Love, Sex and Magic

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As an adult who was raised as a Christian, sex has always been the bastard child locked in the attic. Christian circles view sexual pleasure as the byproduct of sin, induced by Satan, if engaged in outside of marriage.  I was in my thirties, when I had gotten pregnant by my boyfriend of five years. My pastors made me stand in front of the whole congregation and apologize for my shame. I mean, what other sin, does a person have to stand in front of the church to ask their forgiveness? I was pregnant with a child not a murderer!

Why was I to be made to feel ashamed because I had allowed the man in my life, whom I eventually married, to make love to me and create new life? What was so dishonorable about that? Society demonizes single women and splashes their sexual proclivities across tabloids, smears their names in churches, and stigmatizes their persona in history. 

It took me many years to accept the supposed voracious sexual appetites I possessed and love myself wholly. Now granted, that did not mean that I should not have conducted myself with love and integrity. Sexual freedom can also be the basis of sexually transmitted diseases, broken hearts, broken families and a myriad of unneccessary traumas.  So where do you draw the line?

I believe that is as individual and personal, as a person’s right to religious expression and love. For me, sex magic first occurs with self-love and respect. Embracing the sexual aspect of ourselves as sacred, pure, and divine. No, sex does not have to be purely to create children. For many centuries sex has been used as a “magickal childe” to manifest miracles and prosperity. Yes! Sex can be magical and as a woman or man you can manifest many forms of abundance if intention and focus are used to spiritually connect the sexual energy and magical discipline.

Personally, sexual magic goes far beyond anointing magical tools with sexual fluids, or merely focusing on a creative intent with faith to manifest it. Sexual union draws the sacred energy of God and Goddess and creates a divine altar or physical pyramid of primal sacred energy that births the miraculous if done with the right partner. First of all the partners must be consensual, over 21, and spiritual attuned and balanced.

Real sex magic begins with one’s own self. Balancing your own energy, chakra alignment and meditation are key. When two people join together they should be both magically aware, one in intended manifestation and their chakra’s should be clear and in alignment.

Seven Keys to Magical Sex Manifestation 

  1. Spiritual Preparation-Cleanse, Meditate, Focus, Breathe,
  2. Physical Preparation-Cleanse your body and environment
  3. Create Energy-Create a sacred love nest
  4. Touch-Sensual foreplay with slow build up, conecting through eyes and silence
  5. Visualization-Focused intention at peaks of pleasure
  6. Sexual positions-Creative sexual play
  7. Focused orgasm-Visualizing abundance, money, etc… with chanting, speaking in tongues, or a sacred word used during time of orgasm to create unity and magical manifestation

I will elaborate on these seven keys on my next blog post. So be sure to slip your email in the follow box to get my new posts delivered to your email for your convenience!

Rainbow kisses and Moonbeam dreams!

Luv, Ostara





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