Power I Am


I dedicate my life to the power within me
Through dedication l unfold naturally to the highest potential of my being
this is My day
I control each and everything that comes to me
I accept complete responsibility for my life
So be it!!!!

Proverbs 14:1

“The wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down.”

Who are we, as a woman? What is our purpose if it is not to be a man’s servant? Goddesses, we are Mother Earth! Even more than that, we are the life force of the galaxy. When we begin to embody all of the power of the Holy Mother Spirit and our higher soul: But the fruit of the Holy Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. Against such there is no law. ” Galatians 5: 22-23 If we become filled and completed by the Holy Spirit then all these fruits of divinity will be clearly manifested in our lives.

Do you want to live a life free from the law of Karma or any of the laws that constrict us? The laws that have us playing the waiting game to manifest, not just what we need, but what we desire? It is the power that comes with embodying and developing these fruits until we become them!

Your spoken word becomes the hands of your destiny. Either you can build it up with powerful words of success, love, wisdom and encouragement. Or you can tear it down with low self-esteem, negativity, gossip and jealousy.

These are the secrets of divinity passed down from the most Ancient teachings of the sacred texts of the Bible, the Kabbala, Zohar and Hermetics. It is the secret of the most abundant life you can ever live on this planet. It is the secret to your divine purpose and the expression of your highest self.

Many great life coaches teach about the secret law of abundance and the attitude of Gratitude and Appreciation.

Dr. Wayne Dyer said,”… You look in the mirror and compare yourself to a glamorous movie idol or homecoming queen and tell yourself, I am not attractive. Your relationship fractures and you think, I am unloved or I am unworthy. These, and many more like them, are repeated throughout your developmental years and into adulthood, and become your core defining self-concept.

“Overcoming this I am not mentality begins with trusting your inner world of spirit. There are no boundaries restricting your inner world. But your worldview and your self-concept in the outer world are defined by your five senses. The outer world is always changing, which, by our definition, means it is not real. This awareness that what remains unchanging is the only reality could lead you to experiencing a majestic wake-up call right here, right now.” ~ The Power of I Am

~BLOG by DR. Wayne W. Dyer

What led me out of the path of my self-destruction and my slave girl attitude was three Laws. These three laws fall under what I call affectionately “Am Power”. This very sacred mystery, which involves a trinity of manifestation, will lead you to a more fruitful and abundant life. In truth, it is the SECRET of Self-mastery that every celebrity and spiritual master has created their success from, whether they realized it or not. These laws have the transformative power to change “I can to I AM!”

The first “Am Power” is the Sacred Law of Wisdom.

Wisdom is the Holy Spirit. The power of the Goddess, the awakening of the a higher awareness and consciousness that all life is One and we are all creators within this universe. Once you awaken to this reality, you have found Wisdom. Once you have attained Wisdom you then begin the hot pursuit of Understanding. Understanding and Wisdom are Sisters. Understanding teaches how to apply Wisdom. What good is knowing that your words are powerful, and you can create all manners of abundance in your life if you do not know how to apply that knowledge? Wisdom for me came with understanding that Goddess is the Mother of the Universe just as much as God is Father.

The most important key to understanding one’s life purpose is who you are and why you were created.

Without an understanding of who we are we are just like that nine year-old girl, only our baby is our destiny. We lie down on a cold floor all alone and try to birth our destiny without understanding the process, in the cold sweat of fear and misery. Our destiny is born a bloody mess leaving us gasping for air and wanting to die. We are lost confused and in need of a Divine Mid-Wife to help us with the process. That is why a great fellowship is so important. Proper spiritual guidance can solidify your beliefs, nourish your spiritual growth and tell you when to “push” and when to “rest” so that your destiny is born healthy and you are safe and nurtured. Today I have become that mid-wife for your destiny. As Michael Jackson once sang, “You are not alone.”

When I saw that I had a Divine beginning I realized that I too was Divine! Once I came to understand all that I am I could begin to learn how to create more things in my life that reflected all that I AM. I began to walk in love with the full armor of these principles.

