Angels & Goddesses: Communicating With Your Spirit Guides

Photo credit: Katherine Skaggs-Healing Earth Angel
Photo credit: Katherine Skaggs-Healing Earth Angel

Angels and Goddesses are universal beings that guide humans no matter what divine trail we follow. Certain spiritual faiths believe in one Goddess, while others believe in many aspects of one Goddess in the form of different female deity. I believe that Goddess energy can take form and shape into whatever we need or desire for the greater well being and harmony of our life path and the planet. I feel the same way about masculine God energy.

So this is my handy-dandy checklist of how Angels & Goddesses make themselves known, from my own personal experience, as well as examples of how to commune with them. I learned how to communicate with Angels and Goddesses from my guru Doreen Virtue. Her book Angel Therapy was instrumental in helping me understand how to access the realm of the Angels.

Angel Symbols & Communication

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Colorful Sparkles of Light– These sparkles of light will flash suddenly and then disappear! They appear in different colors and each color represent a different angel. I personally see royal blue alot and I know that this represents Archangel Michael.

Unspeakable Joy– The sparkles of light did not come until a few years ago. However, the moments of elated joy have been a factor most of my life. I have these moments when all of a sudden I feel great joy and peace deep in the core of my spirit. I want to celebrate, and become cheerfully grateful and encouraging to those around me.

Powerful Inspiration– The angels of inspiration are afoot when creative artists are working. Whether it is a new song, poem, recipe, blog post, or business idea. These terrific spontaneous ideas are heavenly inspired.

Unconditional Compassion-Those moments when you have been slighted or insulted are many, but think back, remember the times when you suddenly felt moved to act out of compassion rather than anger? Or in the face of tremendous hurt or attack you were able to extend your inflictor forgiveness? This is the work of your heavenly advisors.

Extraordinary Strength or Bravery– A mother suddenly has the physical ability and endurance to lift a car. A child has the wits to escape a dangerous situation or help someone in duress. This is not done without celestial support

Feathers, Coins, Music, Sequential Numbers and Scents– These are little gifts from the angels that may appear to awaken you to their presence. I often am serenaded on my favorite music station the Joy FM by inspirational music that speaks directly to my life circumstances. Coincidence? Hardly. I also find feathers, coins, see sequential numbers frequently. Sequential numbers have special angelic meanings and I learned this from Doreen Virtue’s Angel Number book. She also has an App you can download on your phone.

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Goddess Symbols & Communication

Goddess Communication can be a little more tricky for the novice not familiar with working with the Goddess. The divine feminine is very subtle and first begins her seductive dance with us in nature.

Nature’s Bounty-The lavish colors and scents of flowers, the mesmerizing pull of the ocean, the luminous glow of the moon and the all seeing eyes of the heavenly stars all communicate her energy. She is all around us. We can commune with her strength, stability and healing as we soak in nature, sit under a tree and feel the cool soil slip through our fingers and toes. As we stand at the water’s edge we can feel her pregnant belly teem with aquatic life and her mood fluctuate with the ebb and flow of the tide. As women dance and move in celebration of our sacred selves under the glowing pearl of the midnight sky we celebrate her divine life giving power within ourselves.

Animal Totems– Animals and insect totems are also signs that a certain aspect of the Goddess energy is with you.

The dove is a sign of Yemanya, Aphrodite, Hathor, and the Mother Holy Spirit. This is a sign of peace, harmony and creativity. The peacock is a sign of Hera, Saraswati and is a sign of motherly guidance, honor, integrity, self-confidence and new beginnings.

The owl is associated with Athena, Arianrhod, Lilith and Hekate which connotes wisdom, intuition and shape shifting. This is just a brief glimpse, basically most winged beings represent the Goddess. In the Bible, book of revelations, Mary appears as Queen of the Angels. So even the angels are Goddess energy in a way.   Also dogs, bees, cats domesticated as well as tigers, vultures and snakes all have been linked to the Goddess.

I find once you learn about a particular Goddess you will begin to see symbols of her patronage. You might even happen to meet her if you meditate with the intent for peaceful communication and respect. I have met many Goddesses in my walk as well as the Fae folk.  They are very open to loving communication and are extremely helpful. It does not mean that you worship them to communicate. There is no difference between talking with them and say, talking with your deceased loved one. You may even experience a dream or two.

Well, hope this helps in your exploration of the love language between you and the gods! Blessed be!

Luv, Ostara

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    You did beautiful with this and I know it’s a reblog. I would love to share it as well if I could.

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    1. Thank you so much! I appreciate the love!


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