Quick Cash Secrets to Obtaining Wealth with Spiritual Balance

Abundance and Posperity Goddesses


It is very important to honor both the sacred God and Goddess of divinity within your spiritual paths as well as within yourselves. We are made up of both an active yin and yang force. When that is in perfect balance prosperity rains down upon us and when it is out of whack our lives become wrecked with depression, poverty and despair.

This is an excerpt from my post on Goddess of Abundance and Prosperity, and references both pagan and Christian spirituality and teachings.  For those that don’t have time to read my more in depth post, here is a quick snippet on attracting prosperity and wealth as well as the do’s and don’ts for maintaining balance of the divine male and female active energy within ourselves to keep financial prosperity blessings flowing forward!

There are many Goddesses, whom by their very nature of fertility and powers of creation, are regarded as dispersers of Wisdom, Nourishment and Children.  All of these things equal abundance, and the honor one gives to the divine feminine, creates a positive flow of abundance in your life. Most of these Goddesses are equated with water, the sun, the bountiful earth, the heavens or cows as well: Aphrodite, Tara, Brighid, Renenet, Abundantia, Fortuna, Asherah, Ishtar, Lauma, Demeter, and Boan to name just a few.  I remember as a child, growing up I heard the story of how Jesus withdrew a coin from the mouth of a fish to pay his taxes, and how he blessed five fish and two loaves of bread to multiply abundance for the people.

This was in accordance to the law of the Goddess, and the divine feminine energy in complete balance of the male energy. Jesus, who called Himself a divine Son of Mother Wisdom, (He said, Wisdom is proven right by Her children….after all) knew that if he combined faith,which is self-confidence, mastery and power of the divine masculine with the compassionate and self-sacrificing aspect of the divine feminine, (an act of Goddess energy) it would yield life and abundance.  Look at the symbolism of the fish and the loaves. The fish, being a symbol of the Goddess and the loaves being an symbol of God, working in perfect balance to nourish and provide “more than enough” for the children.

” John 6:56-63 Jesus says that we are to feed on His flesh (bread, which is the Word). He says that if we eat this bread we will live forever, but then He says that the flesh (bread) profits nothing unless the Spirit (oil) is upon the bread. The Spirit (oil) upon the bread (Word) produces life (resurrection power).” -Bill Burns

So that is saying that the male (Bread/Word/Christ) will not produce prosperity or life without the (Spirit/Fish Oil/Goddess) to give compassion (resurrection) to His action (power).

freyja_by_paintedflowers OSHUN GODDESS

Symptoms that you are out of balance include:

Depression (too much feminine)

Anxiety (too much feminine)

Irrational Angry Outbursts (too much masculine)

Infidelity, lying and lack of commitment (too much masculine)

Dictatorship, Controlling or Excessively Possesive (Not enough feminine)

Low self-esteem, Fear, Poverty (not enough Masculine

Weepy, Clingy and Blaming Others (not enough Masculine)



Okay…so here is the secret to great wealth in a nutshell.

1. Be balanced with compassion for all things and confidence in youself and your Creators

2. Speak, think and act always in a positive, uplifting and self-sacrificing manner with confidence of a return for your investment.

3. Create an expectation within yourself, in gratitude and joy, to receive prosperity and then readily give without reservation of the gifts you have been bestowed with in life. If you are artistic then send your art into the world, if you can sing then sing to uplift others, if you are funny make people laugh, if you are good with numbers then be a teacher or help someone with their business. Whatever it is that you are good at give it away!

4. Worship Mother God and cleave to Her Wisdom. Study, practice and give thanks for Her esoteric, magical, holy and powerful existence by learning about Her in any form you feel drawn to, such as Christians do with their love of the Holy Spirit, operate in her gifts which are discernment, prophesy, speaking in tongues, healing, exhortation, expecting abundance, working of miracles whether through herbal remedies, rituals, or laying on of hands, and knowledge of the Word of God in whatever path you walk. (1 Corinthians 12:7) “But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to each one for the profit of all

5. “ Give her of the fruit of her hands; and let her own works praise her in the gates.” Which means that after all of your hard work, compassion, self-sacrifice, wisdom, love expect to be praised, honored and adored, as well as for financial prosperity to be yours.

So now you know the secret to great wealth.  Take some time to evaluate your life to make sure that you have balance of both the male and female aspects of yourself and your spiritual celebration. 

Bountiful Blessings!

Luv, Ostara



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