Goddess Oshun: Queen of Love &Glorious Queen of Witchcraft

Ostara, The Hippie Love Angel


As I began my journey from male centered Christianity to the Goddess, and then subsequently to Wicca and then the craft; I decided that I would not craft spells until I knew for sure why herbs were magick. I studied for a two years my Wiccan path as well as other Pagan spiritual delights. I gathered research from the Greek masters, the medieval herbal crafters, ancient alchemists and Egyptian high priests. Still no such luck.  Then one day I stumbled into Voodoo. It was a call really; I began pondering the life of Marie Laveau and was shocked by how much we favor as well as how my beliefs seemed to be a mirror of hers.

I also noticed that we both had man troubles as well; very similar man troubles, actually. I always thought Voodoo with it’s blood animal sacrifices was evil and so I was very fearful of…

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