The Blue Funk Musings of Chakras, Voodoo & Beyonce


Miss Goodwitch
Miss Goodwitch

Mercury Retrograde

This mercury retrograde has got me feelin’ some type of way! First, I blew an important meeting by showing up late ( I got lost around the damn corner), then my lap top blacked out to never, never land with puff the magick dragon! To cap this off my lovely I-phone ran out of data! So there I was stuck in the desert of facebook wasteland, waiting perpetually, to post a hundred adorable status updates that ofcourse, I couldn’t stop generating in my non-too-swift brain. lol!

Finally, I forced myself to pick up a book. Gasp! And thus began a week long descent into madness as I found a subject, obsessed over it, and without food for hours, poured over my books, writing note after note in my Spider-Man journal like a mad scientist.

So, consider this a little peak into my world! And I mean, my private world, that only the initiated may enter….yeah I just made that up for shit and giggles. Anyway, in my private little world, surrounded by about five empty cups, an empty subway bag, an outpouring of clothes from my closet and deranged, yes I mean, DERANGED, hair twisted in tangles all over my head.  I hunched over a book while laying atop my bed, with a pen in hand, writing furiously within the white pages of my little notebook, epiphanies from heaven.

Ouroborus, Symbol of Infinity

Shakti Goddess by Katherine Skaggs
Shakti Goddess by Katherine Skaggs

What, pray tell, was all the fuss about? Well, I figured out what is the “real” meaning of the Ouroborus.  You know, the symbol of infinity, with the serpent eating it’s tail?  Yeah, that thing.  I sorta stumbled upon it while I was studying Ancient Yoruban Voodoo and the many Orishas of their faith.  Orishas are basically like Angels or gods that rule under a great Father and Mother God in heaven, (much like many other religions), except Yoruba possibly, could be the oldest.  Therefore the beginning of this universal religious structure which we call Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Wicca, Hindu or Taoism all streams from Africa.  


As I searched in depth, marveling at how many of the Orishas were alike alot of other gods and goddesses I know; I noticed an algorithmic system.  First, I noticed that all the Orishas were ascribed colors and numbers. Each of these colors and numbers represents one of the chakra planes. See the chakras correspond to the color of the rainbow, and the rainbow colors to the Orishas.  Get it?

This led me to re-discover the water triangle and the fire triangle.  You know, the inverted (upside down)  triangle, represents the supernal Mother or the divine feminine as she is the Waters of life, Milky Way, Waters of Heaven and the Creatrix of the Earth. She is down pointing because she births, flows life down to earth and She is our sustenance.  In contradiction, do we have the upside triangle thrusting ferociously upward towards her with fire and power. 

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 Chakras of Power

 This mental conversation allowed me to see that these two triangles, of fire (governed by the Sun) and Water (governed by the Moon)  converging gives birth to earth. The green Earth being the heart chakra, the fourth chakra, of the soul body of our planetary system.  At the top of the infinity sign you have the Water, feminine, triangle, with her colors of Violet (Crown), Indigo (Third Eye) and Royal Blue (Throat).  In the system of Orisha these would connote Wisdom, Intuition and Truth and those Orisha Goddesses are Oya, Nana Buruku, and Yemaya. 

The meeting place, representing the heart, and the eye of the soul, is the color Green. Now green is the color of yellow and blue.  Yellow, which normally falls into the male aspect is instead feminine in this Orisha, as Oshun, mother of the sweet waters, love and wealth.  Notice that although her color is of fire she governs water! So who is the blue male Orisha that is cool as a cucumber but denotes fire? It is Ochosi; he is the god who shoots the arrow of truth and justice, and is only cooled and tempered by the sweet Oshun with her honey love. This joining of fire and water, but fire acting as water and vice versa is what gives birth to the Earth and all of it’s subtle energies.  These virtues are also aspects of the Heart, as the mediator of the human condition. 

Ocean Goddess Pleasure by Katherine Skaggs
Ocean Goddess Pleasure by Katherine Skaggs

Bey and Jay

I noticed that Beyonce always wears  earrings with the inverted triangle in most of her videos. In fact, her song Rocket is actually about the unification of the divine feminine with the divine masculine. Jay-Z and Bey are on some really deep, spiritual shit and it’s ALL GOOD! In fact Jay-Z and Beyonce are the epitome of the Orishas with Goddess Oshun, the honey bee of love and Forest God Ochosi with Hov’s cool blue color and upright triangle. It is obvious they are very learned in the Orisha’s.  Come to think of it Beyonce is Creole isn’t she? Well, that makes sense! Perhaps she uses this rich cultural history to create her persona and her music.  Their beautiful song is a testimony of such.

