Shamanic Witch: Shapeshifting with Goddess Oshun and the Astral Plane

Dreamweaver photo courtesy of Katherine Skaggs
      The Dreamweaver

Shamanic Witches, are as old as time began. She or he is a walker between the realms of light and dark. She has access to all of heaven and the underworld as well. She is a shape shifter with the ability to transform herself, as well as her world, by the energy of the astral planes.  This is who I am and this is my story.

Hello All!

I have missed you, as it has been almost a week since I last blogged.  I wanted to blog, thought several times about subjects to blog about, but Spirit had my hands tied.  Instead, I was instructed to just listen, journey inward and learn.  This road you travel with me may not always be consistent.  As I grow and stretch, in my spiritual exploration, I will transform myself as well as my blog quite often. So if you want to continue, then you must prepare yourself for the ride.

So let us begin. What kept me away so long? Well, it all began with a meditation.  I felt a strong energetic pull to connect to Goddess Oshun in the akashic realm.  Although, I became acquainted with her through detailed research I had not formally introduced myself beyond the Veil.  So I sat in my leather chair, that I sit in when I meditate,  in my sacred space and rang my bell seven times calling out Her name to set my intention. I normally do not ring a bell or call out the Higher Beings name, but Goddess Oshun has shown me that she requires a bit of formality and ritual.  Intuitively, I felt as if I was setting the mood to come before a Queen, and so should offer her a little more respect.

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Frequently, when I journey to the Akashic realm to meet Goddesses and Ascended Masters, I hold an Amethyst or Rose Quartz crystal of my choosing, to my forehead. This time I felt led to take a gold pyrite crystal and hold it to my third eye chakra (located between the eyebrows and is designated for clairvoyant ability) and I also placed an orange citrine crystal over my heart chakra. As I said before, she requires a very specific and distinctly different approach.

I called upon my angels to be my guides as I journeyed so I would be protected by lower energetic beings.  They guided me beside a river bank, and it was there I offered Oshun a gift of tasted honey, and succulent oranges, surrounding a yellow candle, upon a golden platter. I placed the platter upon the waters and called out her name, “Oshun, come to me please.” Oshun rose up through the pristine waters, in the form of a beautiful mermaid, and approached me. Her bronze and black like tresses waved gently to her waist, and her breasts were covered in seashells. Her gorgeous tail was an iridescent emerald green.  A fleeting thought swam through my head, that the energy of this Goddess, was the same energy I connected to in my Mermaid Oracle cards, by Doreen Virtue.

oshun black mermaid

She held my gaze with her golden amber eyes and appeared displeased that she was bothered.  Suddenly, in recognition of what she was asking; and suddenly to my surprise shape-shifted into a large cypress tree, a parrot and a peacock and then back to my regular form. Her eyes shone with delight as she recognized me and quickly we came together in the water in greetings. Queen Oshun and I swam up the river until the depths changed and became the turquoise ocean.  There she took me to her mother, Yemaya, and I was embraced with love and joy by both of them.  Yemaya revealed to me that she was my mother as well. And welcomed me like a long lost child. Oshun gave me a necklace made of pearl and through telepathic communication conveyed to me that we were one and the same. She told me that I was not to cast magical spells in the ordinary way, but rather come to her in the akashic realm, and we would do them together.

I completely felt as if she and I were the same energy, the same being in a sense, or more ordinarily we are sisters. Unfortunately, my meditative exploration was interrupted by a knock on the door, but I will definitely return to learn more from her. Later, as I turned over the events in my mind I went on line to my facebook and perused one of my favorite Witchy groups. Someone had posted that they were a Shamanic Witch and explained that an indication of this is having the ability to walk in many different realms and shape shift as well. Ecstatically, I recognized myself in this definition and am elated I can finally put a proper name as to who or what I am. I also came to the realization as to why I must do inward journeying to create magick, instead of merely working with herbs, like regular witches.


White Buffalo Calf Woman by Katherine Skaggs
White Buffalo Calf Woman by Katherine Skaggs

First of all, shape shifting is the ability to transform into spirit animals, objects, earth elements, mythological beasts, crystals and plant or allow their energy to inhabit your own body. This is done usually for healing and spiritual wisdom.  Shape shifting is a spiritual gift not a physical one.I first learned I had this ability with the Wizard Merlin, from Camelot. I astrally traveled to meet him, and since he is a peculiar, hermit like fellow, who does not particularly like female Witches, because one did him harm, he punched my lights out and knocked me to sleep. Literally…I fell into a stunned sleep.  I struggled awake maybe twenty minutes later, and approached him again, when once again he punched at me but this time I ducked! He laughed and took me on a fantastical journey to a castle, in which I rode a dragon, then became one. I also was instructed to become a tree, then mud, then a ball of dirt, then I was transformed into a vase only to be shattered back to dust. I later traveled and became the ocean. It was a transformative experience, which I have to tell you was a literal astral journey, in which I actually felt my being become these things. My favorite is the becoming the ocean. I could feel the vastness of myself as I covered the entire planet, carried in my womb millions of life forms that I regarded as children and swooshed in the very veins of human beings all over the Earth!

