Magickal Witches of the Bible

Photo credit: Brigid by Katherine Skaggs
Photo credit: Brigid by Katherine Skaggs
If you go on line there are a million and one definitions of a Witch. Most agree that she is a wise woman who is a healer and an herbal crafter. I am a Witch because I am magic. I create magickal intention in everything I do whether positive or negative. I can choose to use herbs and potions to create magick but I know that the real magick is what lies within me. No matter what religion or God or Goddess I believe in; I can still be a Witch. And for me a Witch is someone born with keen intuition and insight that is often prophetic. A Witch is also a natural born healer and many people turn to her for wise advice.

She can be a loner, a recluse or a people person. She can look dark and dramatic, or light and bubbly. How one dresses or projects oneself has little to do with one’s innate gifts. And a Witch can be male too! So with this definition, let us look at the magickal witch’s in the Bible. A witch possesses great magic and uses various means to bring healing and wisdom to her community.

Many would expect that I would start with Eve and Lilith. But they were not witches, albeit they were magickal. They were actually a part of a triple Goddess aspect of Asherah, Eve and Lilith. I will post about that in my next blog post.

So I will begin this with my first Witch.

1. Hagar- Hagar was Abraham’s second wife. She was the first woman to have a vision and receive prophetic instruction.  She saw and heard the Angel of the Lord.  And He made a convenant with her in the desert, after her and her son Ishmael was banished.  In fact, she is a prelude to Mary, the Mother of God. God makes a covenant with her and Abraham, saying each of them would have seed that can’t be numbered. Hagar becomes the matriarchal ancestor of Mary of Nazareth as does Abraham. It has been written that this Egyptian woman built a city there in the Desert of Paran and many men of the Bible, including Jesus, Miriam and David experienced great miracles there in her desert. Ishmael became the forefather of the Islam, making Christians and Islams brothers.

2. Deborah- The Queen Bee , Prophetess and fourth female judge of the Old Testament. She was a prophet and military leader. She was also a wife and mother. She had a gift of prophecy and wise judgement. Some even suggest she was originally an ancient Mother Goddess or at least a High Priestess. The bee was the sacred insect believed to be an emissary of souls connecting the bridge of life from Earth to Heaven. Goddesses Artemis, Potnia and Demeter were associated with the Bee, as was the pharoah of ancient Egypt. Being that Israel was a hop skip and a jump from Egypt it’s a no brainer. She definitely was a Goddess worshipper. In fact, in Judges 6:8 she calls herself a Great Mother Goddess. ” In the days of Shamgar son of Anath, In the days of Jael (Jael was the woman that killed the invading army general and handed victory of the war to the Hebrew people) …village life ceased, it ceased in Israel, Until I, Deborah, arose. Arose a mother is Israel, they chose new gods…” It seems that until a Mother God arose, in the form of Deborah, the Israelites went willy nilly on gods.

3.  Miriam- She was quite spunky and outspoken, especially if you read other Jewish texts about her. She was the sister of Moses and Aaron and helped lead the Hebrew people out of slavery in egypt to their own land of Canaan.  She was a prophetess and the first Mary recorded in the Bible. She was wise and guided Moses and Aaron all of their lives, even after the great Exodus.

4. Huldah- She was a wife and mother.  The Huldah Gates in the Southern Wall of the Temple Mount are named after her to this day. She was a great Sibyl prophetess as Deborah probably was and even the great King of Israel consulted her wisdom.  She was a strong woman who did not see the King as superior and it spoke volumes about her title in the Kingdom. I would dare say her role superseded even the King’s. She was the voice of God.

5. Abigail- She is one of my favorite witchy women. Not only did she prophesy to David his kingship, but was wise enough to perceive the stupidity, and possible destruction, her husband almost brought down upon the village.  She intervened and magickally manifested King David as her husband. When she told her husband all the destruction he almost caused; he dropped dead of a heart attack, in the exact amount of times in days ,as it took months, for David to defeat Saul! Just as Abigail’s prophetic words predicted.  David hastened to marry this prophetic, magickal women and she was consulted by many in the palace. He did not achieve his kingdom until he married her! Figure that! Like the mythology of the King married to the Goddess,whom represented the land or Mother Earth. She gave birth later to a child named Daniel, who some believe was the Great Prophet of the Bible. 

6. Rachel ,Leah and Dinah- they worshipped Goddess Asherah and concocted fertility spells with mandrake roots. Their entire life was based on magickal practices and Goddess worship. Many specualte that this is fiction but the Bible speaks about the mandrake fertility spell and the idols. In historical archeological digs Asherah and Inanna idols were found all throughout Israel.  Many women continued worshipping the Queen of Heaven and in fact, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit Shekinah are part of that tradition.