Check it:

“…And rock right up to the
Side of my mountain
Climb until you reach my peak babe, the peak, the peak
And reach right into the bottom of my fountain
I wanna play in your deep baby, the deep baby, the deep
Then dip me under where you can feel my river flowing flow
Hold me ’til I scream for air to breathe
Don’t wash me over until my well runs dry
Send all your sins all over me babe, me

Rock it ’til waterfalls
Rock it ’til waterfalls
Rock it ’til waterfalls
Bathe in these waterfalls…”

In this love dance between Oshun and Oggun, she is enticing him with her honey….she is the Queen Bee after all.  Beyonce is singing, like a mermaid Siren, about the continuous evolution of male and female and the delicate dance of balance  of life which is the ultimate act of physical love…orgasm.  She begs for him not to deplete her, for that would make her unbalanced and she shifts underneath him now in submission so he can release his intense suffering in a safe place. It’s a rather beautiful and touching seduction, from this perspective, between a husband and wife. A gentle courtship. (Ps. Don’t get it twisted, I am sure Bey and Jay are devout Christians, not Voodoo practitioners.)

Goddess of the Chakra

Three of Earth Works by Katherine Skaggs
Three of Earth Works by Katherine Skaggs

In the formation of the Shri yantra of the Great Goddess Lalita of India it is said: ”

“From the fivefold Shakti comes creation and from the fourfold Fire dissolution. The sexual union of five Shaktis and four Fires causes the chakra to evolve. O Sinless One! I speak to you of the origin of the chakra.

“When she, the ultimate Shakti, of her own will (svecchaya) assumed the form of the universe, then the creation of the chakra revealed itself as a pulsating essence. From the void-like vowels with the visarga (:) emerged the bindu, quivering and fully conscious. From this pulsating stream of supreme light emanated the ocean of the cosmos, the very self of the three mothers.”-Vamakeshvara Tantra.

Mother Yemaya, the Queen of the Ocean, is the “very self” of the three mothers, Oya, Nana Buruku and Yemaya are a triple goddess, in fact. The triple Goddess with the ultimate Mother Shakti and daughter Oshun make the five fold Goddess Shakti. Like wise, the fourfold Orisha gods of fire, Chango, Eleggua, Olorun, Ogun and Aggayu. Just like the Goddess Orishas represent water, the Gods represent fire in five different ways.

Maiden of the Seas-Passion by Katherine Skaggs
Maiden of the Seas-Passion by Katherine Skaggs


Seal of Solomon

These two triangles, or star/seal of Solomon, extended from end to end inside the circled serpent eating it’s tail make the true ouroborus and represents infinity.  The point is, life is unceasingly shifting, circling one with another, and the true struggle is learning to balance your ashe, chi, yin & yang energy to not be too much of one or the other. 

Man, as the upward pointing triangle is unbalanced and shoots fire and destruction living within the carnal attributes of his existence. However, when man becomes balanced he rises to the top, like you see on a rainbow, as red is the pre-eminent color, and instead of destruction represents sacrifice, compassion and his Sun shines down on the earth causing it to grow.

Woman, as the downward pointing triangel is unbalanced and pours out all of her essence leaving nothing for herself. She gives to the point of depletion, hides from the pain of penetration, and becomes a tsunamai of vengeance.  However, when woman becomes balanced she rests on the bottom and cocoons the world and all of her children with stability, calm, and blankets the world with nurturing refreshment that comes from the inside of them and pours forth with the intention of their hearts. 

For this reason God says, “Woman submit to your husband. And husband love your wife, but also submit one to another.” See….it’s all about balance.

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This is the secret of life….and in my mad rampage of mercurial retro-tardiness; I’ve learned more than most do in a decade. And yep…can you believe that there are some that may feel I am a poor fit, and a bit exasperating to get to know?  lol!!! Of course, I am. For I am as unfathomable as the sea. And you know what?

Thanks to the Mercury Retrograde….I found out I like it that way!

Cheers to a great start of a New Year!

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Luv, Ostara



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