I learned about the Law of Attraction, and Angelic healing through reading books by Doreen Virtue. I “shifted” with Dr. Wayne Dyer and realized I wasn’t alone in my “psychic” gifts thanks to books by Sylvia Browne. As I applied these new concepts and beliefs and began speaking positive affirmations over my family and my life miracles and blessings overtook me! On some level, I have always believed in the power of speaking life over my circumstances and walking out in faith. But I would often negate my positive affirmations with negative thinking. Once you begin applying the Wisdom of faith to your life, it will be completely life changing. No weapon formed against you can harm you, nor can anything be taken from you that you do not freely give away! In fact, blessings will run you down and doors will not just open but fly off the hinges to make room for your gifts!

Another aspect of Wisdom is acknowledging that everything in life must have Balance. For every Yin there is a Yang, for every action there is an equal reaction. And the laws of nature also have this balance of energies expressed in a female versus male exchange. Life is about creation. So on earth, to create everything, including air, fire, water and earth must have the kinetic energy of masculine and feminine exchange. Whether man or womb-man; we each must make peace with the balance of male and female energies that course through our brains, the physical Earth and Spirit. Once we begin to accept and honor this energy, love is created on a higher level. This becomes Agape love. This love in turn leads to perfect faith, in whatever spiritual path you are on, you must first bring balance to the giver and the receiver energy of the male/female essence of God in you.

The second “Am Power” is the Sacred Law of Gratitude.

The energy of Wisdom will lead onto the path of gratitude. You will begin to see the ebb and flow of God within you and all created things. Now you will begin to manifest fruit from the actions of your gratitude stemming from the peace you feel knowing that you are connected to all things and that I Am is a state of ALL CREATION flowing into each other with the direction of your thankfulness. When you are thankful for something and focus on positive thoughts and beliefs about that issue or circumstance it is a way of “steering the boat” and directing the Creator to release more blessings in that area. This is the Law of Attraction. Gratitude tells your brain that this is good. Our bodies are hardwired to continually seek out experiences that are good. For everything God created he said was good. Therefore, we are attracted to things that are good and a delight to our senses. I mean, we take this for granted. But what if we were created to only be attracted to what is bad and had to always fight like crazy to feel anything good in our lives? Of course, if that was the case we wouldn’t even know what good felt like.

Perhaps for some of you reading this book you feel just like that. You feel that you have experienced so much bad in your life you don’t even know how to feel good anymore or if you even deserve good. Or maybe you once felt or had good things in your life but so many bad things have “happened” to you it is a fight to “steer the boat” back into that direction. Well, what happens when men are rowing a boat and the wind blows so fiercely it gets blown off course? The first thing that you do is to pull out your compass. What, in this case, is our compass? Your compass is the source you go to that has the definition and accurate measurement of the direction you are traveling in. A church group, a mentor, AA meeting, a counselor, the Bible or the Quar’an or whatever reference guide you can find. Once you find out where you are going, you can then find out how to get somewhere else. In the Quran,

verse 2:269

Allah mentioned His favors, saying: He gives wisdom to whomever He will, and he who is given wisdom, has been given much good, because he will end up in perpetual bliss.  Yet, none remembers Allah’s favors except people of understanding, those who have minds from among people.

It is said that the wisdom is the profitable knowledge that leads to righteous action; it is the right in speech, action and opinion.

The third “Am Power” is the Sacred Law of Spoken Word.

The third and last law is the Spoken Word. Faith without works is dead. Wisdom builds up love and understanding in your heart. Once you learn to focus on gratitude for everything in your life, whether perceived as good or bad; you are poised like a Lioness in the bush ready to leap on her prey and devour your blessings by your Spoken Word. When you speak truth about something you become a creator. When God placed Adam and Eve in to the Garden of Eden he told them to name the animals. Just as God named every creation, the Sun, the Moon the soil, the trees; he gave over to man to name the animals. When you speak, your thoughts you create. You create your life and can also shape and change the atmosphere around you. This becomes the action of faith and is one of the greatest magical abilities human beings inherit from God.

“Wisdom crafts your thoughts, Gratitude heals your emotions, and the Spoken Word becomes your SHIELD of FAITH.”

Moonbeam Dreams and Rainbow Kisses!

Love, Ostara



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