Goddess Shakti, Chakras and Hathor the Rainbow Goddess


The Goddess Shakti is the divine feminine energy that lies at the base of your spine like a coiled Serpent waiting to awaken. I remember first reading that and thinking, “…that is gross!”  I mean who really relishes the ideal of a cold, slithering serpent lying dormant ant the base of your spine? As I researched to gain a better understanding I realized it was merely an allegory for the Serpent Wisdom or Intuitive Power which was first introduced by woman kind. So therefore, it is Goddess in nature.

The Goddess Hathor as well as Shakti represent the seven universal chakra system that waits awakening with the “rise” of the Kundalini energy of the Serpent or Shakti energy.  Once the Goddess, awakens then your Spirit and physical body will become joined in unification and present with God. I likened it to Sleeping Beauty. The Princess Aurora sleeps waiting for true love’s kiss to awaken her. Your Goddess Shakti waits likewise. Once “true love” awakens her from slumber she rises to face Her shadow self the serpent Goddess Malificent and learns to integrate all that she is into her being with self love and great compassion. This is the beginning of transformation of self to Spirit.

Goddess Hathor teaches about the seven veils, or levels of Shakti through Her mighty rainbow. She as the rainbow teaches love, self care, and how to honor yourself from acts of sexual pleasure to divine Wisdom. They are also synonymous with Shakti from India. As Shakti, the serpent, rises up through the seven chakras, the energy centers of the human spirit, to bring the spiritual student complete self-actualization and spiritual wholeness. This Shakti energy is the energy of Hathor. It is also the energy of the Holy Spirit, Butterfly Maiden, Gaia, and the Ouroborus. I have had the experience in a Christian church to have holy hands laid on me and you do feel a very visceral energy of light shoot up like stars through your body from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet! It has laid me on the ground many of times! It is the healing and transformative energy of the Goddess. This is the same energy that is raised in Sacred Circles and called the Cone of Power by Wiccans.

Rainbow kisses and Moonbeam dreams!

Luv, Ostara



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