Baby Mama Magic



This is a new year and it is time for a new you! Are you a single mother attracting the same dead beat over and over again? Are you tired of just barely making ends meet? It is time to start attracting the life you really want to create.

Over the last decade our country has seen a lot of changes. My question is this: When are we going to get sick of the cycle of poverty, drug addiction, child abuse and domestic violence. When? I can’t believe the alarm bells are not ringing. We need revolutionary’s ready to stand up to this cycle of pain and end it once and for all! The fate of the world depends on it. These children are going to be the majority of the next generation. I work as a substance abuse recovery specialist for women with children. The program I work under is one in only four programs like this in the country. Foster care is rampant with children from drug addicted homes, most of them single parent homes. So why is there only four programs for women, that actually help women get clean and sober, overcome their trauma and learn better parenting and coping skills? Fifty-two states…four! I can almost guarantee that mental illness is also on the rise, with depression leading the way.

Right now, if you take a poll, you would surely see that Baby Mama’s run the world. I’m not going to bore you with statistics but in this country single mother homes make up the majority of family life in America. So who better to effect change? Who better to uplift, gift, implore, love, guide and educate?   I have been a Baby Mama for the last eighteen years. Sure, I have been married twice, with each marriage lasting exactly six months, yet our relationship, of course lasted much longer than that. It seems to be the new norm in our communities these days. Couples live together, or hook up, for seven, nine or ten years, then get married, only to get divorced a few months later. And that is the few who decide to surmount their need for food stamps, free health insurance and public housing benefits to be legal and actually tie the knot.

Almost every Baby Mama wants to be a wife and married to the father of her children. But the age old paradox is that if you become married then your income will combine and often cause you to lose all of your government assistance. This causes you to sink into a hole of deep poverty, if you are only making $9.00 an hour. More often than not, you are faced with the dilemma of whether to buy food for your family or pay daycare, so you can work. I have known many women who had to quit their jobs, go on welfare, just so they could qualify for a program that pays child care assistance. This allowed them to be able to afford the daycare they needed to work and take care of their families. This is a travesty in America. No one should have to quit their job so they can get a job! What’s the world coming to?

tati and jay rae jaydoniguana jonathan rae

The antidote lies within each of us. We have the power to change the world! How can we do that? The answer is simple: our heart. They can enslave our body and lock us into a prison of darkness and throw away the key. But they cannot and they will not chain our soul. Feel the skin of your chest; do you feel your heart beating? Feel her rhythm, it is a song. She sings and dances with joy, a joy that can’t be beaten or raped or laid away. She is used to darkness. She is not a novice to pain and suffering, but she still dances with joy!   Like the Butterfly Maiden she rebirths, transforms and harnesses her own divine essence, daring to splash it boldly and creatively on the canvas of life! She is mighty, she is wise, she is strong and she is a GODDESS! Who dares to sing her song to the rest of the world? I do and if you take this journey with me I will help you find your song and we will sing it for the first time together.

I used to dream about being a writer, now I am one. It didn’t happen overnight, it came in baby steps.  First I had to get myself right, shake off all my negative thinking, stop being angry and focus on what I wanted rather than everything that made me miserable. See the more you focus on the crap that you hate the more loads of crap you will get because your brain does not compute the word DON’T!  So everytime you say I DON’T or I am TIRED OF or THAT ALWAYS HAPPENS…stuff like that…it magickally makes more of that crazy shit in your life.

So get it right! Start PROCLAIMING what you want to see happen in your life, don’t describe the problem, prophesy the SOLUTION! Once I began doing that my life has just avalanched in blessings and I am making money! If I can come up out the ghetto, a baby mama full of drama and turn my life around…so can you. Follow my blog and I will keep showing you the way! Blessings!

Here my BABY MAMA money spell and ritual:

Photo Credit:Purity by Katherine Skaggs
Photo Credit:Purity by Katherine Skaggs

During a waxing or full or new moon:

Light a green candle

Spread five silver quarters around the candle

Sprinkle a little basil, oregano, nutmeg and cayenne around the base

Basil-For luck and good fortune

Cayenne-Will increase your strength, motivation and speed things along

Oregano-To keep trouble away with the law or legal matters (child support)

Nutmeg-Good fortune, and quick money

Light your candle, place it in a fire proof holder and in a place aways from flammable objects. 


Angelic power

Come this hour

Money flood

Blessings Shower

God/dess rain your love upon me.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

It always works!

Do not blow out the candle let it burn down.

Write on a piece of paper, “Thank you for your beautiful abundance!” Look at this paper everyday at noon for three days, whisper these words. Everytime you need some quick money follow this spell.

lUV, Ostara



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