Haunted: The Clairvoyant Truth


The woman was placed softly upon the Earth’s breast.  She lay supine in deliberate concentration on the fate befallen her.  Her name was whispered softly from Heaven, “Pandora.” She rose and beheld a beautiful alabaster jar, sealed with a lid made with an entire piece of pure emerald crystal. A sweet, petal soft, yet deliciously, decadent aroma swirled gaily on the currents of wind assaulting her senses.  The jar had intricate gold designs of cherubs gracing it’s delightful curves, and it was a lovely sight to beguile the eyes and and intoxicate Pandora’s senses.

She sat down on the grass, with the alabaster jar on her lap, and slowly began to open it.  Suddenly, a mist appeared before her eyes, cloudy at first, then clear.  Pandora’s eyes began to see past her own feeble mortality, beyond the veil of the future! Her fingers kneeded the grass as visions of airplanes flew by, people in sports cars zoomed past, and bombs exploded. 

Pandora grew still as she saw people dying sick with fever, wars and killing machines, as well as greed and orgiastic lust.  Just as she was about to drop the jar and run in terror from this “gift”, an angel appeared.  She said her name was Hope, and she implored Pandora to keep her gift safe and learn to use it wisely. 

Pandora could not understand how such a gift, a vision of such destruction, could be of value to her or humanity.  That is when Hope showed her how the power of her new found sight could avert destruction, ease other’s suffering, and give the world peace.  Pandora became wise, and taught her son and daughters,  and were called Sibyls, Melissae Priestesses, or Prophets.  They learned how to wield the power of their sight with wisdom, kindness and care. 


However, as men grew hungrier for power, they began to misuse the women for their gifts.  When the daughters of Pandora fought back, patriarchal driven societies dismantled their Goddess temples, destroyed their peaceful cities, by crippling their commerce, and drove these Sibyl Prophetesses in hiding.  Much of their prophetic writings were stolen by the current World Religions and syncretized to other Holy Books, such as the Bible and the Quran. 

Today, these children are named Witches, Wizards, Psychics, Mediums, Fortune Tellers and Clairvoyants.  They are born with a gift of knowing, that has grown with the ages and become stronger. Not only do they see the future, but they can see into the realms of the Heavens themselves, heal the sick and communicate with worlds only a few can fathom. This is who I am. If you are reading this, maybe this is who you are?

Queen Bee-Miss Goodwitch

 Much of the world believed that Pandora, whose very name means “all-gifted”, brought calamity upon the world.  And still to this day, her children are accused of much the same thing, nothing has changed as much as we think.  When I first sat down to write about clairvoyance I thought, well I could begin giving the description of what it means and blah blah blah…but I decided to take a different route. I wanted to show you the seeds of the beginning, so you may know how it feels. And now, I am going to take you on a tour of my paranormal brain.

Platform Clairvoyance

I sat at work with my friend and co-worker enjoying a lengthy conversation on spirituality.  My friend is a minister and healer at a local church, and though we have slightly different views on God, we enjoy discussing their similarities on spiritual matters. Suddenly, while my friend was talking an older woman appeared, standing directly behind her.  Now this woman is not flesh and bone, but the image of the old Spanish looking lady, with short curly hair and a rosary in hand, materialized quite suddenly in my mind.  I continue talking to my friend, laughing and ignoring this image standing stoicly in my view. 

Not only can I see the woman standing there, but I can feel her presence as if she is real, and also feel a strong and almost overwhelming need to share this information. It is like a swelling in my gust, balloning up through my chest and wanting to burst forth out of my mouth.

I tried in vain to continue following my friend’s conversation, but the little old lady, who actually was quite strong minded, gave me a pleading look and telepathically sent me a name… Mary.  Finally, I can’t take it any longer, and I reluctantly intrude into my friends story.  “Do you have a grandmother that passed away?”  My friend gives me a deadpan look, then looks away. 


A nervous laughter comes out of my mouth and I change the subject. Suddenly the old lady, “Mary” thrusts the rosary towards me and I extend my hand without thinking, taking what appears to be pink colored, imaginary rosary beads.  I just have to interrupt my friend again. “Okay…I am sorry but I must do this. Do you have a grandmother or mother figure who passed away and is Catholic and had a rosary? Or left you a rosary?”

