Divine Feminine: Honey, Get your Crown! Shekinah, Wisdom Goddess

Yemaya Mana, Queen of Heaven
 Queen of Heaven

In the Bible, Queen Esther dared to come before the throne of her husband king unsummoned and saved her people. Her cousin Mordecai who helped and advised her and the King on the situation became co-ruler of the entire Kingdom. This is a Bible story. However, what a lot of people do not realize is that this story was created to tell the story of the salvation and redemption of God’s chosen people and reveal the true trinity of God! You have the full principle of Mother/Father and Son working together in their designated roles to govern and intercess for the us! King Xerxes as Father God, Queen Esther as the Holy Spirit and Mordecai as Jesus Christ.

Queen Esther’s story has echoed within our souls for centuries. She has been present in every myth, Bible story and even in the Harry Potter movies.  She was actually the “hidden Goddess Shekinah” of Hebrew mysticism. She is Miriam to Moses and Aaron.   In ancient Hebrew tradition she is Shekinah or Wisdom and Understanding. She is the active birthing force of God’s WORD! In the Ancient Huna tradition she is Mana,, the flow of heavenly Water that gives life to every living thing. She transforms to Uli, the Mother of the Gods and the Living Force behind the energy of the Sun. She is the wind beneath the wings (so to speak) of Jesus Christ. She is absolute. She is God, just as much as the Father is God. I tell you this over and over agian because it imperative that you know this so that you can know your purpose. One cannot become a Princess without a birthright and one cannot become Queen without a crown. The Holy Spirit is the one that gives you that crown. The crown of life!


Proverbs 4:7

The beginning of wisdom is this: Get[a] wisdom.
Though it cost all you have,[b] get understanding.
Cherish her, and she will exalt you;
embrace her, and she will honor you.
She will give you a garland to grace your head
and present you with a glorious crown.”

A crown is a symbol of glory and power. Monarchs of the world throughout history have spent untold riches to create crowns that would amaze their people with the majesty of the monarchy. A crown is a symbol of highest success, of honor, of the kingdom itself.

Because this is so, the Bible uses the crown as a symbol of the great spiritual gifts, the incomparable reward that the Lord gives to His people. In fact the Bible, in the New Testament, speaks about seven crowns that we believers shall receive. This immediately should catch our attention, because in Scripture seven is the number of perfect holiness and also the number of the Shekinah, Holy Spirit, the presence of God. This in itself is a sign that the reward we shall receive from the hand of God is perfect. We shall share in the perfections of the Lord Jesus Christ, and all this is represented by the seven crowns that the Lord bestows upon His elect people.

These crowns are: a crown of life, a crown of rejoicing, a crown of righteousness, a crown of 12 stars, a crown that lasts forever, a crown of sisterhood, and a crown of glory.

crown beyonce

So let’s get your crown, dolls! You are almost ready to wear it! First we have to do some beauty treatments. Now, oooh. This is my favorite part of the book. I am going to walk you through the same beauty rituals I walked in my entire life. People everywhere since I was 25 have remarked about how young I look. I didn’t do anything remarkable to my face. I believe true beauty comes from your soul.

Before Goddess Esther could be presented to the King she was immersed in beauty treatments and even her food was carefully crafted so that all that nourished her was pure, her mind was strong and her beauty legendary! Beginning with the first: Fragrance.


Esther’s example in Esther 2:12 

“Before a girl’s turn came to go in to King Xerxes, she had to complete twelve months of beauty treatments prescribed for the women, six months with oil of myrrh and six months with perfumes and cosmetics.”

I liken this beauty treatment to fragrance because just like a glorious smell or a really foul one our attitude, thought life and emotional state permeates the atmosphere around us.

Hadassah was bathed in myrrh and jasmine until the perfume was streaming out her very pores. We are going to bathe in kindness and gratitude. Come with me before the purifying waters of Lake Wisdom and bathe in its cooling, myrrh scented turquoise waters. We are going to quietly trade all of our pain for peace.

Fragrance of Life Visualization

I am a beautiful Queen. I walk the path of peace. I release all of mistakes with thankfulness. I receive the Glorious Crown of the High Priestess. I am Queen of my own fate. I decree the destiny of my future.

