What is a Christian Witch?

me dawn 

 Lately, I have become bemused and befuddled by Spirit sending me some die hard, religifried Christians who have decided to make it their life mission to “save” me. Now for those that follow me you know I am a Christian Witch.  I realize that most Christians and some Wiccans and Pagans are a bit confused as to what that means. So I guess I will give a few lessons. 

Wicca versus Christianity

Wicca and Christianity are both of my spiritual paths. How can that be? Well, first off I didn’t make the division of Spirit into sections called religion, man gets all the credit for that. Secondly, Wicca is a spiritual nature religion which believes that the power of the Earth and the Universe is a life giving force which can embody a deity form as God and Goddess  but is not limited. In fact, Wicca and Pagans both agree that the life force that pulsates within our planet and solar system is a tangible, life giving force that many call God or Goddess. 

 God and Goddess in the Bible


 Christianity as it is followed today is not Biblically correct and is not the same religion Jesus Christ and Mary brought to Earth.  How is that? Well, originally God and Goddess were revered together as our Divine Parentage.  (That’s a whole ‘nother blog post)  There are tons of Biblical scripture from Genesis 1 all the way to Revelations that teach that God and Goddess are husband and wife in a human sense of the word and the great creators. There is Biblical evidence that Jesus Christ worshipped Mother God as well as Father God and that Mother God was incarnated on earth with Him in seven aspects for She is a seven fold Goddess.  The seven Mary’s in the Bible are the Goddess and the Bible teaches us in Proverbs, the Gospels and Revelations that one of the Seven Mary’s is Mary Mother of Jesus and she is actually Isis. Yep, Jesus Himself calls Her such in the book of John. Anyway, God and Goddess are our divine parents and Christians have been falsely syncretized by roman mythology to exorcise the Divine Feminine role out of our teachings. Thank Goddess, it is still right there in the Bible! The people are blinded to their own religion because of man made invention. 

Witch,Pagan or Wiccan


 Witches, Wiccan or Pagan are NOT interchangeable. A Witch is a wise woman who whether born or by decision chooses to take dominion over the plant kingdom and become co-creator with God for the good of the people and our planet. Those that do evil or practice for purely selfish reasons are not TRUE Witches, they are what the Bible refers to as  “poisoners” that God said should NOT be suffered to live.  Meaning, those that cast spells to harm others, for retribution or to cause anyone suffering by will, word or spell. Oh, but wait! Christians are also “poisoners” if they putrify the air with heretical nonsense. These are the Christians that profess Hell and condemnation over people because they do not claim to be Christian. And they spew hatred towards Shamans, Healers and Witches simply because we claim our rightful inheritance to take dominion over the earth, with healing herbs, crystals and magical spells, as God decreed in Genesis 1!  A Pagan is basically someone that does not identify their spiritual path with a religious institution and instead calls nature their religion. They may enjoy several spiritual paths, worship the Gods of old or no gods at all. Wiccans have a specific religion that involves the Wheel of the Year and eight main Sabbats. They honor the moon cycles and nature, as well as worship God as Lord and Lady. They have many spiritual rituals and rules and practice magic in every form including divine alchemy. A Wiccan often calls themselves a Witch because they do magick. However, originally a Witch was born and not made. A Witch is someone born with supernatural gifts whether she practices the Craft or not. Many CHristians I’ve met are born Witches who do not understand their own DNA and abilities. 

