Star Goddesses of the Bible

KATHERINE-SKAGGS-1138.white-owl-woman(Photo Credit: Owl Woman by Katherine Skaggs)

Last week, I was awakened at seven o’clock in the morning with the mists of a dream still swirling around my brain. And like a good mother I got up and instead of blogging like I wanted to, made some notes in my journal and took care of my kids. So now I finally have some time to get it all down.

 I saw the Goddesses of the Bible sectioned into five categories that resembled the five pointed star, with a great circle around it called the Pentacle.  The Pentacle is a symbol of the covenant of faith in many spiritual paths but most notably in Wicca. It is an amulet used in magical evocation and is also used as a sigil of spiritual protection from negative energies. Much like the five pointed star of the policeman, it is a talisman of identity, and strength.

When you place a circle or never ending ouroborus around this pentagram it becomes a pentacle of extreme power and  in the Golden Dawn magical system, the Earth Pentacle is one of four elemental “weapons” or tools of an Adept. These weapons are “symbolical representations of the forces employed for the manifestation of the inner self, the elements required for the incarnation of the divine.”(wikipedia)

The earliest use of this star begins with the ancient philosophers in Egypt and Greece who used the pentagram to explain the energies of the earth, as well as the gods. The five fold energy of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and the fifth being Spirit. 



Color Associations

  • Air-Gold & Yellow, with the meaning of wisdom, creativity and communication.
  • Fire-Red & Orange with the meaning of courage, passion and transformation
  • Earth-Green & Brown, with the meaning of strength, sexuality and fertility.
  • Water-Blue & White with the meaning of emotions and intuition and rebirth.
  • Spirit-Black(Womb), White (purity), Violet(ascension), however I see this as a Rainbow of colors representing all seven chakras, with the meaning of Source of the Infinite, the neverending circle surrounding the pentagram is the neverending circle of life.


Welcome to my Red Tent

There are Goddesses spread out in the Bible that mimic these attributes.  Spirit showed me them like this:

Air Goddess-are the Goddesses of Wisdom. They are the original creative Mothers that birthed the world and mankind. They are also the words of Wisdom and they teach others with their mental ingenuity.

Fire Goddess– are the Goddesses of the Desert that had to traverse the barrenness of hope and were often the cast outs and those unloved or abused. Their metal was tested through the fires of adversity and they became strong as steel. They often became warriors.

Earth Goddess-are the Goddesses of Motherhood, who were creative, independent and sexual beings. They were transformers of society with a mothering touch. They were champions of the people. They possessed a quiet strength and won over many without a fight. Everyone could look to them for leadership or dependability.

Water Goddesses– are the Goddesses of the Wells, who were intuitive, emotional antennae of the world in which they lived and were the ultimate handmaidens of God, always willing to serve or sacrifice themselves if neccessary.

Spirit Goddess– are the unlikely Goddess that often remains hidden and you have to seek out in the Scripture to really find and understand. She is mysterious, and can be abrasive or fluid or motherly or destructive….she is all, and when you meet her you will know it.