      Goddess will trade my ashes for beauty, my pain for peace. The Hebrew word for ashes is epher and the Hebrew word for beauty is pheer. Just move the e and you have a new word; and just as quickly as it takes for you to move one letter God is going to turn your sorrow into joy. He speaks and it is already done.
Whatever God’s hands touch becomes beautiful. All you need tonight is a touch from the master’s hand.
Ecclesiastes 3:11
He hath made everything beautiful in his time.
“You may feel like your life is ugly and insignificant right now. But sometimes things that appear ugly just need the right climate to grow. The possibility of all that fragrant beauty was always in that detestable ugliness; just as the fragrant beauty of your life is sometimes hidden underneath the calloused ritual. It is smothered by daily schedules and monotonous grind. Sometimes painful experiences cause beauty to come forth.”

Isaiah said the Holy Spirit will give you beauty for ashes. She knew you would be burnt by life’s experiences. But she also knew She could replace that burnt out mess with something beautiful. Because she is Co-creator on this Earth, Queen of the Heavens and the Arm of God who wields the sword (the Word) of truth.

Ocean Goddess Pleasure by Katherine Skaggs
Ocean Goddess Pleasure by Katherine Skaggs

A woman is a magickal being.  She cleans the energy of a home not just dust when she cleans. She radiates love within the food she cooks as she sings and creates delectable treats for her family. With the right ingredients a woman can also heal wounds, and prevent illnesses. A woman kisses ouchies, and scratches itchies and cradles the hearts of all mankind. We also manage, administrate and create companies, projects and inventions. We have even flew into outer space! There is no limit to the wonder that a woman is if she channels her magickal power for creating good.

After an entire year of beauty treatments I noticed my life began to change for the better. I stopped violently lashing out at my kids, spanking them everytime they did not live up to my expectations. Granted, sometimes kids can be flat out disobedient, but other times, like with my teenager, they are just not “perfect”. Our words can do more harm than good if our hearts ain’t right. It isn’t cute to call your kids stupid, cuss at them or blame them for making your life harder than you expected it to be. You are a single mother. No matter how you got there, you have to live with the choices you made to get there and the choices other people made for you.

The biggest realization I had was that it was not the horrible men I attracted or the way I was raised or even the rapes that happened to me as a child and young adult that had created my life. It was my thinking. The seat of all creation does not lie between a woman’s legs it lies within her mind! In the past you thought in lack; “I can’t do this!” “They did that to me!” “ I don’t deserve this!” “They deserve to have the same horrible stuff done to them!” Now as a woman who has been beaten and raped by many men I can tell you it is very hard re-shaping my mind to forgive these people and actually be thankful for the experience that has become my greatest teacher. But guess what? This is the moment of glory! When you can forgive them, and make the decision to take authority in your life, you have come to the conclusion of your beauty treatment!

oshun peacock

The year long period symbolizes obedience, patience, humility, yielding and persistence. Beautification is not just enjoyable but hard and can be painful at times, purification is a process of transformation that yields much fruit if one is prepared to yield. That period of time, waiting and undergoing processes of being all glamorous before facing the king can feel just too long and not that easy. We must listen to the Spirit within, being careful to be obedient to our true selves and not limit God in any way in our life. We do not have to endure sorrow, but are free to take challenges and transform them with grace. We fashion our imperfections and make our weaknesses a pleasure to others. We have to commit to pushing through grief, isolation, bad jobs, no jobs, homelessness, fear and even physical sickness to re-create ourselves, perfumed with an I CAN DO IT attitude and draped in the fabric of gratitude and dressing our hair with the garland of Wisdom.

Once you find and pattern yourself after Mother Goddess Wisdom you will grow in favor with mankind and everything in your life will become blessed beyond your dreams. It is great to possess the power of intention, speak decrees of gratitude, but when you find favor God works diligently to outdo your expectations…..that is not magick, honey that is called Grace! You are now a woman 0f Divine Grace. You are the Divine Queen ascend your throne!

Sunshine kisses from the Goddess!





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