Imbolc Rituals of Healing and Self-Power


Imbolc Rituals and Ideas

Imbolc celebrations are wild celebrations of fire throwing, feasting, divination, and a celebration of new beginnings, as well as magical abilities. Practice your divination skills with oracle or tarot cards, pendulum dowsing or visiting a psychic reader.

In Ancient lore, St. Brighid, who is the Christian revised version of the Goddess, once petitioned a king for land to build a sacred abbey. He said she could have all that the mantle of her cloak could cover, so her cloak grew and grew until it covered all the land she desired. 

Brighid’s mantle carries with it blessings and powers of healing. To make a “Brighid’s mantle”  of your own, buy a green scarf, or go to Sally’s and find a nice long piece of green material. Heck, you could even use the skirt from that old Christmas tree you just took down, which is what it probably was there for in originality.   If you don’t have a green cloth or can’t afford one place red or white with a bit of greenery attached to it. Leave it on your doorstep  or tie it to your doorknob, on the night of Imbolc, and Brighid will bless it for you. In the morning, wrap yourself in her healing energy. I leave mine on the night before and in the morning wrap myself in Her healing energy and drink a cup of tea to start my Imbolc celebration. I repeat the process later that evening.



Ocean Goddess Pleasure by Katherine Skaggs
Ocean Goddess Pleasure by Katherine Skaggs


The customs of worship, in the Dravidian menses celebrations, included offering chickens and goats to the Mother Mariaman , which is much like the ancinet and modern day rituals of practicioners of  Voodoo and  Santeria.  Countless people in the crowd would fast, men shave their heads, and they both wore bright yellow or red clothes, which are sacred to the goddess.  Young men and women carry pots of flowers or tree leaves representing fertility, are followed by drummers and dance wildly. Larger men and women carry pots of charcoal fire to prove their valor and desire to sacrifice in emulation of Her unconditional love for us all.

You can conduct your own fire and drumming rituals with an empty container filled with rice. In this way you make your own percussion instrument which has a deeper affinity of magic when you make it yourself. Imagine yourself as the Goddess, and think of the rice as the seeds of creation that you plant within the hollow womb of the earth. These white rice seeds are your children are like pure beams of light which you project into the world. Give yourself over to your creation.

Then light a green candle. Green to celebrate fertility, the natural resources of abundance and growth. Meditate on the flame and draw the warmth into your heart as your mind opens to the flame of the Goddess. Offer a cup of water and pour it as a libation to the earth as a silent witness to the tears you have shed last year. Inhale the air and concentrate on the liquid as it falls to the earth to nourish and cleanse, just as the very blood of your menstruation.

Delight in the sacred energy of your divine power. You are the Goddess. Move your hips in dance as you roll like the waves of the Ocean, be Yemaya, or Hathor, or Aphrodite. I love to play Katy Perry’s song Dark Horse or Rihanna’s song Diamond or Beyonce’s song 7/11 and dance in my front yard, my car when I run errands or in my living room. Incorporating dance releases the sensuality and warrior aspect of your divinity.

When Katy Perry sings, “….make me your Aphrodite..” I celebrate! When Rihanna says:

“Palms rise to the universe
As we moonshine and molly
Feel the warmth, we’ll never die
We’re like diamonds in the sky

You’re a shooting star I see
A vision of ecstasy
When you hold me, I’m alive
We’re like diamonds in the sky

At first sight I felt the energy of sun rays
I saw the life inside your eyes”

I feel the energy of Goddess Hathor the Egyptian ruler of love, dance and music swell up within me. I recall Goddess Inanna who is an aspect of the galactic Queen ruler of the skies. I dance with abandon as the sensual Goddess Oshun to Beyonce, her living incarnation. I walk, and speak and roll my hips and become the Goddess, alive and breathing. And when I am menstruating, in my moon cycle, I feel the power of the warrior aspect as Kali, or Sekhmet or even an aspect of Lalita.

The Power of the Blood

Earth Mother Goddess by Katherine Skaggs
Earth Mother Goddess by Katherine Skaggs

 You ever heard a Christian proclaim it is the “power of the blood”  or “I plead the blood” in connection with the crucifixion of Christ? Well, as you have learned it has a much older meaning and connontation that actually is still very powerfully magic. In fact, in the book of Genesis of the Bible, God himself says there is “life” in the blood and the blood of Abel “cried out” to God, when his brother Cain slayed him.  This is the essence of the Goddess crying out for children.  

   Incidentally in the Dravidian times ,societies of women created temples that were designated for High Priestesses of Mariaman that celebrated the sacred mysteries daily of the Goddess engaging in menstrual blood magic! Rahab and Mary Magdalene were possibly  priestesses of Mari.  Probably in the time the Old Testament was written any woman still practicing these rites were considered prostitutes to idol worship! This is where the stories of the Quedesh, or temple prostitutes developed. They were women dedicated to the Goddess, and of course all acts of pleasure belong to her so there was no body shame or restrictions to sexual expression. In fact, it was considered a holy act of giving from the woman of the Goddess magic within her to the man!

Enjoy your Imbolc celebration and let the flames of Goddess Brighid warm your soul!  You are a sacred vessel of the divine. Take this time to honor your sacred bodily cycles, and seasons of maturity. Thank God/dess for the strength you gained from last year and the blessings you recieved in spite of your circumstance. Light a green candle to honor your own fertile fire and bathe yourself in self love so that you radiate the glow of love from within you out to the world.

Imbolc is about celebrating you as Earth Queen and embodiement of the Goddess!

Blessed Be!



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