Finally my friend responds,”I really don’t like to talk about it, but when I was a kid my grandmother Maria was very sick, on her deathbed, she used to pray over this rosary.  I went in to see her one day and she began screaming that there was something with me and they took me out of her room. Then she died a few days later and my family blamed me for her death. I was given away to foster care and I have issues with all of that, and women ever since.” 

Astonished, I sat and contemplated what she had said. I offered my friend comfort and explained what her grandmother telepathcally shared. “It wasn’t your fault. You are not cursed, you did not kill your grandmother. She saw Angels all around you and knew it was her time to go, but she got scared and tried to fight it. She loves you very much, and she is often with you when you teach the word at church. She gave me this rosary and told met o tell you to wrap it around your waist as it will become a mighty talisman of healing power. She also said, you need to pray to Mother Mary as well.”

My sweet friend sat shocked and said, “The only thing I have left from her is a rosary, that sits in a box in my closet.  I haven’t touched it since I came from Guam.  I also have trouble connecting to Mother Mary. I guess I have trouble with mother figures in general.” Tears were in her eyes and we hugged warmly.

This is what it is like to have platform clairvoyance. It is a supernatual ability to see images of spirits, Angels or loved ones that have crossed over and communicate with them. You see many mediums on shows expressing this kind of clairvoyance.

For my mom...

The other kind of clairvoyance I possess is:

Medical Clairvoyance

It was spring break and my mom and I took a trip up to Evansville, Indiana from our home here in Florida.  We went back home to visit my grandfather who had been diagnosed with intestinal cancer.  As we sat in the livingroom, and he shared about his illness, my mom a nurse, and I gave him encouragement and love.  I remembered when I was in nursing school my instructor had taught us a holistic nursing method to use the energy within our hands to sweep negative energy from others bodies. 

I was still quite young and did not realize that the instructor probably specialized in reiki healing.  Anyway, I remember that I leaned over towards my granddad, who we lovingly nicknamed Papaw Jungle, from when he was a Vietnam Vet, and asked him if I could cleanse his energy like I learned in school?  I did just as the instructor had taught: went over to him, placed my hands over the top of his head and began sweeping my hands, without touching him, gently down his entire body.

As I began sweeping my hands down past his chest to his abdomen suddenly my hands grew very hot.  I came back over his abdomen, and intuitively stopped.  Suddenly, in my mind’s eye I saw a oily black substance in that area of his abdomen. I also saw a dark, solid like blockage there.  Secretly, I surrounded this area in Archangel Raphael’s healing emerald light ray, imagining this light radiating from the palm of my hand. 


I saw in my mind a set of Spirit hands extending from my own, and very quickly, as suddenly I was told I could move faster, I operated on his intestines with my Spirit energy and these Spirit hands.  After I felt the obstruction was removed, I heard in my mind that he had been mistreated as a child and as an adult imbibed alcohol leading to this accumulation of negative energy.

I also saw that he thought after Grandma died, he too would leave, but this sickness presented itself to give him a desire to live. However, now he was finally ready to release his pain, so i pulled the rest of the inky darkeness out of him until I visualized his intestines pink and clean.  Now he did not know what I did. I did it quickly, and all within the scope of my field of imagination or psychic realm. 

I then did a full body sweep, told him he was all better now, which he politely said, thank you dahling (so he accepted it with gratitude from Spirit intuitively), and I cleansed my hands with water, in the bathroom.

KATHERINE-SKAGGS-1116_Brigid Brighid by Katherine Skaggs

We returned home a couple of weeks later, and ofcourse got the report that Papaw went to the doctor for his scheduled surgery to fix his intestines and they found nothing wrong. No one but my mother knows what I did, and she half believes that, because I really seldom go into details.  What is dumbfounding to me is that when I did it; I didn’t know I could even do that, nor would I ever presume, nor did I presume, that it could work!

I was just as shocked, if not more so than everyone else. He went from not being able to hold down anything but ice cream or ensure, to eating grilled hamburgers and steaks within a few weeks! It was amazing.  I do not take credit for this really. To me I am just the vessel, it is the Holy Spirit who conducted the operation.

Well, I hope you feel you know a little more about clairvoyance.  Hope to hear from you! Looking forward to your stories as well!

Shekinah Blessings & Aloha!

Luv, Ostara





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