Spirit Speaks: Release the Baggage & Transform Your Life!

Me in my granny shades...lol!
Me in my granny shades…lol!

A month ago I couldn’t find my glasses. So as I sat contemplating my belly button, because I could not find them anywhere; I came to an epiphany! My house was a disaster area! My life was a mess. And maybe, just maybe, Goddess needed to blind me so I could really see.  So for a month I ingested that. Found comfort in the fact that my head Orisha, Goddess Oshun has a spiritual path in which she was blind, which elated my heart and made my Spirit feel even closer to Goddess. I knew somehow that this was a process in my self evolution, but I didn’t know exactly how, so I just exhaled and trusted the process.  Thankfully, I received my income tax check forthwith and spent three hundred dollars buying me not one, but two, new pairs of glasses.

Later that week, housing inspection came due, because as quiet as it’s kept; I live in public housing and am not a rich chick, writing a bunch of stuff I read in books…nope, I live this shit day to day, buried up to my hind end in REAL life!  But I digress… my inspection came due and although I had finally came to the epiphany that I needed to unpack, and irrevocably dump this shitload of baggage I had accumulated… and hoarded… like I belong on E!; I now became forced to CLEAN IT UP like a cataclysmic whirlwind. (Oh boy, I think I am channeling Darth Vader!)

And so we did, my teenage daughter and I, whirled like a dervish, and polished that baby from top to bottom, mani/pedi, Swedish massage and all, so to speak! I mean we gutted the closets like it was our BIATCH! Like a gold digging ho cleans out a bank account! My house was a home, clutter free for once and for all. Still never found my glasses

Guess what? I  found my glasses today.  You will never believe where.  I found my glasses in my Kotex bag, where my freshly wrapped, brand spanking new “moon cycle” (trying to be nice here) pads are located! Can you believe that shit? Yes, siree Bob! So like the spiritual guru I am; I began contemplating my belly button again, trying to figure out what the heck that means?  Suddenly, my past came a-knockin’ on my door, bammin’ on my window and hollering my name.  Resolute. I set my face and did not go backwards but marched ever so proudly onward and upward.


After the past left, I swept my porch cleansing it of that negative energy, sprinkled angelica root all around my front yard and front porch while meditating on purification and Angelic protection. Heck, I even sprinkled some on my new Isuzu jeep which I recently bought, but may need surgery on its alternator tomorrow.  After I finished, I sat on my porch and prayed, in tongues, and sang to the Lord and Lady Most High.  Then I took the lotus pose, best I could remember…lol, and made still my mind. I listened.  What I heard was, “So it took all of this to get you to sit here, and talk to me?”  And you know what I said,”Geeee…..noooo, I’m sorry. I promise I will never let it go this long.”

That is when I realized, well wait…. I know you are saying,” How in the heck does a Witch speak in tongues?” Well, I will write about that in another post.  Anyway, I realized that maybe if I would STOP doing all of this blogging, answering emails, doing card readings, energy healings and just sit my buttocks on my front porch, contemplate my navel, and speak to God I would get a whole lot more done in my life than all of this dizzy, busy work! So I did just that today…well until now, lol! And I have to tell you, the clarity in my writing, the voice in my Spirit, is so much more honest and pure than it has been in a long time.


I went into my kitchen and lit some incense, set it on my glass table in between my new couch and my new fireplace, and just whispered, “thank you.”  Had I forgotten to just be thankful for all of my blessings this year? Did I pridefully think that it was all up to me to birth these things into my life? No….I sat and remembered being homeless, and how I prayed and anticipated living in a house, with a bedroom for each of my children, and here it is. Three months from being homeless; God sent me to a five bedroom house! Why? Because I did a spell or potion? No….because I prayed, believed and had a relationship with Him.  Yes, Him…with Jesus.

Now, as I have continued my spiritual walk, and have developed joint and sinew to my beliefs; I now celebrate God in male and female form.  I also incorporate herbal energies and magickal focus.  But when it comes down to it; I just have to sit on my porch, sing a song of praise and gratefulness to Almighty God and Goddess and listen.  There, all along, they are with me and remind me, that it’s the FAMILY relationship with them that I have, that yields the choicest fruits and blessings upon my life. Tomorrow, i already know to expect a miracle. The right people, the right place, and financial help has already been set in motion for me to connect to and receive.  It will happen in the perfect time and I need only walk forward, with my FAMILY in my heart.


See, no matter if you are Pagan, Wiccan, Hindustan, Muslim, Christian or a Witch….you have a spiritual family in Heaven.  In fact, one thing I learned from my Wiccan walk is that EVERYTHING is part of that Family. I am god, you are god, the plants are god, the animals are god, the moon, the stars, the Earth…all is God. So if anything harms one of us or those vessels of God and Goddess, then they are hurt as well.  As a mother, I understand this well.  If my child is hurt; I hurt, even if I do not carry the wound, the wound bleeds in my soul.  When I get a raise or a financial windfall, my children are blessed as well. When I buy food to eat they eat. Such is the Kingdom of God, or rather such is the way of Goddess. Lord and Lady, Father and Mother, God and Holy Spirit or any other name you choose, gives generously to their children.

And who are their children? Christians, Muslims, Jehovah Witnesses, Witches?  Yes.  No.  Maybe.  The children are the being that choose to unite, fellowship, love and BE loved by the Creator and Creatrix of heaven.  Christians say it best, I think…do you have a relationship with Christ?  That they choose Christ as the center of their affection, love and thankfulness doesn’t mean as much as that they CHOOSE to fellowship and LOVE and BE LOVED. I mean, his name wasn’t even Jesus, but it does not matter. In fact, a tree may be more a child of God/dess than you or me.  That tree, believe it or not, stays in constant commune with its Creator.  It’s rooted in, plugged in the very core of what gave it birth.  Just as the tree we are supposed to stay planted beside the still waters of our God and Goddess.

Peacock Feather_547-714325blog

Thank you for letting me share my personal thoughts and dreams here on this blog.  I look forward from hearing from you and I am grateful for the love we exchange here.  Namaste! (I see God in you).

(Oh and for my mom who wonders what the heck is in my belly button, that I contemplate so…)

The second Chakra, your BELLY BUTTON CHAKRA, is the relationships Chakra. It’s about relationships to anything – people, objects, even money. The energy here is a combination of “relating,” sensuality, sexuality and passion. -Wayne C. Allen

Sunbeam Blessings! Luv, Ostara

Me today!
Me today, in my prescription shades!

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