The Parable of the Christian, the Wiccan, and the Witch

Photo Credit:Purity by Katherine Skaggs
Photo Credit:Purity by Katherine Skaggs

Before I begin discussing the magickal witches of the Bible, let me preface this by saying that I am a Christian Witch. Actually, I am an eclectic Christian Wiccan Witch. I have created my own spiritual path, which incorporates green witchcraft, various aspects of Judaic, Egyptian and Christian spiritual study and beliefs as well as Universal Goddess worship.

Many people ask me how is that I can call myself a Christian and a Witch at the same time? Don’t they contradict each other? Well, I can explain it best in a parable.

One Sunday, a group of thirteen women gathered together at the house of Lazarus. Among them were a Christian, a Wiccan and a Witch,  who were meeting to offer comfort to one another over the passing of a shared friend and teacher. Each woman had witnessed  Jesus Christ crucified  on Friday,  the Holy Sabbath. Each woman agreed that He was a man of great miracles. They had witnessed Him walk on water, make the blind see, shrivel a fig tree and feed thousands with two loaves of bread and five fish. However, each woman saw something different when they witnessed Jesus be crucified.

Martha , sister of Lazarus, the Christian, witnessed her beloved master, sacrificed by the Sanhedrin council, die on the cross.  She felt great guilt and sorrow as she realized that it should have been her on that cross, and that He had willingly paid the price for her own redemption. She remembered all that he had taught her and put on a brave face as she shared His message, telling everyone of His great sacrifice. She encouraged many women to turn away from their life of sin and live a life of good works so that they may see Christ again in Heaven one day. She thanked Father God who had given up His son to show all the way. And she was ashamed of how womankind had been the creators of sin in this world, as she earnestly prayed for a chance at redemption.  She prayed that one day all men but especially women could measure up to the Lord’s commandments and example of true righteousness. She worked very diligently in the house of the Lord and was a compassionate helper of mankind. She got up and decided to bake a cake for everyone.

Mary, Martha’s sister, the Wiccan went out to sit underneath a sycamore tree.  She contemplated what she had seen and felt great sorrow.  She missed her beloved brother who taught her many mysteries in life. She thought of the countless hours she spent at His feet learning and asking questions.  She remembered how she tried to send her energy to the tree to strengthen her Lord and  hold Him up as He endured.  As she meditated on her life with her teacher, she decided that she would help others heal with the energy of life and magickal intention that he had taught her.  She thanked the Goddess for allowing her time to learn from Her son. Mary sang songs of gratitude as she made herbs from the field to heal those in pain and many were restored by the power in her hands and her encouraging words. She brought in herbs from the garden to make chamomile tea for everyone.

Mary Magdalene, the Witch, sat at the table quietly consoling the other women.  As she listened to their stories of Jesus, she contemplated the wonder of what had just taken place.  With sorrow in her heart, at the pain Jesus felt, Mary still marvelled at the vision of Jesus nailed to an Asherah tree, on the great day of the Sabbath.  The Holy of Holiest days, dedicated to the Goddess Shekinah Holy Spirit, the Mother of us all.  She remembered how her sorrow was replaced by joy when she heard Jesus give a Mother back to all the world with His words as he restored a son to Mother Mary. Suddenly, her heart leapt with joy as she witnessed His soul rise from His body to the Heavens then down quickly to the fiery pit of hell. She knew instinctively that He would begin His soul transformation and rebirth.   The wind blew gently through the courtyard, up the steps to Mary Magdalene, as she sat with her arm clasped around Salome’s shoulder. She heard His voice like a gentle breeze and knew it was time to meet him at the tomb. Mary got up to go to him, but before she did she prophesied over each of the other twelve women gathered at the table.

I am all of these three women. Many women are at times of their lives. Why is it that we just have to be one?  I am was born like Magdalene, so how can I content myself to just be Mary? And after all I have learned as Mary how can I restrict myself to being Martha. And then again, we all have been Martha at least once in our life.  Some of us are still only Martha and that is alright too. But for those like me, who are able to be all three, why do you deny me such a priviledge? Do you not know with such giftings also comes a great responsibility?

Moonbeam Blessings!


me dawn


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  1. Interesting , the maiden , the mother , the crone , we all have three aspects to our ever changing life. A very interesting comparison.


    1. Thank you! And yes we do, I totally agree. I feel blessed to be aware of it.


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