Seven Keys to Magical Sex!

Earth-Mother(portrait by Katherine Skaggs Earth Mother)

Magical sex can be created no matter what are your religious beliefs or background. Sex magic begins within you! You are the magical one and it is up to you what you create! I can teach you how to wield sexual power to create more joy, abundance and happiness in your life.

Sex between two consenting adults can bring lovers closer together as well as tear them apart. So, honestly, everyone should practice some form of Sex Magic when celebrating the physical aspect of love. Real sex magic begins with one’s own self. Balancing your own energy, chakra alignment and meditation are key. When two people join together they should be both magically aware, one in intended manifestation and their chakra’s should be clear and in alignment. In Christian speak, you should be equally anointed and hopefully married, but most definitely committed, at least to soul union, if not a true foundational relationship. Sex should never be taken lightly. It is the highest form of magick on the planet!  And we perform it nearly everyday without realizing it!  Yes, solo counts!

Seven Keys to Magical Sex Manifestation 

  1. Spiritual Preparation-Cleanse, Meditate, Focus, Breathe,
  2. Physical Preparation-Cleanse your body and environment
  3. Create Energy-Create a sacred love nest
  4. Touch-Sensual foreplay with slow build up, conecting through eyes and silence
  5. Visualization-Focused intention at peaks of pleasure
  6. Sexual positions-Creative sexual play
  7. Focused orgasm-Visualizing abundance, money, etc… with chanting, speaking in tongues, or a sacred word used during time of orgasm to create unity and magical manifestation

Spiritual preparation is key to any acts of love involving the joining of two or more people. It is a spiritual exchange so one should be careful about who they choose as a partner. Make sure that the two of you love each other, are spiritually attuned to one another and are entering the sexual experience based on mutual trust, passion and respect. This is important because during any form of sexual interaction, spiritual energy is exchanged. From a slow and spine tingling kiss to extensive vaginal, oral or anal sex, the spirit and your light chakras are also engaged within the act. That is why I feel it is optimal to stay celibate until you find a true life partner. And before you can do that you need to be spiritually well.  However, easier said then done…so here are some great tips!

 Sex Magic should be a part of one’s regular practice within the sex act. Now, it does not have to be slow and sensual to be meaningful. Sex can be passionate, ferocious, kinky or even playful and produce the same magickal results. It is my belief one does not have to be a Witch or Wiccan to engage in sex magic. All women are High Priestesses of love in the bedroom and so also are men, if they so desire. All acts of pleasure and love are divine.

Cleansing and purification are neccessary for creating a palatable sexual environment. A clean body, clean bed sheets and clean room help to purify the sex act by cleansing the air of negative or unwanted energies that can feast upon your love nest and drain it.  I often fast before a sexual ritual, or any ritual really.

Ever have a huge fight right after or even a day after sex? It may be grime and clutter which is the culprit.  It also may be that one or both of you have clutter in the mind and need to detox and purify yourself of these unwanted energies. Drugs and alcohol can create heightened sexual awareness and excitement but they also come riddled with lower energies that drain you of your natural magickal energy and love force. So don’t do it!

Create a sacred space. Many Wiccans draw a pentagram or other esoteric symbol of power, protection and magic. However, if that is not your symbol then that will not work for you. You can create a magic circle of love and protection by sprinkling rose or lavender petals around your altar of love, be it bed, couch or floor. Place candles in non-flammable areas and an image of your magical intention, where you can see it, during your act of  love. Sex Magic can take place anywhere if ritualized, even in the shower! But outdoors in a secluded spot is my all time favorite!

  You know, the Bible actually teaches about Sex Magic. The Bible is a book of Magic and Hebrew History and Mysticism written by devoted High Priests and High Priestesses contrary to public opinion. Here is the Bible’s version of sex magic:

Genesis 30:37-40King James Version (KJV)

37 And Jacob took him rods of green poplar, and of the hazel and chesnut tree; and pilled white strakes in them, and made the white appear which was in the rods.

38 And he set the rods which he had pilled before the flocks in the gutters in the watering troughs when the flocks came to drink, that they should conceive when they came to drink.

39 And the flocks conceived before the rods, and brought forth cattle ringstraked, speckled, and spotted.

So therefore, God Himself says, if you place an image of what you desire before you while you have sex it is likely to produce what you visualize.

