DIviNe LoVe AffirMatioN

D A N C E  W I T H  F I R E!!!!!


(Picture credit:Dancing Fire Goddess @katherineskaggs.com) 

It is time you stop buzzing around like a drone and become the Glorious Queen,

;hive, crown, and all! I am going to equip you to be the glorious Goddesses you were created to be. You ready? It all begins within you!

I dare YOU to be an OPRAH in the life of someone today! Stop watching her and BEE her. That is the message of the Divine Goddesses of the world.   Stop watching and BEE! LOL>>> Be a Queen Bee!

Imagine your heart filled with the roaring fire of Divine Love! In the middle of that fire is the Goddess and She has empowered you with the magic to fulfill all of your dreams! As you say these words feel that fiery energy pulsate through your heart, your womb, your mind and every cell in your body! You are free! You are liberated! You are the divine embodiment of the Goddess!


Assignment of Divine Love: Make this one of your daily affirmations

I am a being of Light. I am filled with God’s Love. Goodness and mercy sustain me all of my days. I am radiant and worthy. My children call me blessed. I am a sacred vessel of the Goddess Holy Spirit. I am in the image of my Divine mother, not my Earthly one. I have a divine purpose which I will fulfill. I give love freely. Compassion freely. I am a vessel of healing. I breathe healing in through my lungs everyday. I breathe healing out with every word I say. I am a Goddess.

Now get a journal and write out your vision! Take a moment each day to devote time and energy to it! Let me know how you are doing!

Rainbow kisses and Moonbeam dreams!



me dawn


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    Hi there my Witchy Woo Woo’s! Spring Break is just what I needed. Stay tuned in for some really fantastical new spirit journeys with yours truly! Abundant Blessings! Luv, Ostara


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