Moon Phases of the Divine Woman


Photo credit: Katherine Skaggs-Healing Earth Angel
Photo credit: Katherine Skaggs-Healing Earth Angel
 There are four phases a woman goes through in life. The Maiden, the Mother, the Queen and the Crone. 

But what happens if the Maid is a Slave Girl instead?  The maiden is the innocent little girl.  She is carefree, untroubled and joyful.  She is full of sunshine and roses and blooming. However, many of us got plucked at a young age. Some of us may have even had to survive on our own as young as five or six years old. We had to cook, clean, sometimes care for siblings, were abused, molested, neglected and sometimes unloved. 

When that happens our Maiden becomes a Slave Girl and I have to admit she can be quite a little Whore too! Normally a maiden is virginal. She waits for her Prince Charming to give her the first “kiss”.Unfortunately, the maiden that becomes the slave girl has usually already been raped and robbed of her innocence. And because of that malevolent energy that has attached to her spirit she keeps attracting evil men to prey upon her. 

Sort of like an antenna attachment. If the maiden had no one to help her heal properly and release the spiritual antenna the evil assailant made against her spirit, the antennae stays and evil men become attracted to her like flies. She may have no idea why she seems to be a bum magnet. This is usually the reason. Spiritual cleansing and a good dose of self-esteem is all that is needed. Unfortunately, most young women are unaware of this. So a Slave Girl is what she remains.

In ancient Egypt, Ireland, Iran or Africa women have ruled as male Pharaohs and in Israel women were equal to kings as the Queen of Hatsheput, Queen Cleopatra, Queen Esther, Queen Maebe, Judge Deborah, Inanna or Danu aptly showed. The further I researched; I realized that in all Goddess religions the Great Mother Goddess is described as Source, the ALL, the Womb of Life, the Sun, the Moon, the Oceans, Earth and the Heavens itself. She has always been described as the active God-Force of Creator. She is magic, creation, leadership, nourishment and destruction. Ruler and Intercessor for mankind in all of Her many forms. In every form of the Goddess Creator She was nearly identical in Her duties and Her love for mankind.

Amongst Her children Her roles were carried out through Her daughters. Women and men fought the wars and protected the home front while often the ladies also ruled with their heads and led the people with their hearts. As I began to shift and grow I realized that there are four distinct phases of womanhood that women must pass through in her life. I saw how these phases created an intricate web of evolution within the heart of a woman. Just as woman is connected to the ebb and flow of the moon for her menstrual cycle so too are the cycles of our lives interwoven with the sacred dance of the moon.

In ancient times it was believed that the moon went in a cycle of three. Waxing, Full and Waning. However, the moon actually has five phases that it grows through. The five phases are New, Crescent, Quarter, Gibbous and Full.

Dark Moon Phase

The New Moon represents the Hidden Goddess or the Holy Spirit Goddess essence in all women. This is your Higher self, your God self and your Divine soul that is eternal and from above, long before you incarnate as an actual living body. She also represents the Goddess in Heaven and the Womb of Life that all living things are created from.

Crescent Moon or Waxing Moon Phase

Ever heard the phase, “a mere slip of a girl”? This phase is your debut as a girl child on the planet. You are the Maiden and peak out of your Heavenly Mother’s shadow and announce your arrival to the world. You are pure innocence and full of natural curiosity, great wonder and intelligence.

Full Moon Phase

This is the Mother phase and you are bursting forth with life. See her rounded belly? You have the power to affect great change upon the Earth, as you sway the great ocean, create and sustain the seed within you that will give forth life into the world. You are growing in compassion, wisdom and understanding. You celebrate the life within you and you give nourishment to everything you birth.


Dark Moon Phase

This is the phase of the Queen. I put this a bit out of order for you know the dark moon actually begins the Maiden or Waxing Moon phase, but it is important to realize this phase is above all structure or routine. This phase is available to women any and at all times, so therefore I placed her here! 

This is the cycle of life that you wait and evaluate your harvest. You filter out all of the weeds and bugs in your life and fight valiantly, fiercely to protect what is of value. This is the action phase of your life. But the action takes place internally not externally. 

Just as the Queen has people at her beck and call in this phase, you learn to work with the Spirit realm and your guides to take authority of your realm. With great wisdom and compassion the Queen rules over all that she has created. She still has much work to do tilling the ground of her soul and preparing her kingdom.  Thankfully, at this phase she recognizes that the true kingdom is herself!

The New Moon also represents the Hidden Goddess or the Holy Spirit Goddess essence in all women. This is your Higher self, your God self and your Divine soul that is eternal and from above, long before you incarnate as an actual living body. She also represents the Goddess in Heaven and the Womb of Life that all living things are created from.

Waning Moon Phase

At last, the Mother may rest. This is the Crone phase of her life. She is at her highest and most opulent display of her awesome power. She has become a living and breathing extension of her Divine Mother Goddess. She eagerly goes to work helping other women at the phase of Mother birth forth their destiny and guide the ruler ship of the Queens with patience and inspiration until she peacefully passes back into her Higher Soul in Heaven.

“Oh Lord, change our failings into success. We failed because we bought in to the illusion. Simply put we believed the lie.”          

 We are the Mothers of all the living! Women are not just mortal creatures. We are not simply the “help-meet of a man.” Let us SHOUT to the Heavens, we ARE DIVINE!!! We were created to be the “help-meet” of MANKIND!  The GLORY of the EARTH!

Goddess Blessings and Rainbow Dreams!


Ostara, Divine Queen

me dawn



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