The Magickal Adventures of Ostara Dawn: Big Bold Country, Big Bold Me!


I’m the consummate goofball! Cheezzzy is my middle name! And often times in Gainesville, Florida you can find me gallivanting about meeting many people in the Magickal community and those Muggle-folk as well. So yesterday I started my day with learning all kinds of cool stuff at my mentor’s house out in the country. It is a beautiful and serene place to work. That is if I can stop getting distracted by the Spirit-people that grace her land.  I am a bit quirky, but Mrs. B puts up with me, Goddess love her! Well, after all, she is a psychic medium too, but much more experienced blocking them out.

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With a view of her turquoise pool water, and big horse barn, there I learn the in’s and out’s of blogging professionally and lot’s of techie stuff. But more than that, she has become a precious friend. I heard a song on the radio playing the today and it reminded me of her. It says basically; because of you, I have decided to be a better person.  Because of you, I have decided to leave who I was in the past behind. Those words are so true to me, as I turn away from the cowering, victim I used to be, and begin embracing the powerful Witch; who has always tried hard to diminish her LIGHT because other people were afraid of her shine. It took me forty years to learn this.  Don’t diminish your light for anyone!

Something about being out here in the big bold country makes me feel like I can really stretch my wings and fly! Life is more than cool music, clubbing on weekends and making a little bit of chedda.  That’s butta, that’s gravy….what you want is the meat and potatoes of life! So what is your purpose? What are your gifts? Have you been dummying down or living out loud? Never be afraid of your gifts, no matter how quirky.  Once I came out as a witch; I soon found that those quirky things about me were really gifts to our planet. So you just never know. Share the love! Be WHO YOU WERE BORN TO BE!

This week the federal courts overturned Florida’s ban against gay marriage!!! YAYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! So many of my friends were at the courthouse getting licenses. These are people not ashamed of who they are…who they were born to be! Let this week be a week of self acceptance. You might just surprise yourself with your greatness!

Rainbow Kisses and Moonbeam Dreams!

Luv, Ostara


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