The Triple Goddess of the Rainbow’s End


(photo credit: Heavenly Night Angel of Peace by Katherine Skaggs)

Hi all! As I sat down to right this blog post I could feel Mother Goddess surging like liquid fire through my veins and infusing my heart with Her magnetic love language. I am sure that most of this post will be channeled as my fingers tap dance on the ebony keys of my spazzy laptop.  I have been feeling Goddess Hathor call to me from the seven veils for the last two days. She beckons me behind her star covered midnight veil as I search Her eyes for the truth of Her existence. I clung to my cell phone all day and night rigourously searching for answers to the myriad of questions that surfaced in the orb of my mind. Yes…it is an or…Light eons that stretch, and shape and flit from idea to idea like a fragile hummingbird over vine of jasmine. My path crossed Her one day as I contemplated the Ouroborus. The strange symbol of a serpent or dragon in a never ending circle eating his own tail.  I have since learned many things in my journey from the great Ouroborus which was the first symbol of life, death and rebirth. It is also the first symbol fo the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end and the connection of ALL things to each other.

Yesterday I had many questions and as I sat down to meditate I had in mind a connection to the Goddess. However, my spirit guides urged me to meditate with Maitreya. I had no idea who He is so as I googled him and read about him more in one of my spiritual books I decided he seemed friendly enough so I would take the dive.

rainbow angel wings

My journey within with him led me to his Bride, the Goddess of the Rainbow. It was probably my strangest meditation for my angels took me right directly to the Sun to have it. There in the middle of the Sun I sat cross-legged, in my violet astral form, and contemplated with Maitreya. Once he found me worthy he took me to a fragrant garden in which we evolved shape after shape into many different animals and states of being. This he said was the conclusion of my Shamanistic training with Merlin. Well, I was quite disappointment that I did not have the answers to the Goddess I had come for when he suddenly asked me if I would like to meet his Bride?

I leapt at the chance and he took me heavenwards to a beautiful white throne room which had a beautiful rainbow light filling up the area near the throne.  I waited with baited breath and then the rainbow transformed into a Woman. The Goddess of the Rainbow was beyond exquisite. She was brightly colored and iridescent. She was not a traveler or guardian of the rainbow, Maitreya explained, she is the Rainbow herself!

As I received the gifts they bestowed upon me, a rainbow Ouroborus and a rainbow dress, I returned to the earthly realm and grounded with some food. (I fast when I meditate)…So as I googled information about my symbols I discovered Goddess Hathor as the very first Goddess of Rainbows! Hathor is the mother aspect of the first recorded  triple Goddess of Egypt and possibly the world. I believe that originally there is one Goddess and you often meet three aspects of Her to personify her divinity. I think that this knowledge has been lost upon many Pagans and mystic Christians over the world.Nun is the primordial waters of Creation. She is the ultimate Goddess. However, she relates to humanity in a triple Goddess form; Crone, Mother and Maiden.

In Egypt the Crone aspect of the triple Goddess of Nun is  Mehet-Waret;the active force of the primordial waters, or tidal wave…hmm…like Gwynhyfar, maybe;whose name means “white wave”? Or maybe like Venus who was born from the white sea foam of the Sea? She was the celestial Cow Goddess whose udders were the Milky Way that nourished the planet in the form of the Nile river. She also gave birth to the Sun God Ra and was seen as a solar Goddess. The Egyptians believed that the Heavens were divided by the Sky, Water and the Celestial. The celestial was comprised of the Sun,Moon,Planets and Stars who all dwelled within or in between the two Great Goddesses Nut, the Sky Goddess who birthed the Sun God RA and Nun the Goddess of water. She seemed to be the active force of the Mother Goddess Nun who is the Primordial waters. Mehet Waret represents the waterway in the heavens, sailed upon by both the sun god and the king and who also birthed all of creation.  She was the divine cow goddess. I found it very interesting that her name also means  “great flood”, as many historical documents point to a disastrous flood which wiped out most of creation. Could Mehet Waret then be synonymous with the Goddess Sekhmet? The name Sekhmet seems to contain Mehet Waret within its wording.

Now here is what I suppose. Suppose the Sky Goddess is a triple Goddess. The primordial Goddess is a triple Goddess. And the Earth Goddess is a triple Goddess.

That would mean the Sky Goddesses would be: Crone (Nut),

It seems that Mehet Waret, Nun and Nut are one and the same Goddess.

Hathor, the Mother aspect of Nun

“I behold Ra who was born yesterday from the thighs of the goddess Mehet-Weret; his strength is my strength, and my strength is his strength.” Who is this? “Mehet-Weret is the great Celestial Water, but others say that Mehet-Weret is the image of the Eye of Ra at dawn at his birth daily. “[Others, however, say that] Mehet-Weret is the Wedjat (Eye of Horus or Ra).”


Luv, Ostara

The Queen Bee
The Queen Bee

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