Goddess Hathor: Mother of the Universe

Photo Credit: Isis Altar Card by Katherine Skaggs
Photo Credit: Isis Altar Card by Katherine Skaggs


Mother of the Moon and Sister of the Sun.  It is so clear that our collective thoughts turn to Mother Hathor during this time of Winter Solstice, the birth of Jesus and the new year. So many Lightworkers and Witches have soul memories as her temple daughters and followers.  In fact, millions follow her now, though they do not know it. Hiding behind the mask of religions, we follow a Goddess with many names, who is indelibly the Same. As I began writing my homage to my beloved Goddess, and unfortunately became eclipsed by internet issues, (had to wait three days for the internet to allow me to post my blog); I have been beseiged by messages everywhere about my beloved Mistress of the West.


She was known as:

Lady of the sky
•           Daughter of Re
•           The mistress of heaven
•           Lady of the stars
•           Goddess of love, music and beauty
•           Goddess of fertility, children and childbirth
•           The Mothers of Mothers, the celestial nurse   
•           Goddess of the dead, lady of the west
•           The mistress of life
•           The great wild cow
•           The golden one
•           Mistress of Turquoise
•           Lady to the limit of the universe
•           The powerful one
•           Mistress of the desert
•           Lady of the southern sycamore
•           Lady of malachite
•           The great one of many names

Ancient Egyptian Goddess Hathor is much more than the goddess of love, beauty and joy. She is the Queen of Heaven, the great Milky Way, the outstretching rays of the sun, the morning and evening star, the mother of God, the creatrix of the Heavens and grandmother to the Earth.  She is not a triple goddess but a seven-fold, Venusian Goddess.  She is the Mother of the Sun, and the great celestial cow as Nut, as the sky Herself, arching over the Earth, with stars stretching endlessly upon Her. When I think of Mother Hathor as the goddess of love, rather than Aphrodite, I see her as the God of love in all forms, not just romantic love. She is joy after sorrow, peace after destruction, love and compassion.

She also is justice as Ma’at and death and judgement as Sekhmet. She is the great flood and womb of life as Mehet-Wrt.  She is the rainbow of salvation and mother of the nation as Meri-Isis. In all, she the Great Universe, the Source of eternal life, the Holder of the Breath of Life, the Holy Spirit and Mother Tara. She is Nephyths, as the Virgin Mother Goddess who welcomes the dead and refreshes them.  And as Neith, Goddess of hunting, strategic warfare and intuitive wisdom. She is the original Pallas Athena, Deborah, Morrigan, Kali, Ishtar, and Freyja.

She is also the seven Goddesses who spin the fate of each child at the day of it’s birth.  She is the Goddess of Destiny, a midwife to your birth on the physical plane and also in the underworld. She is there by your side to appoint you at your birth and she is there by your side to welcome you back home once you leave this world, as only she knows the exact day and hour of your death.

As the Rainbow Goddess, her seven aspects mirror the bright colors of the beautiful arc of blessings in the sky, and also represent the pathway between heaven, earth and the underworld.  She is the Heavens with Horus/ Jesus as the entryway or guardian of the rainbow.  It makes sense to me now how I met Maitreya/Christ sitting inside the Sun, and His Bride as a Rainbow. The Sun is the guardian and protector of the Rainbow and His light is what shows her radiance. It is so beautiful to me how everything in the heavens and within nature reflect the divinity of Lord and Lady, Yin and Yang.

It all goes back to the beginning.  In the beginning there was ONE Goddess and One God.  This God was both male and female. This God split apart by choice and became Lord and Lady. This God was Amen/Atum/KephRa/Ra/Horus/El/YHWH. The Goddess was Mehet-mrt/Nut/Maat/Mut/Inanna/Hathor/Isis.  The seven-fold God and the seven-fold Goddess.  They were the God and Goddess of many names. They were the sun, the moon, the constellation as well as the progenitors of the Earth, the Underworld and all heavenly and earthly beings.

One of Mother Hathors faces is the Goddess Isis. Isis was patterned after Goddess Hathor as divine mother an earthly counterpart. Just as Hathor, whose very name means House of Horus, gave birth to Horus-Ra in his aspect as Elder Sun,  so does Isis give birth to Horus in his aspect of Younger-Sun. This correlates to morning and afternoon with the third aspect of the sage being Khephra. Isis was a mortal version of the great celestial Goddess who the Egyptians viewed in the constellations every year.  During the Winter Solstice the sun transits the sky and appears to go underground for three days then rise again on December 25th every year.  The stories of Isis and Horus play out this event on earth just as it happened in Heaven with Hathor, the celestial Mother and Her Sun Horus-ra.

