The Goddess, the Slavegirl and Divine Love


(picture credit:Star Goddess by Katherine Skaggs

Finally, after four children and forty years of maturity I got it! After watching woman after woman come into my program for substance abuse counseling, with their children in tow, and listening to the stories of how life ripped them apart…the light hit me. This is my soul purpose. This is my gift; sharing my journey. How I came back from the dead and to the Light within. I saw that there were no books speaking to us on this and so it is my deepest desire beloved to offer you the benefit of the wisdom it took me and my children a lot of pain and patience to acquire.

“One of the first things that I learned is that as long as I saw myself as a victim; I would always be one. “

The women that came into the substance abuse program all had a story to tell. Most of the ladies had been raped, abused and some even victims of years of incest. The only thing that separated those who graduated from the program and remained clean and those that either quit or relapsed were three things. 

  1. They continued to see themselves as a victim
  2. They felt other people should be punished for their pain
  3. They were helpless against the courts, their families, or their communities

As Oprah Winfrey fondly says, “the one thing I know for sure”…. whether you are a drug addict in a penitentiary, an upstanding citizen in white bread America or a woman in India struggling with poverty…..None of those three things are true! And no matter where we are from, we have all felt that way in some part of our life. So in that sense, we are more alike than different.

When it comes down to it; women are meant to do GREAT things. I am living my dream. I am able to touch the world, uplift and motivate women and children and use my artistic talents to do so.   If it could happen for me, it could happen for you! Many of us, whether male or female, gay or straight, black, red or white, have been denied the starting point we yearned for. However, I am here to encourage you. Do not give up! God has a plan! God put this burning desire for you to accomplish these things in you and no matter what adversity you face, the door will open for you to complete your mission! If you truly desire to do so! Keep pushing forward! Now I could sit here and tell you about how I was molested at seven years old, virginity raped from me at 17, abused by my stepfather and subsequently abused by men in my life for 20 years after that either mentally, physically or sexually. I could tell you in detail about all of my woes and traumas but it would not change the fact that I made a decision that forever influenced my life to turn out exactly the way it did until now. That decision was to BELIEVE the lie!   That is….until I discovered the truth.

The truth, that I had allowed myself to become enslaved by the shackles of fear, inferiority and guilt in my own mind. My own nefarious thinking became a blistering sore that oozed pus and spread like gangrene infecting my choices, my circumstances and all of those around me. When I made the conscious decision to stop this mad roller coaster from Hell and get off…no scratch that…JUMP off; my life radically changed. Sometimes you just gotta BREAK FREE and face the fear of being alone, being broke, being in pain and just climb up that jagged hill and scrape your knee to freedom!

When I finally arrived with bloody and bruised knees to the top of that ugly mountain of shit I had created in my life, there in all my filth and stink; I found a miracle! The Goddess shined Her light down upon me and cleaned me up and h o n e yyyy, lemme tell ya! I don’t EVER look back!

I learned to value myself and trust my own abilities, strange as they are to some. I soon realized that society had lied to me and that it doesn’t matter how far in education you get, if you have the unction to achieve something. Writing this blog did not take a degree. It took desire, purpose, faith, gratitude and action! I had a plan and a purpose. That’s all! My plan was my own visualization of what I desired the outcome to be in writing this book. The purpose I found in my natural talents and the circumstances of my life that lit a passion within me to uplift womankind to take her rightful place, as Goddess of the Universe!

What happened? How did I end up living in a housing project, on food stamps, three Baby Daddy’s, working a very low paying job, no child support and struggling to clothe and care for my children even with governmental assistance. Choices. Choices defined by my beginning. Now I could look back and blame my mother, my father, my brother or Sally Sue; but until I took authority for my life nothing was going to change.

“In truth; poverty, abuse and rape create walking time bombs and if you do not learn how to defuse and reconstruct your life you will explode into nothingness.”

It is time you stop buzzing around like a drone and become the Glorious Queen, hive crown and all! I am going to equip you to be the glorious Goddesses you were created to be. I am also going to show you how to attract your God chosen spiritual mate, with kids in tow! Forget what the magazines say! You ready? It all begins within you!

I dare YOU to be an OPRAH in the life of someone today! Stop watching her and BEE her. That is the message of the Divine Goddesses of the world.   Stop watching and BEE! LOL>>> Be a Queen Bee!

Sacred Heart Meditation


(Picture credit:Dancing Fire Goddess 

Imagine your heart filled with the roaring fire of Divine Love! In the middle of that fire is the Goddess and She has empowered you with the magic to fulfill all of your dreams! As you say these words feel that fiery energy pulsate through your heart, your womb, your mind and every cell in your body! You are free! You are liberated! You are the divine embodiement of the Goddess!

Assignment of Divine Love: Make this one of your daily affirmations

I am a being of Light. I am filled with God’s Love. Goodness and mercy sustain me all of my days. I am radiant and worthy. My children call me blessed. I am a sacred vessel of the Goddess Holy Spirit. I am in the image of my Divine mother, not my Earthly one. I have a divine purpose which I will fulfill. I give love freely. Compassion freely. I am a vessel of healing. I breathe healing in through my lungs everyday. I breathe healing out with every word I say. I am a Goddess.

Now get a journal and write out your vision! Take a moment each day to devote time and energy to it! Let me know how you are doing! ❤

Rainbow kisses and Moonbeam dreams!










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  1. bob bergerson says:

    many blessing my lady of light thank you fr doing what you are doing most awsome may our gracious mother continue to guide you on this journey i have choosin the path of healing my self so much to learn i am so glad i found you you are an insperation and a light to guide me on my path thank you bob

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are so sweet to say so! ❤ ❤ Blessings on your journey!


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