Gaia, Mother Earth


 So does this mean we, who are loving and caring stewards of the planet and accepting and compassionate beings, should “murder” or “execute” those that have for centuries created wars, division, hate, violence and desecration to planet Earth? No!!!! Peace is our way.  Furthermore, in the Bible it states that the laws of the Jews DO NOT apply to Christians today or yesterday or tomorrow! The only law that applies are the laws against eating animals blood and strangled animals (because you ingest their fear and violent death into your soul), food sacrificed to idols. So that may seem to rule out Voodoo. But practitioners eat food sacrificed to honor their God and Angels which turned out to be the same God of the Jews and everybody. It also states we should be sexually moral. Whelp everybody except virgins and children have broken that rule, a sexual fantasy was once considered immoral. So you see people are really not that different. Religion is just a label folks. We all worship the same God. CHRISTIANS and Jews and Pagan Egyptians have the commandments.  Wiccans  have the Wiccan rede, those that violate it and turn their back on their faith therefore nullify their spiritual contract with it as well. Wiccans and Pagans are foremost about peace, wisdom, spiritual elevation and healing. Doing ANYTHING against those precepts nullifies our faith. That is not to say we may fail sometimes, everyone does. But to purposefully decide to use the Earth’s energy to create suffering or pain is an abomination to the earth, yourself, our community and the planet. People that do this have got to be crazy! These people are not true Wiccans.  Pagan maybe, but I would say blatantly evil.  However, it is completely within our rights to use the Earth’s resources to protect ourselves, our community and family by banishing evil.  That is also Biblical. In the Book of Esther, God allowed the Hebrews to take up arms to defend themselves from slaughter. This is our inalienable right and using nature is perfectly acceptable in the eyes of God. In fact, it is a more peaceful response, much like prayer. 

What is Magic?


 Magic is what a person does when he or she steps into the role God created for us in the Beginning.  Genesis 1:27-31 God says in a nutshell, “I made mankind in my image. Male and Female is my image because there are two of us. Now go and be fruitful, increase in number (please have lots of sex and make babies), rule over the earth and take dominion, rulership, authority, and do what ye will with the plant kingdom, the mineral kingdom, the animal kingdom and everything that has breath (God’s breath and Holy living Spirit) and life in it. Okay…..so Witches do just that! We take these living and breathing plants and herbs and all of nature and use it to give healing, peace, love, protection and balance to millions of people all over the globe! OH MY GOSH~does that make Wiccans Christians too??? Or Jewish???? OR EVIL???  NO!!!  Honey, that makes us HUMAN BEINGS with a divine inheritance that we enjoy everyday. Stop with the name calling! Craft your magic. You Christians, buying Aloe for burns and using cocoa butter and taking St. Johns Wort for depression….that is WITCH CRAFT! hahahahaha~ cackle~

Lesson VII

Do plants and crystals and flowers really have LIFE giving power? Why do Witches and Pagans call the earth Mother or Gaia? Well, let’s look in the Bible. Gen 1:20 and Gen 1:24 God says here: Let the Water teem…. and Let the Land produce…. So Goddess and God gave the Water and Earth their own power of creation. Don’t believe me? Then tell me this….how can the Earth produce a Lion? How??? Gen 1: 24 “Let the land produce living creatures according to their kinds; livestock, creatures that move along the ground…” etc… So these animals were “birthed” from the earth! Yep, Gaia is a living and breathing Goddess that birthed all of creation. And remember animals could talk! Many Witches still communicate with animals today.

Lesson VIII

Can one be born a witch and not know it? Yes siree Bob! I did not know I was a “wise one” and incarnated Angel walking around on this earth.  All I knew was I had the gift to project my thoughts into peoples minds, read minds sometimes, telepathy, weather control, clairv-everything ( I see, smell, hear, taste, just know and feel Spirit energy) and a unique gift for spiritual discernment, revelation, healing and miracles, teaching, prophecy and connection with nature…as well as the rule of three. Any time anyone did good or bad to me it came back to them times three. I am like the Opal,  my birthstone; I magnetize every energy good or bad and throw it back.  Now as far as being a Witch it is a label and a name and means only what you choose it to mean.  To me it means healer. In Christianity, you would call me an Apostle.

Okay so there you have it! Christianity and Witchcraft go hand in hand quite easily. And both faiths have more in common than most Pagan and Wiccan Lightworkers realize. I love being a Witch! As a Witch I can choose any spiritual path I  feel led and do not have to hide my spiritual gifts or go through a bunch of red tape to use what God gave me naturally. I can be Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim….anything! And all of them are absolutely beautiful! It is NOT the spiritual paths that are ugly or evil it is the nature of the people who make it so. 

 Many blessings and much love!

Moonbeam kisses and Rainbow dreams! 

 Luv, Ostara





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