The Magickal Life of Ostara Dawn-Year in Review

me blonde

This year has been absolutely incredible! Living as a single mother of four, unapologetically autistic kids, a dog, a hamster and a fish is a lot for anyone to handle. However, I have been enormously blessed to finally begin living out my purpose and my dream to be a writer! Aside from my substance abuse counseling job for women and children; I also am a psychic medium, tarot and energy healer.  I got to take my show on the road Halloween, at the epic Harry Potter night presented by the University of Florida at the Reitz union. I gave readings to hundreds of UF students and alumni. I did a four minute mini reading every four minutes for three straight hours. It was awesome to see people standing in line to see us. My mentor Bernadette Carter, owner of Building Beautiful Souls, and world  renowned psychic medium to the stars got me the gig! She has opened up so many doors for me it is just truly amazing!

004  (My fortune teller lovliness!)

I also met many wonderful metaphysical workers and shop owners. I am a life long patron of Otter and Trout, who sell the best crystal selection, new age books, herbal supplies and metaphysical accessories in the Gainesville, Florida area! I also found some a thrifty source of herbals at Wards Supermarket.

Store030_640  517       

Then I took a little jaunt over to my favorite thrift store Cecile’s and found some fabulous witchy finds there!   002     

Christmas was a wonderful holiday with the kids and my family all around me.  I learned so much more about the energy of the earth and honored it’s Crone state with rituals and candle spells to honor Her within myself.  I meditated with Gods, Angels, and spirit guides and worked hard on becoming more aware of nature, and the divine spark within my children and family.  I conducted healing rituals for friends and concocted a few love spells.

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It has been an amazing year, and the best is yet to come.  Just remember new year intentions have alot of magickal energy so take some time to write your intention down, and keep it to yourself! You don’t need others casting negative energy or the evil eye your way. I am looking forward to 2015, the year of the sheep as it will be a bonus for those that are creative or involved in blogging and writing or speaking engagements. This is the year of the Goddess Hathor so let us make it a sparkling year of love, joy and music!

Brightest Blessings! Luv, Ostara



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  1. Indeed it has , as life leaves many impressions upon us. I found it to be a busy year as I moved from project to project, would expect it to be just as busy this year as well , but for now a little rest, before movement picks up again .


    1. Wonder what you’ve been up to friend? lol….sounds like a productive year was had by all! Many blessings on 2015!


  2. Leah Coon says:

    Sounds like positively positive changes all around this past year. I am looking forward to this next year, both to see my new changes and challenges and to see what new beauty you bring forth, too!


    1. Hi Leah! Yes last year was momentous in moving us all off our asses, those that were sitting on them, like me! Thank you for the support. One of my dearest friends! ❤


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