly from the Moon. She is the Universe, the Kingdom of God and it is in Her that we dwell. Father I AM is the Divine Father Force that radiates the energy as the Sun as Source and Jesus Christ is the Light rays that bring the heat and the Way of the Light to us. When the Mother Goddess reveals Herself to us, it is when we become first activated to the higher realms of Sacred Knowledge. It is usually an Earth experience, you can almost taste the earth, smell the grass and feel as if you are a newly hatched creation from her Earthy womb.

In the second awakening She comes also but along with Her comes the beautiful revelation of Father God’s loving Glory. His awakening will be gradual. His awakening will begin about a year after your initial awakening, or longer depending on how much time you spend studying your spiritual path and seeking out your purpose. Once you find your purpose and begin walking out it’s path seeking more truth He begins preparing you for another level of Ascension. Your head will feel like it is in a vice grip, especially when you think of revelatory knowledge or higher wisdom. This is your crown chakra expanding and your pineal gland vibrating to assist in the assimilation of information pouring in. If you ask the Angels to be more gentle or lower the vibration the pain will dissipate. If the pain does not adjust from request, and it should be instantaneous, please see a doctor immediately because that may be a sign of something physical. During this preparatory phase you will become more spiritually gifted and your ability to manifest and heal will double! So be careful your thoughts and words are positive!

In Hawai’i Spirituality called Huna , God the Father and Mother are ONE BEING that splinters off and manifests as the male Kane who is the primordial lord of the sun, as Kane-hekili, the god of the thunder, and in the Taro root Kane is of the Violet ray, one of the High Spiritual rays of Light and ascension. Kane is also lord of the west, the setting Sun. So in other words Kane is the rising and the setting the Sun. The bright Morning and Evening star.

His sister/bride is Na’Wahine or Uli-nana-pono-hewa is the Goddess of the Sun. She is also the Goddess of justice as she observes and records everything one does that is right or wrong and dispenses rewards or a lack of them. I read on the website Ancient created by Tad James, from the adapted work of Julius Rodman, 1970, that she has many names such as The Resplendent Lady of the Sky,” “The Lady of Light,” “The Lady of Wisdom,” “The Lady of Enlightenment,” “The Goddess of the World. “The Heavenly Goddess of the Cross of White Light.”, or the Light and Life of the Sun.

I read that Uli was believed to be by the Ancient Hawai’ans the female generative force of the Sun, so she was the life force behind the Sun while her Brother/Husband was the Sun itself. Another name for Her is “Ka Wahine Ke La”. Wahine means Goddess and Ke La means THAT. This reminds me of the ancient name of YHWH, as told to Moses on the Mountain when he asked to see God’s glory and know God’s name. She said, “Eyeh Asher Eyeh (I am That I am).”

Other, ancient sky goddesses who held the title “Queen of Heaven” included Isis, Astarte, Ishtar, and Inanna and Nut. (The title was later applied to the Virgin Mary, along with various other features and attributes of ancient pagan goddesses.) Along similar lines, some scholars of religion hold that Jehovah or Yahweh, the monotheistic deity of the Jewish bible, originally had a wife who was most likely the sky goddess Asherah. In many religions this divine pair of sky deities are known as the “Heavenly Father” and the “Heavenly Mother.” Kane, Ra and Jesus, Nut, Uliuli, and the Holy Spirit, are just different names for the two created DIVINE BALANCE BEINGS of DIVINE MALE CREATOR AND DIVINE FEMALE CREATOR. ALL is ONE!

In Ancient Egypt, Nut is the sky Goddess. Some of the titles of Nut were:

Coverer of the Sky: Nut was said to be covered in stars touching the different points of her body.

She Who Protects: Among her jobs was to envelop and protect Ra, the sun god.

Mistress of All or “She who Bore the Gods”: Originally, Nut was said to be laying on top of Geb (Earth) and continually having intercourse. During this time she birthed four children: Osiris, Isis, Set, and Nephthys.[9] A fifth child named Arueris is mentioned by Plutarch.He was the Egyptian counterpart to the Greek god Apollo, who was made syncretic with Horus in the Hellenistic era as ‘Horus the Elder’.The Ptolemaic temple of Edfu is dedicated to Horus the Elder and there he is called the son of Nut and Geb, brother of Osiris, and the eldest son of Geb.-wikipedia

She Who Holds a Thousand Souls

Nut was called this because of Her role of birthing the Sun God Ra every morning. In Wicca she would be equated with Ostara, Phoebe or Aurora who heralds the morning Dawn.

In the mythology of the Iroquois and Huron of North America, the Woman Who Fell From the Sky is a primal ancestor. Also known as Sky Woman or Ataensic, she plays a central role in creation.

According to legend, the Woman Who Fell From the Sky lived in a world above the sky. One day she became pregnant and fell out of heaven. Some stories say that she fell while chasing a bear, while others say that the tree of life was uprooted and she tumbled through the hole left behind.

As the woman fell, ducks flew beneath her to slow her descent. She landed in a vast watery place, with no land in sight. Turtle arose from the water and let her rest on his back. Meanwhile, Muskrat dove beneath the water and brought up mud to form the earth. Soon after, the woman gave birth to twin sons—one good and one evil—who created all the natural features of the earth and sky. According to some stories, she gave birth to a daughter, and that woman was the mother of the twin boys, like Eve in the book of Genesis! Remember Eve gave birth to two sons, first Cain, who was evil and then Abel who knew the mind of God.

The good twin shaped the sky and created the sun. He also made the moon, stars, mountains, and many plants and animals. The evil twin set out to destroy his brother’s creations. He created darkness to drive the sun from the sky and made monsters, storms, and various kinds of dangerous beasts. When creation was finished, the brothers fought. The good twin won and banished his evil brother from the earth. Some stories say that the evil twin became ruler of the underworld and still tries to spread evil in the world.

This is echoed in the stories of the Goddess Hina in Hawaii and the Goddess Sophia of Gnostic traditions during the time of Jesus Christ. Many religious leaders and scholars argue that the Gnostic version of the Christianity is closer to the truth than what was selected to be put in the Bible by the Nicene Creed. But they couldn’t hide everything, thanks to their lack of spiritual understanding.


(Psalm 50:1-6) The Mighty One, God the Lord, speaks and summons the earth from the rising of the sun to its setting. Out of (the Goddess) Zion, the perfection of beauty, God shines forth. Our God comes, He does not keep silence, before Him is a devouring fire, round about Him a mighty tempest. He calls to the heavens above and to the earth, that He may judge His people: “Gather to Me my faithful ones, who made a covenant with Me by sacrifice!” The heavens declare His righteousness, for God himself is judge!

From this we can clearly see how this vivid imagery alludes to the Sun and the Hawaiian beliefs of Uli and Kane. Kane, like Jesus Christ, represents the Sun. But Goddess Uli, like the Holy Spirit, represents the force behind the Sun. She is what gives the Sun it’s power of Light. 

Moonbeam blessings and Rainbow kisses!








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