The other form of shape shifting involves my body becoming a conduit for animal energy.  My body does not actually transform into a mountain lion or werewolf, bu my spirit becomes aligned with their energy.  Case in point, when I was thirteen and a very angry, and mean ex-boyfriend of my mom was at the door in attack mode; i suddenly felt my body shift and became a very large brown bear! I could mentally see my great brown paw, feel my strong sharp teeth and shake with the intensity of my formidable height and immensity. I remember I stood up to this man, who was easily a couple feet taller than me, and roared at him to ,”Get out!” I have never seen a man so afraid in all my life as he ran, no sprinted, out of our doorway and down the street. He never came back, and I wonder, just wonder, if perhaps he saw the Great She Bear I had become somehow?

Well that is just a taste of being a Shamanic Witch. I hope you enjoyed my journey and maybe learned a little more about yourself, if you are also a Shamanic Witch!

Blessed Be!

Me today!
Me today!

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  1. Interesting my sister , The tree was a symbol of your soul , the symbol of time,your hopes , your dreams for your future , the mud is the very substance which we are formed from , its time to separate our practical from our emotional ,ones past experiences or ones perception of these .Indeed these have the ability to hold you back , a warning lies here, The information that you give , could very well be used against you someone in your circle , will betray you and use what you have given them to their advantage , to be for-warned is to be for-armed, tribulations are for-warned , for now try to be philosophical… theses are the symbols in your journey …. Good luck my friend .


    1. Wow. Thank you. I love that the tree is a symbol of my soul. What then was the ocean?


  2. Reblogged this on MISS GOODWITCH and commented:

    I am a Shamanic Witch. I am not bound by religious restrictions. I am here to learn and share that knowledge with the world. I am not God. Then yet we all are God. I am simply me and this blog are my thoughts. If you don’t like it then don’t read it. The world has enough hate and persecution. So troll on and blessed be!


  3. Ocean / thoughts , The ocean is the beginning of life on Earth, and symbolizes formlessness, the unfathomable, and chaos. The ocean can also be seen as a symbol of stability, as it can exist largely unchanged for centuries. The ocean is considered to be boundless, a place where one can easily be lost, and can therefore be seen to represent the boundless span of life, and the way one can get lost on the journey through life. On a spiritual level it can symbolize spiritual refreshment,ones tranquility and renewal , drawing closer to that which we love . it can tell you that in life we all do the best we can to balance the flow of life’s journey here .. thank you for asking …

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    1. Very beautiful! Yes. You are wise and full of truth. Thank you for your comment. Poetic!

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  4. Piór. Piotr says:

    I really like your blog & topics you wrote about As I’m very interested , mainly to protect my self & family. I could not find any type of spels for clearing energy or our Chakrans a specialy People use this days A CROWN on Head Chakran. I’m just wondering How to do this ? my family has been affected also me several times from different sources & people several times , yes they have admitted they did for somebody whom was lieing & is keep doing it to my & my Family in Germany & Poland consistently as….. Please support us it seams like never finishings molestation. . I had more of Type of attacks like On to my head, heart (someone just pump my heart on a middle of LHR London Airport Where I have worked. also something like (a pagan wooden pin) to stick in the throat from the back to leave you speech less or another part of body to get a worring pain.
    Mostly I’m interested in Crowns if you have any information contained or knowledge please help.

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    1. Hi Pior! You are looking for info or spells on how to defend and protect your sacred energy? First of all balance is key and really learning to pay attention to your body cues. Meditation and practical intuition techniques are also valuable. I suggest you buy this book Extraordinary Psychic by Deborah Lynn Katz. There are very good protection techniques and info in there without using a “spell” though all is magick really…the magick resides within you. You also may want to research various crystals and wear them as jewelry or keep in your pocket. Tigers Eye and Obsidian as well as Apache Tears are shielding crystals. Do not focus merely on one chakra. All of your chakras must be balanced and from what you wrote I would guess most of them are out of alignment. Also using crystals that bring spiritual and mental wellness are key. Purple Amethyst, Green Calcite and Selenite would be beneficial to you. I will write more in my next blog post. Blessings!


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