Fire in My Belly: Transformation with Goddess Brighid at Imbolc


Photo credit: Brigid by Katherine Skaggs
Photo credit: Brigid by Katherine Skaggs

Dare to dream! It is time to evolve to a higher awareness and step into the grace and dignity of our true creator selves. Imbolc is a rite of passage through the fire of transformation, into the well spring of holy communion with the regenerative power of love and new beginnings. Let us prepare.

Imbolc is a special holiday celebrated around the world on February 2nd every year. It is a Gaelic festival celebrating the beginning of Spring and the Goddess Brighid. Originally a Pagan festival it has become Christianized as a celebration of St. Brighid all around the world! At Imbolc, Brighid’s crosses were made and a doll-like figure of Brighid, called a Brídeóg, would be paraded from house-to-house. The Goddess was said to visit one’s home at Imbolc. To receive her blessings, people would make a bed for Brighid and leave her food and drink, while items of clothing would be left outside for her to bless. She was also invoked to protect homes and livestock. Feasts were had, holy wells were visited and it was also a time for divination, especially in Ireland and Scotland.

Goddess Brighid is a triple Goddess, and from the caln of Tuatha De Danaan, which simply means children of the Great Goddess. She is the goddess of poets and bards, as well as healers, witches and magicians. She was especially honored when it came to matters of prophecy and divination. She was honored with a sacred flame maintained by a group of priestesses in Kildare Ireland. She is a healing goddess and like many goddesses before her, she is connected to water to symbolize rebirth and the fluidity of creation as well as fire as the symbol of purification and passionate conviction. The early Celts celebrated a purification festival by honoring Brighid. In some parts of the Scottish Highlands, Brighid was viewed as a sister of Cailleach Bheur, a woman with mystical powers who was older than the land itself. In modern Wicca and Paganism, Brighid is sometimes viewed as the maiden aspect of the maiden/mother/crone cycle, although it might be more accurate for her to be the mother, given her connection with home and childbirth.

Her flame burns in the center of all divine power and understanding as the sacred fire of Her wisdom and craft. She is a transmuter, which is symbolized by her Welder aspect. She is the forger with fire to welcome you to yur higher purpose. Goddess Brighid has been with me all of my life in various ways. As we celebrate Imbolc, I am sharing today my real life experience with the Goddess Brighid.
I am a Scottish descent, African American. I was born a descendant of Scottish kings and the ancient African royal families of the Tutsi’s.  My great grandmother arrived on a ship spanning a voyage from Scotland to America with her father when she was only five years old. She carried the blood of Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth and the Tudor monarchy, as well as Winston Churchill and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Her favorite day was Friday the 13th and she loved the magic in every day life.

As I began my exploration into Wicca I had an experience that changed my life. I had just watched a youtube video by Valerie Love about fairies of the Fae people, who are the life giving energy of the forest. So I decided that right then and there I wanted to see a Fae being. While laying on my bed, I shut down my lap top and closed my eyes and the next thing I knew I had fallen asleep. My dream begin thusly: I was a dressed as a bride, in a beautiful white gown and veil and was excitedly walking in a lush green forest with my handsome groom and a milleu of happy villagers eager to celebrate our nuptials with song and dancing.

We stopped in a meadow glen when a woman with blonde hair the color of gold caught my eye and I gave chase to her. As I cam to a clearing in the woods a woman with falming red hair appeared to me with only one side of her gloriously beautiful face exposed towards me. She spoke to me without looking at me directly and said, ” I can make you the most powerful witch the world has ever seen. I only need to have seven years. If you choose, come with me and I will teach you all that I know.” She then extended her delicate opalescent arm and pointed to a great mound with a small entrance into the ground. But I felt great pain, because though I wished to become wise; I was celebrating my wedding. So I replied to this fiery Goddess, “But what good is power without love?” And with that I turned to leave. I was a bit afraid she would be angry but she smiled and disappeared in a cloud of gold dust like particles.


Three of Earth Works by Katherine Skaggs
Three of Earth Works by Katherine Skaggs

Even though she left, I still felt her presence and I said, “May I send my daughters in my place? I will give you each of them for seven years.” I gathered my daughters and it was at that moment that I became the Goddess and gently guided my daughters from above through the underground maze burroughed deep within the ground. When I woke up I was confused and a bit scared. I had just begun my study of Wicca and didn’t know who this Goddess was and worried that those underground burroughs was an invitation to Hell that I just managed to escape!

I had completely forgotten about my wish to meet the Fae people, and in my mind they were little winged creatures like Tinker Bell, not God like human appearing beings. As I began to google and search for a Goddess that looked like whom I had seen I found Mother Brighid! I also found the Tuatha De Danaan people who actually are spoken in legendary myths to have been mystical beings tha tleft their lands to invading humans and created mounds underneath the ground called Sidhe!

Imagine my shock and utter disbelief when I realized that what I dreamed about actually existed! I knew then that I just had an encounter with the Goddess Brighid and caught a glimpse of the Goddess Danu as well! I often wondered why Goddess Brighid only showed half of her beautiful face and found out later many myths depict her possessing one half a beautiful face and the other half horribly disfigured. It was only unitl right now as I am writing this blog post that I realized the true meaning of my dream.

I believe that it was a test. That Goddess Brighid, also known as the Bride, tested me before she leant me her mantle. That my acknowledgement of the power of love being superior to earthly power or ego showed my true magickal essence and divinity. And that yes, indeed, in my own way I am She who transmutes, reshapes, melts and refines the realm of the soul in other beings with the power of love and intention in my words.

So as we approach Imbolc, let us not just welcome Spring, let us symbolically embrace the divinity and magick in the joy of serving others, serving the highest good, and being vessels of unconditional love. My goal this Imbolc is to be compassionate, authentically forgiving and welcome the transmutable fire of my circumstances so that I can evolve to the highest place of wisdom within my soul. I know that it is when I become love that I transform to it’s beacon and my gifts then make room for my abundance and manifestation of all that I desire.

Thank you Mama Brighid. Blessed Be!
Joyous Imbolc Everyone!

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