What Kind of Earth Angel Are You?


Hi there!

Let us look at religion a little differently. What if I told you that there is no such thing as religion? How about instead, we believe, that every so called religion are really Angelic Quadrants or disciplines.  Each of these Quadrants come with their own unique rules, message and spiritual powers! Human beings that align themselves with an Angelic Governship and take an assignment become an Earth Angel. 

Almost everyone that has breath knows about guardian Angels. They are your personally assigned Angel that accompanies you from birth until the day of your last earthly breath. What alot of people do not realize is that they stay with you all of your lifetimes! Isn’t that wonderful? They know you better than anyone!

I am sure you have read, or heard somewhere people talking about being and Earth Angel. You can go online and take a test to see if you are one, and there are given traits one is said to display as proof that you indeed are of the Angelic Realm.  But did you know that there are many different types of Earth Angels walking around on earth?

First of all Earth Angels, were never literal angels.  Angels were created beings made by God and Goddess with a distinct purpose.  But humans, are often commisioned to work under the order of certain Angelic hosts and are therefore endowed with their holy powers and gifts!

However, many people go through life completely unaware of their true assignments.  They become immune to the workings of the Spirit and focus instead on the skeleton bones of rules and regualtions called “religion”. This causes humans to become bloated and weighted down with Angelic energy which often leads to physical and mental dis-ease, obesity, addictions, overt sexuality, rage and depression. 

Doreen Virtue teaches alot about the Guardian and ArchAngels. Sylvia Brown was my resource for the rest of the heavenly categories. However, as I read in Sylvia Browne’s Book of Angels; I realized that there are human equivalents living and breathing upon the earth, and Spirit has given them over to me and many others to elevate and istruct.

I have opened up to you the Earth Angel Psychic Realm where you can come to schedule a spiritual reading or energy healing session with me. I am also working on training guides to mid-wife your Angelic Assignments into the birth canal. It is time, dear ones, to unveil your glory! We must no longer hide behind our shy, quirky, and imaginative personalities. Be you Witch or Christian or Hindu or Muslim….all of you have been called in the Angel Army of the Divine! So let’s get to work.

Blog pics 231  As a mother, I looked at my innocent babe and wondered what special assignment could this little guy have? My son, who was born with Autism, and is a very special Earth Angel with an assignment of justice, healing and protection

So what are the Angel Quadrants within the Heavenly Realm?
1. Guardian Angels-Protectors and messengers; such as teachers, police men, news reporters/writers, postal workers, child welfare workers, and school counselors. Persona: protective, loves to gossip and talk, very observant, always busy and cheerfully contributing. Very loving, joyful and generous. Celebrity: Oprah Winfrey Super Power:  Quick Abundance and Manifestation

2. Archangels-Leaders and Healers; such as a paramedic, energy healer, doctor, politician, pastor, nurse, business managers. Persona: A bit bossy, tellers of the turth, upholders of justice, and with a great desire to heal others either physically or emotionally. A take charge kind of person that everyone naturally looks up to. Very health conscious. May even prefer a vegetarian lifestyle.  Celebrity: Dr. Oz  SuperPower: Energy Healing

3. Seraphim– Exhortation and Purification; such as ministers, evangelists, coven leaders, shaman, life coach, revolutionary, witches, mystics, fire man/woman, and the steel worker. Persona: Fiery, sometimes explosive but very passionate about a cause. A rebel, or trail blazer. This person is always busy working on some new plan or scheme that others would never have considered. These Earth Angels are rare. Celebrity: Albert Einstein & Maya Angelou Super Power: Transformation through revelation

4. Cherubim– Encouragement and Support; such as musicians, actors, mental health and drug addiction counselors, pastors, grocery store, restaurant, security guards, and hotel workers. Blue collar workers. Personality: They are extremely powerful but often very unassuming. They are the back bone of society. They often have keys to something, and are often standing guard over people or belongings. They also may be the ones that open opprotunites or doors for those that are trying to move forward. This can be a bum on the street or your local car salesman.  It can also be a judge or a jailer. In a university this might be the president of the college or just anyone that presides over secret societies or seems to hold the keys to whatever you are looking for and do this on a fairly regualr basis. They tend to suffer from addicitons in their early life. Celebrity: Tyler Perry & Louise Hay  Superpower: Open doors magically for others with Wisdom

 5. Virtues-Divine Strength; such as psychics, mediums, apostles, spiritual leaders, matyrs, and mothers. Personality: These people often put others before themselves. Most of those that identify themselves as earth Angels are frequently Virtues. However, a Virtue truly living out his or her assignment is rare to see. This requires great sacrifice and though it seems many humans choose this upon incarnating into the physical realm, they often find they can’t give of themselves to this level.  To live your life in full sacrifice to the upliftment of others is exceedingly difficult. However, those that achieve this are not noticed in fame, but in death.  The thousands of souls that incarnate to starve or be abused are Virtues. They have come to teach humanity through their suffering and scarifice love and compassion. However, some also have teaching assignments. If they can learn to channel their gifts and give themselves over to teaching then they are often bestowed amazing divine gifts. Celebrity: Ghandi & Mother Theresa   Superpower: Miraculous healing of limbs, and restoration of sight

