Goddess Oshun: Queen of Love & Mother of Witchcraft

Goddess Oshun: Queen of Love & Glorious Queen of Witchcraft.


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  1. Ossia Sylva says:

    I love all of the African gods and goddesses. I’ve never worked with any of them, but I think anyone that is working with the divinatory arts should be in touch with either African or Norse gods. Oshun is a beautiful goddess! In my culture we have Santeria, and She is very, very loved!


    1. Yes! Iyalode Oshun has been sweet as honey to work with! The African deities are fantastic. Norse gods, I like Freya but I’m still learning about them. I also like the Hawaiian Gods as well.

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  2. What synchronicity to find you & your blog today. I actually pulled Yemaya from my oracle deck today!!
    I have not found a specific goddess to work with, BUT, I am drawn to Oshun & Yemaya. I do wonder if I am drawn to them and other Orishas due to some familiarity of their names (I am Puerto Rican & have Santeria experience…) and these goddesses are like ‘home’. I still have soooo much to learn of all the archetypes, so I call on them all as needed. But I imagine that I will love the day when a name or two roll out of my mouth naturally 🙂 Blessings to you, sister ❤


    1. Awesome! It’s synchronicity! Take some time to study and the Goddess will choose you! That’s my experience anyway. You may find she has been with you all along. 😉

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      1. Yes. That’s what I’ll keep doing. P.S. Just sent a friend request to you on FB…I am ‘Jade Luna’ there.

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      2. Btw Marley. I’d luv to connect on Facebook sometime. Why don’tcha request me? K? 🌟🍃🎉


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