Divine Feminine Series is Launching!

Hi there Witch Woo Woo’s,

I’m not one who usually follows a regiment, or systematic order, in regards to my writing.  I typically just go where ever Spirit leads, and let it flow.  But this time I have decided to create a series on honoring the divine feminine in yourself.  I have witnessed first hand how, even as Christians, that honoring the divine and sacred feminine can bring more balance into your life and lead to all manners of abundance.  So here is the first installment of the series the Divine Feminine. Each series will have it’s own title behind the Divine Feminine, and every day through the week I will open a topic up for discussion.  Feel free to join in!  I also will randomly write other blog posts along my journey, but this will continue until the series comes to an end, which will probably be never.

I developed this series as I decided a super long blog post crammed with tons of information just is not enough to reach the value of the divine feminine’s message.  It is integral, to the well being of the people of this planet, that we achieve balance. We have gone too long unbalanced and unfulfilled as children of the Divine, and have completely disconnected from our sacred selves.  Murder, wars, pestilence, mental illness, poverty of the soul and the body causing disease, are rampant in proportions greater now, than at any other time. The cause of this is a lack of spiritual, mental, physical and emotional balance.

balance-miss goodwitch

I am not perfect.  I am still working towards achieving my own personal balance.  Everyday, I chip away at my chaotic thinking and refine my soul in the fire of Divine Feminine.  It takes a little work to connect with your sacred self when you have to filter  out all of the mind jam that crams between our ears, and fills our lives with to-do lists.  We alone are sacred beings, and in order to connect that aspect of ourselves, to manifesting abundance in every area of our life, we must un-plug and become present. Now I am not suggesting we do away with the Divine Masculine, but that we incorporate the Feminine, to bring an equilibrium to our existence.

As a mental health and substance recovery counselor, as well as a quasi blog personality; I feel it is my responsibility to be as resourceful, honest, and crystal clear as possible.  This is not just a past time to me. There are dozens of people a day that write me for help with their depression, anxieties, feelings of low self-worth, and worries about their future.  I write this in answer to their fears, their prayers and with a reverent heart. This is my purpose on this earth, to share my knowledge, because I have lived most of my life, in the very shoes you are standing in.

Blessed be & Stardust Kisses,


"A goldmine? Oh no..."


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