Five examples of these Goddesses

  1. Air Goddess Sophia-She is the personification of Wisdom.  Jesus called Her, His Mother. She has a sister Binah, which means understanding, and is one of the seven attributes, or daughters of the Great Mother Holy Spirit. Entire nations, including the wisest king that ever lived King Solomon worshipped her, wrote songs about her and taught her wisdom to his descendants, one of whom would be Jesus Christ. She is symbolized by a dove, crescent moon, stars, a cup or a tree. Also Queen Esther, Naomi and Rahab
  2. Fire Goddess Hagar-She was an Egyptian Princess of the desert, made a slave to a shepherd.  Abraham became her husband by force and she gave birth to his son Ishmael. However, Abraham’s first wife cast her out into the desert of paran, and there upon pain of starvation and death she was transformed into a Goddess. She gained the vision to see God and she built a village in the midst of the desert. She even got an Egyptian princess as wife for her son. She became the forebearer of Jesus Christ through His mother Mary, and therefore is a Mother of Gods. Also Dinah, Deborah and Mary Magdalene.
  3. Earth Goddess Ruth-She was a Moabitess “bitch” of the earth, who became a devout daughter to her Jewess mother-in-law Naomi.  While scraping left over sheaves of wheat to live on as widows for her and Naomi she found her a husband. This man was very wealthy and wise and provided for her and her “mother” the rest of their days. She also became a great grandmother to Jesus Christ. Also  Eve, Hannah and Mary of Nazareth
  4. Water Goddess Miriam– Mother of wells, everywhere she traveled a well spring was said to follow her. To this day it is still called Miriam’s well. She was the sister of Moses and Aaron and sang a song of rejoicing and prophecy as she lead the people across the Red Sea with her brothers. She was a great prophetess and even prophesied how to protect her brother moses when he was just a babe. her ingenuity led to the eventual freedom of her people from slavery of hundreds of years. Also Woman at the Well, Abigail and Mary of Bethany 
  5. Spirit Goddess Asherah- She was the original Goddess of the Hebrew faith. However, they needed a scapegoat and the men decided the Queen of Heaven had to go! She was the Mother of humanity after all, so of course she was to blame for all of their sorrow. They deposed of her and ended up spending many years in wars until their entire nation was disbanded and set adrift. The people that live in Israel now are mostly a mixture of the invaders that took over their country and syncretized their religion to fit their own. Asherah was the Holy Spirit and their version of Hathor/Inanna/Astarte.  She was a fertile mother goddess who was also a warrior that rode on lions. Also Lilith, Vashti and Jezebel.


Hope you enjoyed my findings. I will be writing more about them in my book Miss GoodWitch’s Guide: From Slave girl to Glorious Queen…coming soon!

Chocolate kisses and Caramel dreams,


me dawn


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  1. thank you very interesting … the pentacle is a timeless symbol and has been passed down threw the ages , many tribes , religions and systems have been found to use the universal symbol. The word is first recorded in English usage in 1561, from earlier French use, in turn from post-classical Latin pentaculum (from penta- “fivefold” + -culum diminutive suffix). The French word had a meaning of “talisman”, typically in the shape of a pentagram, but the word could also refer to talismans in the shape of a hexagram. The Forth Book of Philosophy tells us : But we now come to speak of the holy and sacred Pentacles and Sigils. Now these pentacles, are as it were certain holy signes preserving us from evil chances and events, and helping and assisting us to bide, exterminate, and drive away evil spirits, and alluring the good spirits, and reconciling them unto us. And these pentacles do consist either of Characters of the good spirits of the superior order, or of sacred pictures of holy letters or revelations, with apt and fit vesicles, which are composed either of Geometrical figures and holy names of God, according to the course and manner of many of them; or they are compounded of all of them, or very many of them mixed. King Solomon : Thou shalt preserve them to suspend from thy neck, whichever thou wilt, on the day and hour wherein thou wast born, after which thou shalt take heed to name every day ten times, the Name which is hung from thy neck, turning towards the East, and thou may-est be assured that no enchantment or any other danger shall have power to harm thee . So we can see that from ever form of religious belief this symbol was atoned to the belief .


    1. I like what you commented! Yes, I understand most of that about the pentacle, but I didn’t want to overload my post more than what I did…lol! What I did not know was the text you quoted from the Fourth Book of Philosophy. Do they mean a pentacle as we know it today? Or the original meaning which can refer to any emblem of magickal porportions? I also find it fascinating that King Solomon said to wear them around your neck and turn towards the East. Is this a code of some sorts? I know the words are plain but I feel a certain ambiguity of the statement especially in reference to “the NAME which is hung from the neck”, which seems to be referring to G-D. And to name every day this NAME. I feel it means to bless the day ten times by honoring God/dess by saying the NAME and wearing the pentacle and facing the East. That is Islamic right? However, Solomon said “turning towards the East”….hmmmm….I see in my mind’s eye, the processional of Hathor on Her birthday in Egypt as She was symbolically led East, as Mistress of the West. I also see Inanna standing at the entrance to the Underworld saying, “She is heading East.” The significance is to remind yourself of the indominitable spirit of mankind, and that through death there is also life. Or am I reading too much into it? *Laugh*


    1. I’m glad you liked it!

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