Divine Feminine: Feeding the Snake, Empowering the Goddess With Ostara


Ostara is fast approaching. As many pagans know, this is a seasonal celebration of the Spring and the Goddess of the Dawn. With her she brings light, and new beginnings, as well as the promise of fertility either in body or soul.

Now is the perfect time for transformation. It is time to transform from the Snake Goddess, with her wise intuition and deep meditation upon spiritual truths and shine! We must we shed our former skin of lack thinking and just “good enough” to the miraculous abundance which is ours to create! Ostara is about expression! She is expression in abundance, as well as expression in creativity and business!  In ancient myths and legends the Snake Goddess always elicits fear and opposition.  Apollo cut off Tiamet’s head, in the Bible Archangel Michael destroyed it, and Eve succumbed to it’s seduction and brought death to mankind. But is this the truth? Is the Serpent God/dess something to be feared? No she is friend, and the dark mother that gives explosive birth to the shining light of Dawn!

What does it represent?

In the Mithraic mysteries, God was represented standing authoritatively within the coils of a serpent twined around Him about seven times. Mithra represented the sun. But what did the Serpent represent? In the Bible though the Serpent has a dubious beginning, supposedly, and an even more sinister end, there is a moment in the Book of Exodus that the Serpent becomes a prophetic symbol for Jesus Christ. In Egypt the Snake Goddess Wadjet is shown during the unification period of both Upper and Lower regions as a uraeus which was a shining gold head ornament: either with the body of Wadjet atop the head, or as a crown encircling the head; this indicated Wadjet’s protection and reinforced the pharaoh’s claim over the land. The entwined serpent also represents the cosmic dna and structure of the universe. Could this possibly be the Holy Spirit Goddess, hidden in symbolism?

How does this help me?

freyja_by_paintedflowers OSHUN GODDESS

We must learn how to nourish the divine feminine power within ourselves, and within our country. In order to create balance and unity we must first learn to integrate ourselves. In the church, we focus on the the strength and power of a radical savior. But we have lost what He was fighting for, and have shoved Her divinity aside within ourselves.  Like Inanna, who went to Hell and back, and faced Her own personal Medusa self to rebirth her own power. I too am going this phase as I write this blog. I have learned to accept myself and not hide behind my maiden visage any longer. It is time to claim my Crone power and not be afraid! I must learn to give compassion first, to myself, as I make many blunders in my transitional state. And I must accept that “hiding” in the dark is part and parcel of facing my “shadow” self. I, like Inanna, must shed my skin and hang it painfully upon the nail of youth. The indestructible energy that is transformed from matter to energy and back to matter IS the primordial Goddess in Her entirety, who is immanent in all and everything. This dark moon phase is symbolic of the DESTRUCTION of the Serpent.

Most Christians just don’t get it. They can not connect the Goddess to the principle of life, death and resurrection. However the Goddess is the one that first represented it. The Serpent’s transformation ability is endless. But because of the ignorance of the people and subjugation of women in the patriarchal society the Mother Serpent had to give of herself and allow herself to die so that we could see the truth. Death of self, of ego, of what “matters” is the beginning of transformation and self-renewal.  Eve was beguiled by the Serpent to find Her own truth as Goddess. So that meant she had to undergo Death to transform and BIRTH LIFE.

Jesus Christ is the seed of that transformation. And He is what? He is the GREAT SERPENT that swallowed the other serpents!   This truth is an allegory to awaken the knowledge deep within us that we are transformative and life creating beings. We are simply locked in our physical form because of our own choice. As we open our minds and begin a dialogue with our true God like selves we must descend like Inanna, metamorphosis like Medusa and break free like Tiamat. Once women begin to own their own descent phase and break free of their ego selves they will learn the Laws of the Kingdom and begin to at last possess a magickal life! That is when the Ostara energy of the Dawn will be birthed within us and we will begin to shine upon this glorious land!

First Step

Journey Home by Katherine Skaggs
Journey Home by Katherine Skaggs

In order to create spiritual balance you must feed both your Goddess and God-like sides of your divinity.  Create a sacred space within your home to connect with the Goddess energy. Or you can create a sacred space that nourishes and honors both.  An example of this is to use a shelf in a bookcase or a space on your desk, no matter how big or small, to denote the energy that belongs to your divinely feminine self as well as your divinely masculine self. these actions create a pathway in your brain that activates these aspects within your soul.

Second Step

So what exactly is divinely feminine? Goddess is found in nature, such as floral or herbs. She also can be represented by Angels, a vessel of water, a sacred flame, or a myriad of things. It would behoove you to learn about Goddesses in general and find one that harnesses a power you are working towards obtaining within yourself.

For me the African Yoruban Goddess Oshun, has helped me transform from my negative self-image into a supreme Goddess of love, compassion, forgiveness and service to humanity. Through symbolic things connected to Her I feed my divinely feminine self.  I wear yellow, have a lemon quartz ring on my wedding finger, and have a sacred space in my sacred meditation room where I light a yellow candle and pray. I may also have seashells, honey, a golden angel, and anything else associated with Her story. It may sound silly but doing this reminds me of my own higher self and just like worshiping Jesus at church I am full of the power of God!

I often pray to Goddess, whom I see as a Universal energy, a Heavenly Mother to Jesus and us all.  I see Oshun as I see myself, a mirror into the high soul realm of who I am at the peak of my purpose on this earth. What connected me to her so deeply was the color of her dress. Like her I once had a favorite dress that happened to be yellow. It was in this dress, at sixteen, that my virginity lay ripped from me and bleeding on top of an old ratty bunk bed in the projects. I didn’t know why at the time, but afterwards, I felt a strong desire to dye my hair blonde. It came out an orange shade instead, but it was the beginning of my transformation, and my becoming the energy of Oshun. This was my initiation.

Of course, it took me years to piece all of that together and it wasn’t until I at last found Oshun that I could wear the color yellow again.  However, before I would be able to connect to the Goddess; I had to construct balance in my life and change my negative frame of mind, which had left me enslaved to the pain of yesterday.

Ocean Goddess Pleasure by Katherine Skaggs
Ocean Goddess Pleasure by Katherine Skaggs

Your old ways of thinking have become habits that have built strong connections in your brain.  Create new connections by thinking new thoughts and strengthen them with frequent use!

For you to be completely successful, you must replace negative thought patterns with positive ones. The more they focus on the positive and the more empowered they feel to BE THE CHANGE and not just TALK ABOUT the change they will sustain recovery. You get more of what you believe you already have. What you feel you deserve and what you believe about yourself are the keys to life. Creating a reward system for small accomplishments is key to beginning that process  because first WE change our perception of them as not fixing something “bad” about us but empowering ourselves and making the choice to change their behavior.

The Change begins with us!

Magick can inspire us to soar to great heights but only if we keep our mind free of the clutter and sludge negativity brings.  Transform with the Serpent Goddess that lies dormant within your psyche. Embrace the change no matter how painful and you will awaken new and more powerful than you could ever imagine!

If we utilize the Law of Attraction and celebrate our accomplishments it will lead to more successes. We get more of what we believe and feel we achieve.

You are a light. You sparkle and shine like a thousand diamonds in the dark cheek of the night sky. You are a butterfly flitting from flower to flower with the legacy of hope and love. The echo of your heart beats loudly. God sees you and is waiting for you to accept the beauty and majesty of the power of your own creating ability.

“You do not ACHIEVE greatness. You ARE greatness!”

Love Ostara!  Rainbow blessings and moonbeam kisses!



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