Ostara’s Magic Mirror of Love

heart rose quartz

Ostara’s Ritual of Love Rose Quartz Spell

This is a mirror of self-love, which yields the power of attraction. By gazing into it, the soul radiates the pure loving light of the Goddess and Rose Quartz to help you visualize a new love and open your heart chakra.

Supplies: Pink, Rose or White colored paper A pink candle Red crayon or colored pencil Rose incense Rose essential oil Rose Petals from an artificial rose Cinnamon Craft glue Seven sea shells A small compact mirror Seven small rose quartz crystal points A seven-pointed star, sacred to the Goddesses of love, is set upon a circular disc(mirror), symbolic of the full moon. You can draw the seven pointed star on your paper with your colored pencil or crayon. Draw a circle around the star.  Place underneath the magic mirror, with the mirror resting in the center. Ideally you should want to see the rays of the star shooting out from the back of the mirror so draw it bigger than the mirror. Seven is a number also associated with the Planet Venus and Goddess Hathor, Aphrodite, Shekinah, Hecate and Yemaya to name a few. If perhaps like me, you have a mirror etched with the seven point star then all the better! The star and circle  combine the energies of  Venus and the full Moon. This is the sacred art of  manifesting by geometric design and symbols the forces of self-love through the doorway of the magic mirror.

Light your pink candle and say: Powers of fire, flow love to my heart again.

Sprinkle cinnamon over the star points and say: Powers of earth, give stability back to my life again

Light your rose scented incense and say: Powers of air, breathe a new hope of future love my way.

After you draw the seven pointed star within the circle, secure with craft glue the mirror in the center of the star. Place around the edge of the mirror the seven rose petals and upon the rose petals place the shells cavern side up.

I imagine myself Cleopatra, Isis, Rhiannon, Cerridwen, Gwenhyfar, Shekinah, Goddess Hathor or Aphrodite, crafting an intricate and powerful magic mirror!

Inside each of the shells place a small rose quartz. Make sure the rose petals around glued closely around the mirror and then glue the shells on top of rose petals. Leave to dry. Make sure that when you place these items around the mirror you start at the top and move to the left or moonwise as left is the direction of the sacred feminine mysteries.

As you do this say: With this mirror, I charge thee with the powers that be, By the Ancient Goddess and the Angels that guide me, point the the way to the right man for me, Put our feet upon the right path and wherever we are stuck lend your power and influence so that true love shall prevail in my quest And so art thou charged In the Name of Goddess__________ With harm to none.  Blessed be!

Now the hard work is done! All you have to do to reaffirm the magick is for  the next seven days, of the waxing moon, take some of the rose essential oil and anoint the ring finger of your left hand with three drops. Write the word “love” across the surface of the mirror with your ring finger. Soften your gaze and fill your heart with loving feelings. Now imagine that love is yours as you gaze into the mirror and bathe in the loving sensations. Remember to say Always a Blessing! Blessed Be.

Rose Quartz Love Elixir

If you are familiar with gemstones and crystals you will know that many make elixirs with the stones that they drink out of spring water.  This is similar, but we are going to make ours with a carrier oil such as apricot kernel oil (apricot kernel oil is the best carrier oil to use for love spells because it also has properties to bring love). We won’t drink this but use it to anoint ourselves to sustain beauty and attraction.

Things you will need: Rose Quartz and any other crystals/gemstones you have that are associated with love. Mason Jar (usually you will see people use them to can fruit) 8 to 16 fluid ounces of apricot kernel carrier oil And you can then use either or all of them for Rose Absolute Otto , Patchouli Oil or Jasmine Absolute are my favorites.


On the new moon (when the sky is dark and the moon can’t be seen) preferably on the first Friday(day of love) after the new moon and in the Planetary Hour of Venus. Take the crystals and gemstones that you have cleansed and programed with your intention and place them in your mason jar fill the jar with apricot kernel oil.  Place outside in a place where the jar is going to get the most sun and moon rays or in a window seal for at least one waxing phase of the moon. You can use the oil sooner, but the longer it absorbs the rays of the sun and moon the more powerful it will become and the more the properties of the crystals will transfer to the oil.  I just leave my jar outside every waxing phase of the moon (from the new moon to the full moon).  It seems to me like the oil  just gets stronger and stronger the more sun and moon rays it absorbs.  After all the oil is gone I cleanse the crystals and reprogram them again and make another batch of oil. If want to imbue the oil with even more power use some or all of the optional ingredients above.  I use this as the carrier oil base for all the love oils that I make, it really makes all the love oils more powerful. You can wear this oil, place in your bath water, and you can put it in your red and pink love spell candles every Friday of the waxing phase of the moon.  You will be amazed at the results! (Love Elixir by Earthage)

If you are finding that you are attracting to many people then you can add a piece of amethyst to the oil to tame things down a bit. After you find yourself immersed into a fantastic love relationship place the mirror on your dresser or nearby wherever you make love. Anoint yourself with your love elixir on your belly, thighs, neck and above your heart. Massage some of this fragrant oil sparingly upon your lover as you make love.

Enjoy! Luv, Ostara



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