Hathor, The Triple Goddess of the Rainbow’s End

Katherine-Skaggs-1056.HEAVENLY-NIGHT-ANGEL-OF-PEACE-374x500(picture credit Katherine Skaggs- Heavenly Night Angel of Peace)

Hi all! As I sat down to right this blog post I could feel Mother Goddess surging like liquid fire through my veins and infusing my heart with Her magnetic love language. I am sure that most of this post will be channeled as my fingers tap dance on the ebony keys of my spazzy laptop.  I have been feeling Goddess Hathor call to me from the seven veils for the last two days. She beckons me behind her star covered midnight veil as I search Her eyes for the truth of Her existence. I clung to my cell phone all day and night rigorously searching for answers to the myriad of questions that surfaced in the orb of my mind. Yes…it is an orb! Light eons that stretch, and shape and flit from idea to idea like a fragile hummingbird over vines of jasmine.

In my meditation time yesterday, I was introduced to the Lady of the Rainbow. The Goddess Bride of Maitreya. Maitreya is the Christ Universal Consciousness that has existed from infinity. And the Rainbow Goddess is the messenger, and bridge, of the singular hope of peace on Earth and goodwill towards humanity. She gifted me with an iridescent rainbow robe of pure spun light and Maitreya bequeathed me a rainbow bladed Ouroborous,  in the shape of infinity, which he perched atop my head like a propeller. I was told that the Ouroborus would slice away that which did not serve my highest purpose; which was to be a bridge to humanity, and teach love, compassion and unification upon planet earth.

She said my rainbow cloak would protect me, comfort me, and also distinguish me as Goddess so that I would always be set apart, purified and recognized by my chosen followers. I thanked them profusely for my gifts and then I returned home and grounded. Afterwards, I searched for a deeper understanding of my great visions. For yes, my meeting with Maitreya and the Goddess was beyond my imagining; as I first had to shed my skin, fly with an Angel (who could not even go all the way) to the center of the Sun where Maitreya greeted me. I knew nothing about either Maitreya or the Rainbow Bride prior to this astral meeting, let me reassure you, and it was completely mind blowing to me!

Well as I researched the significance of the Rainbow Goddess I found Hathor! I discovered that she, the Morning and Evening Venus Star Goddess, Mistress of Heaven, Celestial Nurse, Mother of Mothers, and Celestial Cow Goddess of the Milky Way was the original RAINBOW GODDESS.

First of all, Hathor was part of the triple Goddess of Heaven.  Goddess Nun, who was the primordial waters, which gave birth to Mehet-Waret, the cow goddess of the sky. Her name actually means “great flood” or “tidal wave” and so she was the original destructive and regenerative force of Nun, which later transposed to Sehkmet.  Hathor, was called the Morning and Evening star, because she represented the planet Venus or star Sirius which would rise after the flood. The Venus star at certain times of the year would rise in the morning and other times would rise at twilight. When the Venus star Sirius would rise, this was seen as the start, or re-birth, of the Sun and the solar yearly calendar. This may be why she was also seen as the Goddess of resurrection and was designed on many tombs and sarcophagi.

Hathor was known as the Goddess of a thousand names and one of Her names was Nut, the Sky Goddess.  Nut was said to wear the rainbow and have stars across Her body. She like, Hathor and Mehet Waret were cow Goddesses, and they formed a great triple Goddess who refelcted the supreme deity of Nun. In the Bible, and many other ancient texts, the Rainbow is seen as a covenant sign of God’s good will and love to not destroy them in a flood. Since, the name of the Goddess Mehet Waret, actually means “great flood” and she is the crone aspect of Nun, it would be surmised that Hathor is then the Mother aspect and the rising Rainbow, who is seven in color, as she is seven in faces and is a sign of joy, rebirth, love, happiness, beauty,music and dancing in celebration! The Seven Hathors would take of human form and were present at the birth of a child. They would then prophesy the child’s fate. They were called on for matters of love, protection from evil spirits and transformation.  In Queen Nefertari’s tomb they were named: lady of the Universe, Sky-Storm, You from the Land of Silence, You from Khemmis, Red-Hair, Bright Red and Your Name Flourishes Through Skill.

SP-studio-Soul-Portrait-in-Studio-Katherine-Skaggs(picture credit: Katherine Skaggs-Soul Portrait Long Distance)

They are also synonymous with Shakti from India. As Shakti, the serpent, rises up through the seven chakras, the energy centers of the human spirit, to bring the spiritual student complete self-actualization and spiritual wholeness. This Shakti energy is the energy of Hathor. It is also the energy of the Holy Spirit, Butterfly Maiden, Gaia, and the Ouroborus. I have had the experience in a Christian church to have holy hands laid on me and you do feel a very visceral energy of light shoot up like stars through your body from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet! It has laid me on the ground many of times! It is the healing and transformative energy of the Goddess. This is the same energy that is raised in Sacred Circles and called the Cone of Power by Wiccans.

The last aspect of the triple Goddess is of course Isis, who is the earthly Maiden and daughter of Hathor/Hathera/Nut. Isis also reflected the rainbow with her rainbow wings. Perhaps originally She was Your Name Flourishes Through Skill. Because Her name certainly did and has continued to flourish through Her most heroic deeds! Isis embodies the alchemy of transformation as her twin sister Nephyths embodies the transformation of resurrection.This aspects of their mother Hathor,the triple Goddess of Venus. In fact, it is written that Hathor assisted Isis (pronounced IshIsh, btw) to find her murdered and scattered husband. This reminds me of the story of Ruth and Naomi. Could they be a Hebrew version of the story of Isis and Osiris? Could Naomi have represented Hathor? Naomi said after the death of her husband and loss of her sons that she should be called Marah, which means bitter sea. Could this somehow allude to Hathor, Goddess of Sea and Sky, whose worship had declined and become split apart by the Greeks? And what of Asherah? Was she not also Goddess of the Sky/Wisdom as El’s wife and of the Sea, the same sea Jesus walked upon, some say, to prove He was Her son?

The Greek rainbow goddess Iris once had a twin sister Arke. Both originally were titaness Goddesses but Iris sided with the Zeus and the Olympians. When the war was lost Arke had her wings ripped off  by Zeus and she was thrown into Hades. Just as Naomi assisted Ruth in finding a kinsman redeemer and then to become a trivial anecdote in the story of Ruth, so too has Hathor become the same in the story of Isis. Isis was beloved by the Greeks, who historically borrowed all of their Gods from the ancient Africans such as the Egyptians and Libyans. However, they would delight in ripping apart the triple Goddesses in favor of a single Goddess who lived to serve their patriarchal male God, Zeus, just as Isis was to serve Ra. It seems the Romans did likewise and continue to do so in Christianity, even though that was never the intent of Christ. In fact, Christ gave us back our triple Goddess with the three Mary’s. Mary Magdalene, his symbolic Bride, Mary the Mother, and Mary the Maiden sister of Martha.

Isis, continues the Rainbow aspect of Hathor with her wings which are the colors of the rainbow. It is my prayer that this triple Rainbow Goddess will be restored to her rightful place as Mother of Humanity and the Sacred Bridge connecting God/dess to all of Her children.  As I sat in my leather easy chair contemplating my meditation and all that I learned about Hathor and the Rainbow Goddess; I couldn’t help but wonder if somehow, the chakras, the rainbows, and all of those Goddesses mean…that in the end….the pot of gold of the Rainbow is really us.

Rainbow kisses and Moonbeam dreams!

Let me know what you think!

Love, Ostara




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