Clairsentience: Can U Feel Me?


As soft as a feather, as swift as an autumn breeze rippling across the nape of your neck, sweet like honey I can feel the energy of Spirit all around me.  This is the call of a Clairsentient.  She is attuned to the source of energy and feelings, touch and vibration swirl around her in a cataclysmic burst of colors!

It was subtle when I first discovered that along with having open visions, that I was also intuitive with smells and emotion.  I also could see intuitively from a sense of touch.  In fact, it was my very first introduction into the world of Spirit.  I remember walking home from school one day and suddenly the horrible smell of Bud Light beer and man’s cologne assaulted my nose.  With this smell came information that it was my mother’s boyfriend and I must at once, run home and protect her.  I knew she was in trouble!

It seemed quite irrational, that I could smell this man nearly a mile away in an entirely different apartment complex near my school.  Coupled with the fact that I had an intense need to go home to protect my mom, though I was only thirteen, and they were both competent adults. My spirit said otherwise. It said, “Hurry! Go! Your mom is in trouble!”

As I made that mad dash to my doorstep I saw my mom’s boyfriend, David, swinging a bud light beer in his hand and menacing towards her swearing at the top of his lungs. I instantly ran into the apartment, saw the fear on my mom’s face and turned around to face our enemy.  I snarled at him like a beast, I don’t know what came over me, and I screamed at him like a banshee to “Get the HELL outta my house!”

I will never forget the shocked look on his face as he cowered backwards and nearly fell! He turned around and left immediately. And me and my mom dissolved in laughter. It was so funny I forgot to mention how I came to be there.  I guess she assumed I had just arrived home in a timely fashion. But the truth was I had planned to hang out with my friend Vicki and was right next to her apartment when I smelled danger!

Years later, while sitting in a nursing home, as I was feeding my patient, I suddenly felt compelled to know more about her. I felt sorry for her because she couldn’t speak and wanted to somehow connect with her and maybe draw her out into the world for even a brief moment.  I placed my hand on hers and instantly my desire turned into visions in my mind that sort of downloaded with awesome feelings of joy as a dancer as I twirled, and the feeling of being beautiful as I twirled a pair of pearls.  I then received more information, in a series of like movie scenes about her life.


When her family arrived for a supper visitiation I slyly confirmed my visions about her and told them that I believe that these are the things she thinks about as she lays so quiet in her bed or sits in her chair unmoving. This gave them a sense of comfort and peace. Thus began my voyage into the realm of clairsentience.

Later in college, I found I was very adept with psychometry and that in my attempts at palm reading were actually visions from my clear feeling ability when I held my client’s hand.  As I held her hand and looked at the lines, suddenly images would rise up on her palm into the space between us. For instance, once I saw a very big and beautiful oak tree grow up from her palm. Alot of times I see them on boats crossing the ocean across their palm. It can be great fun! Other times, I see the deaths of their children caused by miscarriage or abortion. Frequently, I have read women whom have had many abortions and it is difficult to tell them the number of children they have because the children they aborted are still alive in Spirit and thus their actual children.

However, I think it can be comforting as well to know they did not actually destroy their lives but they live on in Heaven and are still very much around them at times. Another experience I had was as a channeler. I was having a conversation with a man on facebook when suddenly I became aware of his father as a presence. Before I knew it I began channeling him through my typing and my clear feeling kicked when I felt my breathing become difficult. I also felt a tightening around my neck. Apparently his father had been choked to death.

Ofcourse, it was comforting to the young man as I was able to give him a message from his father who had several concerns for his son and his daughter. Howeve, being it was my first channeling experience and I was unschooled I had to have the assistance of Angels to disengage the soul from me as he did not want to leave and was a very carnal spirit. I had no idea that souls can still hold on to their sexual nature. It seems that maybe he had not been transmuted in the Light yet.  So after that I decided to limit my channeling to those in the Light of Heaven and assist those from afar that were not.

So what are your claisentient experiences? Weird smells? Intuitive thoughts that stem from feelings or touch? Share them!

Moonbeam blessing and Popcorn kisses!

Luv, Ostara




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  1. witchjen says:

    These was really beautifully written and a good description of clairsentience.


    1. Hi Witchjen,
      Thanks! I appreciate the compliment. Are you clairsentient?


  2. bob says:

    blessings my lady you are truly gifted i havent yet been able t ofully develope what gifts i have sad to say i have a wife that fights me every step of the way i do on ocassion run into that one person that i know was a part of my past we can just about see each other from past life experiance i do feel pain from others and when the spirits are with me not a bad healer but then back to earlier staement ive helped others cross over to the other side that is so sad but it helps them and their families many blessings to you thank you for such awsome post may our gracious mother continue to guide and protect you and yours


    1. Hi Bob,
      Thank you for your kind compliments. It is a very special gift to assist others to the other side. It is a sad occasion, true, but it is a little like witnessing a birth, at least in Spirit. Make sure that with any spirit healing or energy work you are grounding and meditating to rebuild your energy and cleanse your aura and chakras. Much luv to you!


    1. Thank you for the support!


  3. nimslake says:

    Interesting and great post. I am unaware of all the different nuances with clairsentience. Are you still clairisentient if you can we spirits and get info from them, those spirits that are mostly linked to the person you are talking to?


    1. Hi Nimslake,
      The word clairsentient means clear-feeling or clear-sensing. You are basically accessing esoteric knowledge through your emotions, as well as through touch, sound, smell and sensation. Clairvoyant would be in receiving information through visualization in your mind, or in apparition. Claircognizant is just “knowing” with or without these other features. Clairaudient is hearing spirit speak to you or noticing sounds which give you intuitive insight. I am all the “clairs” at times but clairaudient is my rarest one. I hope that helps!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. nimslake says:

        Ahh, good to know. Will have to see which ones that I have a bit of. So kind of you to post the differences. I do know i can hear/have audio, so that one is clairaudio. 🙂


      2. Your welcome! Sorry just posted this…appparently your comment was sent to the spam pile inadvertently. I rescued you! LOL…&& You have clairaudio….how great!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. nimslake says:

        Thanks for the rescue! Sometimes the audio comes in loud, but I’ve learned how to tune it down. Kind of like going to a concert sometimes…lol!
        Same goes for when it’s so low almost inaudible, but that is rare. Things seem to come in on high/loud level for the most part.


      4. That’s awesome you have the self reliance to adjust the sound! When it happened to me I told them to BE QUIET and finally silence. Lol. I rarely pick up sound waves but if I listen in I will but would rather not. I get messages in songs or dream songs that I create and that’s good for me. 💫🙈🙉🙊🌟

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      5. nimslake says:

        Getting messages in songs is good! If I hear songs it white noise then the song starts what seems to be the middle of it…lol!
        Thanks for sharing. 🙂


      6. Your welcome, Nimslake!

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  4. hocuspocus13 says:

    Reblogged this on hocuspocus13 and commented:
    jinxx ♠ xoxo


    1. Thanks Hocuspocus13! I’m honored. 👌💃✨


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