7. Rahab- First of all Rahb was no prostitute. Rahab was a High Priestess, who sat on the top of the wall of the entire city of Jericho like a Queen. And yes there is historic evidence the city existed and the wall fell down without physical force! Rahab welcomed the spies into her home, on behalf of the city, which was probably her duty. And in her prophetic vision she recognized  their God as true.  However, she was the representative of the Goddess, wife of God. It is obvious from the fact that she is named Rahab, which hear kens to Serpent Wisdom, that she is much more than a simple prostitute. She was held in esteem by those in Jericho and more than likely by people all over the nation of Israel. Because she was willing to accept and pay tribute to their God, by hiding the spies, she and her family were allowed to live.  She valued her code of hospitality and they did likewise. She was a very smart woman and seemed to know the Hebrew laws. How did she come to be called a prostitute? In that time the word prostitute Quudshu meant one who attended in the temple of the Goddess. This term eventually became a slur, just as the word Niger, which Greeks called blacks, meaning gods, transformed to Nigger, a racial slur. The authors of the bible were misogynistic, Goddess haters. So they put a littel spin on the word and voila! The temple High Priestess, and possible Queen of Jericho became down graded to a prostitute. In later years she triumphed and gave birth to a son named Boaz, who made her a direct ancestor to Jesus Christ! 

8.  Witch of Endor- She was a medium that could contact the dead. She most likely was a Sibyl prophetess of great renown.  Being that her identity was kept secret shows a kind of mercy and protectiveness for her.  Out of all the women who practiced the magickal arts, and there were plenty, she was chosen as the best choice for the King to reach the prophet Samuel. She must’ve had some skills. She also had great hospitality as she made sure to feed them afterwards. Just as Abigail fed David, right before the two met on the battlefield. It seems that the writer of this book slipped in that the hand of the woman that feeds him ensures the victory somehow. I somehow wonder if she perhaps knew that this would be King Saul’s last meal or was the cause of it! After all he tricked her and could’ve later came back and killed her for being a medium. Might’ve been a VERY smart Witch indeed!  That is how powerful were these witchy women.

9. Mary, Magdalene- Some also say she was part of a seven fold Goddess expression in the Bible. She was formerly a priestess of Inanna/Hathor. During this period, priestesses of the temple would undergo the Dance of the Seven Veils. This meant a vision quest and a process of transformation and rebirth. This was the same dance that Salome danced to entice King herod to put John the Baptist head on a platter. This was the dance of the descent of Inanna. I believe this dance initially came from the Egyptian mysteries of the Temple of Hathor. So the dance of Inanna preludes death.  Does that mean the worship of Inanna is evil in and of itself? NO! Death is about the transformation of life, not the end! Also, woman created this dance to explore and share the significant meaning of Inanna’s transformation through Hell. But it soon became a very bewitching and beguiling power in the hands of women. Unfortunately, any intention we project will be received in that same vein. Yahwist priests often demonized these sacred women mysteries and that is how many came up with the idea that Magdalene possessed demons, instead of divine wisdom. In fact, it seems that is was Jesus Christ who led her through this very intimate transformation.

Well ofcourse, there are many others but that is it for now. I work with many of these women as Goddesses and divine ancestors. Before I end this I also must mention several male witches of the Bible. Elijah and Elisha the prophets, Ezekiel, Isaiah and his wife, Moses and Jesus Christ. These people that are listed are known for there prophetic ability and wisdom. And many of them grew herbs, used them for healing, were midwives, temple high priest and priestesses. Jesus spoke to the dead and turned water into wine. Jesus Christ was the greatest Witch that ever lived. OH! I guess I should say Jesus Christ is a God. But then those of us natural born witches are gods too! And I’m talking about his physical incarnation not Spiritual Soul. The bible says …Psalms 82:6, ” I said ye are gods, children of the most high.”  And Jesus, just like many other of the women I cited here, worshipped God as Mother and Father. So there you have it!

Rainbow Blessings!

Luv, Ostara





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  1. You touch on some very interesting facts here and I really never quite looked at theses in this manner . But heaven forbid you tell a christian of today, that them their books are filled with Magic and and conjuring … LOl

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    1. LOL! Christians today…(sigh) It is a sad state when people fail to see the magick all around them.

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  2. hocuspocus13 says:

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    jinxx ♣ xoxo

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    1. Thank you so much! You’re awesome!


  3. Andrew says:

    Great list of wise and powerful women of God – not really sure they were “witches” though…

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    1. Thank you! Just remember the word Witch was created by the misogynostic patriarchal order who created the political agenda to usurp the governmental power of women. Originally we were called Oracles, Prophetesses, High Priestesses/Priest and Wise Women.

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      1. Andrew says:

        I have a healthy distrust of the Patriarchy –
        as well as the Matriarchy !

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      2. Lol! Well, Andrew then just do you. And live life simply. Just be.

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    I fixed the typos! Sorry this post was one of my very first posts; when I had my old, broken computer…lol! Refreshed….Pictures added too! Thank you so much for all the love! xoxo


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