Ostara’s Magickal Yule! A Christmas for ALL!

058 Blessed Yule & Winter Solstice everyone!

Well, as you know I am the mother of four beautiful children! Each of my darlings have wonderful and unique abilities and gifts, and though, they can be a bit of a handful I love them to LIFE!  They each have a touch of ADHD or Autism and it can be a challenge getting out in the public because all of us suffer from anxiety sometimes. I say it is because we process information on a different level.  We process spiritual information as well as recognize dozens of minute details about people and our surroundings others do not see and process away! lol! Well, I surmounted all of that and determined that my little ones were going to have a blast this Yule!  Oh, did I mention that ALL OF THIS WAS FREE!!!! Honey, I live on a budget and it is called shoestring and FREEBIES!

Although I am a Witch, which has to do with my supernatural abilities and practices, my spiritual background is Christian and now I also incorporate Wicca. If you have questions on that, well, that is another post altogether.  So I am a bit of an anomaly. I am a mixed chick, (black and white), have beautiful mixed chicos and chicas, am a Christian and practice Celtic and Egyptian Wicca and Witchcraft! Yeppo, I am used to questions…Anyway, me and my little brood had a blast this season and are looking forward to more exploits!

So to honor both my beliefs I took my brood on a variety of excursions. First we celebrated Yule with the Holly King Himself, Santa Claus! We drank eggnog and apple cider; rode a sleigh,  sat on Santa’s lap (yep me too), donated toys to Toys for Tots, and enjoyed all of the Yule festivities!

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In Wicca, Yule is deeply rooted in the cycle of the year, it is the seed time of year, the longest night and the shortest day, where the Goddess once again becomes the Great Mother and gives birth to the new Sun King. Out of the darkness, into the Light,  this the longest night of the winter, ‘the dark night of our souls’, there springs the new spark of hope, the Sacred Fire, the Light of the World, or the birth of a Savior, Jesus Christ. In Many ways, the story of the birth of Christ is an allegory for this seasonal change. As He is born in the darkness and depravity of animal excrement in a cold and dreary manger. He is born the Light of the world!  With him comes rebirth to a better humanity and we celebrate who he is by becoming Lights ourselves!

So next we visited the church to take in the Holy Celebration of the birth of Christ!  We visited nativity’s and my tots even re-enacted the manger scene! I feel it is so important to teach and share in creative ways! At the Nativity was also a showcase for the Virgin Mary, showcasing statues of the original Virgin Mary’s religious statues from around the world. I was SHOCKED at how many Black Virgin Mary’s there were and still are in the original churches! I especially loved the statue showing Mother Mary nursing infant Jesus, called Mujer la Leche; the Mother of the Milk(yway). It reminds me of Goddess Hathor, which originally Mary, as an aspect of Isis, who is one of the sacred seven of Hathor, was created. Basically Mother Mary is Goddess Isis and Goddess Isis is one of the Seven Daughters or Faces of Hathor the Mother of the Milky Way. The Milky Way representing the entire Universe!  See, Goddess Hathor is really whom the Biblical Holy Spirit and Mother of God is based on! She is the Sirius star, the Venus Goddess, that shone down upon the magickal birth of Christ. She is the great Mother who gifted her daughter Isis/Mary with the divine Grace to receive of the Father His divine seed. Just as Mother God did in the beginning of all creation She receives the Word of Creation and crafts it. Oh what JOY and ECSTASY Mary/Isis must’ve felt to experience the Read my blogs on Mother Hathor for full understanding! Hugs and Kisses!

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My heart swelled with joy as I looked at my angelic daughter, who looked to me so much as Mother Mary/Isis would have looked holding the infant Jesus/Horus.  I felt as if I was Goddess Hathor, with my great Libra star shining down above witnessing the birth of my creation, with my divine Husband. I looked at my sons Jonathan and Jaydon and rejoiced as they learned to honor the divine feminine as well as their own sacred Divine Masculine selves! to me Christmas, anyway you celebrate it is magickal! Whether it is the birth of the Sun God who harnesses regeneration and hope in the guise of Jesus or the Oak King or Horus. Or maybe you believe in  the Sun Goddess who predates the Sun God as Hathor, the rainbow Goddess of the Flood, or Amaterasu the Sun Goddess of Asia…the message is the same…after the night comes the dawn!  So rejoice!

Wishing you and yours a very Magickal Yule and Merry Christmas!

Luv, Ostara Dawn

me dawn


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  1. Warmly wishing you all the blessings of the season!

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    1. Happy Solstice my friend!


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