Isis, is a beloved Goddess of women all over the nations.  The order of Isis is the biggest Goddess order in the entire world!  As you look at many pictures and cartouche of Goddess Isis in ancient Egypt, you will notice that she wears horns and has the sun disc upon her head.  Originally, Isis, daughter of Ra, the Sun God was Mistress of the Moon, wearing a regal throne upon her head. So how so can her headdress, and thereby persona, be so different at times?

As nations grew and kings took rule so then did their favorite aspect of God and Goddess take root. Whatever connection to God and Goddess which yielded them the most power and protection became the centric God/dess.  Ma’at was the Universal Goddess that all of creation must answer to and Ma’at was one of the eldest aspects of Goddess Hathor. Isis, as like a daughter aspect of Hathor and granddaughter aspect of Ma’at was the chosen aspect of worship.  I personally feel because she was regarded as Mother Eve, if you will, representing the Goddess, alive on earth.

star goddess(Photo Credit: Star Goddess by Katherine Skaggs)

The Israelites carried on this tradition, as they destroyed their Mother Asherah, in favor of the Father God EL.  Asherah was represented as the womb of life, carrying the chosen seed of the future Christ. In fact, the Ark of the Covenant represented Her as the articles inside represented teh Messiah who would be born. I believe the reason prophet Isaiah said, ” A son will be called out of Egypt…” was because Jesus Christ would actually be the God made flesh version of Horus, with Mary being his mother Isis.  What I find creative is that the writers of the gospels interwove seven Mary’s as to not forget that though mary represents Isis, she is but one aspect of the Great Mother Hathor, thus the Holy Spirit. It is rather beautiful when you know the full truth.  Did God in His mercy so moved by our beliefs actually give them to us in the flesh? It so seems. Because, alas, I believe Jesus is real, as I have met Him personally, as well as Father and Mother God.  You will have to buy my book to read that story.

It appears they still believed in the female aspect of God, but she became more like a daughter aspect than an equal wife.  Asherah became equated with Lilith and demonized. While Shekinah, their Eve, became the bearer of the sins of mankind and was only redeemed by having children.  It wasn’t until Jesus came with his women’s lib movement, that restored the Mother Goddess aspect in her full seven-fold glory, that Mother Hathor reigned again.  This the Jews very much hated Him for, because after all She was the golden calf the Israelites worshipped for centuries, even against Moses’ leadership. 

If one studeis closely the old testament, you will see many aspects of the Mother God, which the seven Mary’s in the new testament portray but in a diminished capacity.  Still to this day Christians worship Goddess Hathor, as Meri-Isis or Mary of Nazareth, who gave birth to her son Jesus/Horus, in a manger ,fit for the bull calf of a Mother cow, symbolizing House of Horus, or in other words Goddess Hathor. 

She is the Breath of Life, and so we see in many Egyptian reliefs, it is She or Isis that gives the breath of life, in the form of an ankh to the pharoahs. She is the Ein Sof, the omniscent creatrix, cosmic egg, and heavenly waters of life. She is Yemaya, Tara, Amaterasu, Brighid, Hecate, Isis, Gaia, Maya, Mary etc…

What is most intersting to note is the Egyptians created these Gods and Goddesses to explain the planetary developments in the heavens. I think it is remarkable that Christians, and me among them, still follow this Egyptian tradition, that is echoed with the gospel of Christ. That is why Jews consider Christianity completely pagan.  The question that burns in my heart then is then why is it I have seen Jesus and Mary/Isis? In fact, I have met many Goddesses and two Gods. I also have felt the power of the Holy Spirit flow through my body, as well as have had memories of Jesus Christ from my past life since I was five. He has to be real! I feel they are real  all the way to my bones.

Could it possibly be that the celestial Gods we created in Ancient Egypt became flesh? Is it possible that we manifested these beings? Or is it possible that we were born with a knowing of their existence, and even the heavens and earth paid homage to the glory of God and Goddess in their very transit and creation?  I would like to belive that is true. It appears God is so vast and superior one can only wonder.

Snowflake kisses, and sugarplum dreams!

Luv, Ostara




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  1. bobbie says:

    Ostara, thank you so much for sharing a very helpful, empowering and inspiring message. You are a bright, sparkling and warm gift to humanity and beyond, and may you receive all the loving energies that you give to others a thousand-fold. <3<3<3

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    1. Thank you Bobbie! That means a lot to me. I’m glad you felt inspired by my words. They are heartfelt. Blessed be )0(

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    2. Words can’t express how much that means to me. Wishing you many blessings on the upcoming Ostara season! ✨💋💋💋

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      1. bobbie says:

        Thank you LOVE <3<3<3 😉


      2. Your welcome!🌛🌝🌜


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