The Butterfly Maiden’s Guide to Personal Revolution


The Hopi Native Americans believe that everything in the physical world has a life force of spiritual energy. The season of spring is a time when nature awakens from the bitter, death-like sleep, with newly budded fingers, and stretches greedily towards transformation. They name this holy metamorphosis of life, the Butterfly Maiden, Goddess of new beginnings and spring. She is the great mother of the people and the living embodiment of change. Within her womb she carries the life force of the cosmos from “dreamtime” to real life. 


The Butterfly Maiden is their symbol of creation, rebirth and regeneration.  She fuels the energy to achieve all of their dreams, much like Gaia, and the Holy Spirit. She is the living energy of ALL CREATION! As Butterfly Maiden she understands the stillness, the struggle and the constraints that one must overcome to fly. She is thee message of hope and the power to heal and transform life from the ashes. She is the Phoenix of revolution!

I, too, know about stillness and constraints. It can overwhelm and swallow you whole in depression, anxiety and various addictions, if you let it. It may be the day when you only have one pot of spaghetti to feed your children all weekend. When you are forty-one and still single, barely paying your bills and wrestle with insomnia nights full of “if-only’s”. I have been there. When you feel as if you are stuck in your cocoon and there is no daylight in sight. A blistering anger swells up when you look back at the becoming of your victimization thinking and how you actually got to this desolate place. How many beatings, betrayal’s, violations and lies you fought to overcome only to find out your life is a reflective cycle of your own undoing. 


When I first began blogging it felt like my last chance, coming from my last breath, as I PUSHED past my dying life and dared to shake free of my pupa! I felt the cold concrete as I dragged my deflated wings across unfamiliar territory, completely terrified of the outcome. I hid my face, afraid to be seen in my own parade! And here I stand unabashedly unapologetic and completely WITCHY WOO WOO me! To HELL with the naysayers!

There are too many of us dying in our pupa’s, who have never made it out of our thorn-filled and comfortably painful cocoons. Our children are born on crack, oxycodone, meth, benzos and suffering from methadone withdrawal. But the real withdrawal is the lack of parenting; the selfish withdrawal of  parents who have refused to release their burdens and climb out of the slumber of Winter into the transformation of Spring. You don’t have to be on crack to have given up all hope on your divine life purpose. It’s so easy to look down our noses at drug addicts but we are just as guilty. What lives have you changed? How have we contributed to this world while we are sucking up greasy cheeseburgers and worrying about the latest hairstyle watching fashion police!


  But how do we get there?

I will tell this; if the root is not strong then the tree will wither and die.  But if the root is strong then the tree will flourish and birds will come and nest in her life giving arms. Your heart is your root.”

Your heart is the mouth of your soul, and in order to attract abundance, joy, a life partner and follow your true purpose your roots must be nourished. It is time for us to crawl forward out of our cocoons dragging our battered and broken wings on the ground till they fill up with the fluid of success! We can! We MUST elevate our JOY! Elevate our PEACE! Become the divine LIGHTS of the galaxy! Feel the skin of your chest. Do you feel your heart beating? Feel her rhythm, it is a the song of the Butterfly Maiden. She sings and dances with sparkling regeneration and renewal. She is a powerful muscle whom dodges bullets like Malala, grabs the whip like Sojourner Truth and births NEW LIFE from rape and degradation like our ancestral Mothers. Like the Butterfly maiden she soars free and harnesses Her own divine essence, splashing it boldly upon the canvas of Life! Take the blood of your pain, your agonies and SPIN DREAMS! This is the DREAMTIME! 


Now it is time to take your stories of survival to the streets, give it back to the Universe! Be wise! Be strong! Fuck being a Queen! Be a GODDESS! It is time for us to revolt and reclaim our inheritance like Royal Bastard children of the Monarchy! Reclaim your soul! Do what gives you joy! Share your truth! Be proud of your gifts, no matter how bizarre or different, as long as it creates peace and life.

My new life began with a simple dream. In a dream I saw Mother Yemanya. Her great afro blazed a trail of fire as she raised the bejeweled night sky with the arch of her back. I saw countless children climb up Her strong midnight shoulders and stand on top of Her thick earthen tresses. We, her children, stood shoulder to shoulder, all colors, shapes and sizes; united with hands raised, demanding our right to push back the heavy curtain of darkness and see the sun.  We pushed and heaved until together we transformed the horizon to a golden hue. Shackles broke from the feet of the women still standing. Pain that had wrapped around us like cords of fire dissipated and released us from it’s searing bondage. The shadows lifted and we stood in the glory of our Mother’s love and light.

It is time for us to revolt! A new world order is on the menu Sisters and Brothers of the Moon and the Sun! Like Goddess Sekhmet, Goddess Morrigan, Goddess Hekate….reach up, pump your fist and reclaim your heritage. We are the wise. We are the Lights. We are the Witches!

Rainbow Kisses and Moonbeam Dreams! 


 Luv, Ostara🌟

(Disclaimer: All images used for teaching purposes only and may not be used, reprinted or sold for profit without consent of owner. Miss Goodwitch does not claim ownership of all images.) 


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