Case in point….many of us masturbate. When we masturbate we also fantazize about a certain scenario or desire.  Do you know if you masturbate on the same fantasy or desire or person it is highly likely that the magical focus and intention of your thoughts will bring lovers that fit that mode of thought into your life?  Be careful what you wish for…

Sexual Positions…oh how I love to play! I love to try new positions and experiment sexually.  Oral sex is a great way for two lovers to engage in sex magic and be very creative with sexual positions.  Did you know there are many ways a man can give a woman oral love? There are various ways likewise for a woman to give her lover oral release as well. In fact, there are hundreds of positions and variations as well as adult toy play that one can use to enhance metaphysical manifestation during sex. Vibrators are a fantastic addition because it vibrates the energy of your chakras as well as your sexual organs and enhances the powerful release of sexual power and magical intent! In fact, vibrators were once used to heal “female hysteria”  on female clients, by licensed medical doctors, and in some cases are now  prescribed for women who take medication for high blood pressure, depression or may have diabetes or cystic fibrosis.

And last but not least magical words, spells and verbal expression…

There are many different sites touting that they have the dibs on the perfect “love spell” for sex magic! Honey, that is a bunch of hooey! All you may need is one word repeated in your mind or at the time of orgasm. As a Christian you can speak in tongues, or say a quick prayer, say if you are trying, to manifest a baby. As a Wiccan write your own spell!  Don’t rely on what Spirit whispers to others. It won’t work as well.  Also crystal energy is a very potent enhancer of energy. I will be writing about crystals in my next post. So please be sure to check back or follow me!

Who is the Goddess of love?

In Israel it is Shekinah, who comes to dwell among married lovers, when they are joined together or are living harmoniously. Speak to your chosen guide for Love to help you focus intent and build magical power within your union. As a Chrisitian call on Shekinah, as Wiccan maybe Aphrodite, Hathor, Inanna or Freya. But more importantly ladies, you are the Goddess of love! Never be ashamed of your body, whatever the size, or pleasure. There is no shame in the Goddess!

My last lover was a male Witch.  And every act of lovemaking was sex magic between us.  However, there were times I would create a more magickal experience…

So here is my example:(can be done heterosexually or with same sex, does not matter)

First you can create a beautiful atmosphere in your room. Soft Egyptian cotton sheets, candle light, a waterfall flowing gently in the background, crystals and Hemp or Rose incense blowing gently. (This creates an atmosphere representing the five elements of Magic, for me)

Then whisper a soft prayer of protection and love within your bedroom, and also make sure the rest of the home is inviting, especially the doorway and entrance to your home. State alound your intention and place a picture of what you choose to visualize on your end table. If it is peaceful union it may be a picture of the two of you smiling or two swans or a God and Goddess, whatever, your imagination connects with my magickal intention. If it is for work then find something that connects with prosperity but does not induce a feeling or stress of working. You would not put up a picture of a secretary, but you could put up a tarot card of the Ace of Pentacles or a magazine pic of cash or diamonds.

The High Priestess showers and robes herself  in something soft and flowy, or satiny and wicked depending on her mood. >When my lover arrives I greet him with a kiss and nothing more. By the look in my eyes and my attire he knows it’s on and popping. LOL

Then after a bit of sensual exploration of each others bodies the woman can sit on top of the man, bare his chest and pour out fragrant oils upon his chest. It is better if penetration has occured and you are joined together.

The High Priestess should then raise her hands above her head in the Goddess pose and recite her spell, poem, word or incantation while swiveling her hips and looking above her to the sky or ceiling.  If the man, as High Priest, chooses to do this then he must look lovingly at his partner, stroke her face and breasts while whispering his spell. He never wants to make his partner feel fearful or used in anyway. He needs not look up to summon the Goddess, because his partner represents the Goddess that he lovingly serves.  Make sure you glance periodically at your picture visualization. Is it any wonder why so many people have painting of love, romance or passion in their bedrooms? Magic is so intuitive we often do it without knowing.

As the couple peaks to orgasm look at your picture visualization while embracing one another closely. Once the orgasm explodes, send your intent out to the Universe through the crown chakra (top of) your head. Then imagine that energy looping back to you from the soles of your feet and through your entire body and back to the Universe again. In that moment, you will realize that your sexual union and creative energy is a magickal force that is one with all creation. It is best done during a new moon, like tonight, or a full moon.

Ok…and here is a little incantaion:

Ostara’s Sex Magick Spell

O Mother of the Seven Veils

Bless us now, bless us well

Lady of the Sea, Fire and Sky

Consecrate the love between him and I

May the Heavens align to grant our wish

I seal it with this sacred kiss

So mote it be!

Give thanks to the Goddess after your afterglow has worn off and eat something to ground, which is especially nice if you have some chocolate dipped strawberry’s or other delectable fruit to serve each other.   And please be sure to use protection!

Rainbow kisses and Moonbeam dreams!

Luv, Ostara







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    1. Thanks Jenny! I appreciate that.


  2. Lavernard Mckinley says:

    What is the best way for a woman to have an orgasm


    1. That depends on the woman’s needs, commnication between partners and the man’s lovemaking skills and creativity.


  3. nato_witko says:

    Always a Blessing!!!


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