6. Carrions-Destruction of Evil; such as a soldier, the president of the a government, abused children and single mothers, life coaches, a minister with the power to exorcise demons.  Personality: These people are deeply spiritual, spend time fasting and praying and have overcome all manners of sexal and physical abuse. You can not command demons and destroy them if you have not come face to face with many of your own. These Earth Angels are battle scarred and a bit weary, but when in the face of evil become bigger and stronger than anything you have ever seen. In one word, Satan or demonic dis-ease and suffering will flee! They are teachers of how to conquer ego with the power of your own divinity.  Celebrity: T.D Jakes & Joyce Meyer   Superpower: Obliterate Evil and Restoration

7. Dominions-Laws and Regulations; such as a researcher, scientist, judge, governmental official, welfare official, presidents, managers, principal, computer analysts, software engineers, paralegals, medical secretaries and attorneys. Personality: Dominion angels regulate the other angels and supervise how they perform their God-given duties. They also often act as channels of mercy for God’s love to flow from him to people. They are over certain sections of the country so everyone falls under a certain Dominion Angel. They basically ensure that the Angels that are influencing your human earth angel assignment are running par for course. Celebrity– Dominion Diagnostic Company & Steve Jobs  Superpower: Meticulous research and divine ability to delegate

8. ThronesGoddess Energy and Creative teaching; such as Witch High Priestess, Guru, Women History teacher, Female Celrgy and Spiritual teacher. Personality: Almost all of Thrones angels are women though some choose to incarnate within male bodies, though usually are still inherently feminine.  These Earth Angels are very fluid, active, authoritative, especially when advocating for women’s rights, but also balanced and aware of the totality of divine union with all gender and races. They also embody all of the other qualities of the other angelic quadrants discussed. So in addition to being a throne, they must also be an Anchangel, Angel, Seraphim, Cherubim, Virtue, Carrion and Dominion.  Celebrity: Miss Goodwitch & Iyanla Vanzant Superpowers: Telepathy, Astral Projection, ALL SEEING, Meticulous Research, Healing, Teaching, Protection, Self-Sacrificing, and Demonic/Ego Expulsion

9. Principaities-God energy; There are no jobs currently where the powers of the abilities of the Principalities are utilized.  However, every father or male being has a splatter of Principality in Him. In fact, some women do too! To possess that quiet strength, that acts like a fort of inpenetrable force to protect his/her home and community. Celebrity: Superman  Superpower: Super Strength

Powers-Powers are angels, especially goddesses, called Powersin Heaven but on earth are known as Spirit Guides. Ofcourse, we attract spiritual guides/friends from the heavenly realm who are loved ones or beings we have worshipped in other lives. They too accompany us if our assignment is one of their specialties. For instance, my grandmother was also a writer and I am aware that she is with me, cheering me on, and giving me words of advice hear and there as our spiritual gifts and destinies align. As a Christian I also have a myriad of spirit friends who assist me as I am open to their support. I have been strengthened by Ruth, awakened by Esther, encouraged by Abigail, healed, forgiven and purified by Jesus Christ. As a Good Witch; I have been instructed by Merlin, gifted by Maitreya and Hathor, rebirthed with Inanna and mourned by Lilith.

So what kind of Earth Angel are you? And now that you have learned more about them are you ready to get busy developing your spiritual gifts and superpowers? Just slip your name into the email follow box and you will receive all my Earth Angel guidance at the reach of your fingertips!

Many Angel Blessings on your journey!

Luv Ostara,


Ostara, age 5, Throne Earth Angel
Ostara, age 5, Throne Earth Angel


Disclaimer: (All information and pictures used for educational purposes only)



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  1. Cher says:

    i think I’m #4😀

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    1. Cher that’s awesome! 👌


  2. Reblogged this on MISS GOODWITCH and commented:

    Angel Blessings!


  3. mikesteeden says:

    Even as the consummate non confrontational atheist I admire your enthusiasm for your subject matter


    1. Thank you Mike! And I have a good deal of atheist friends as well so I’m counting you in. Ok? 😘

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      1. mikesteeden says:

        Of course young Ms Goodwitch…do trust you are a white witch though…don’t want to be turned into a turnip or anything like that. All the best for now as some chap with British Gas emblazoned upon his lapel tells me he wants a meter reading and I haven’t a clue where the meter is! Should be fun

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  4. agnes says:

    I don’t know if I’m a guardian angel or thrones.. I am likely to be a teacher but I don’t know if it would accompany knowledge or spirtual wiseness… I need someone to tell. So far guardian angel would be likely.

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    1. That is really awesome! As a throne you would really be a by the book type person and very conventional in your religious beliefs. You would also be very hard to sway.


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