Deep Waters: Astral Travel and Guided Meditation

“Then I was transported to Egypt, where I lay upon an altar surrounded by fragrant fruit. Temple priestesses danced joyfully around me in the warm, candle lit interior of the temple. I marveled at the huge statues of the Sphinx and Goddess Hathor right beside me. I literally felt the fear and awe as if I was there.”-Excerpt from Deep Waters

So today I sit at my window and wonder what it is I wish to share with you all? Alot has happened in the last few days, that has awakened my mind to another vast realm of being.

Astral Travel


I have been astral journeying more than usual. In the past I would travel astrally, and then feel fatigued and rest my ability for many moons. Now I may rest a couple of days and head right back in.  I have been connecting with Spirit in an amazing way. Wednesday, my journey led me to my friend Sabra. It is so interesting how we met as strangers at a pizza joint but I felt such a connection with her, a sisterhood. And here I am a month later at her house, at her ancestor altar, puffing on a cigar and blanketing smoke over her as she honors the souls of those passed on and the gods who care for them.


After that, we went on a little hike to the the woods, where we marveled at the glory of Goddesses hand and beheld beauty.  She threw a little blanket down for us to meditate.  She then proceeded to take me on an astral journey of my liking to the Mediterranean Sea, a beach in Hawaii and the Temple of Karnak.  At the beach, I could actually taste the water, feel the coolness of it as it swirled around my ankles, see the rushing waves and enjoy the ferocious beauty of Mama Yemoja.


Guided Meditation

Then I was transported to Egypt, where I lay upon an altar surrounded by fragrant fruit. Temple priestesses danced joyfully around me in the warm, candle lit interior of the temple. I marveled at the huge statues of the Sphinx and Goddess Hathor right beside me. I literally felt the fear and awe as if I was there.  My friend also took me through a couple of scenarios that were a bit scary. The first being kidnapped and left to wait on my attackers to come back, and finding the peace in that. As she led me to that place I found my mind taking me to a woman who recently was kidnapped and immediately I began to feel as she felt. What I did in that moment was lent her my peace and gave her all the strength I could muster.  I also thought about when in college my friends “kidnapped” and blindfolded me to take me to an ice cream parlor for a surprise birthday party. Now that was a good kidnapping!


The trouble came when she said, “Now imagine that I have left you here out in this forest and you are completely alone?” That made me feel mad, and I wanted to open my eyes and tell her,”Girl! Don’t dare go anywhere!” I began listening to my surroundings to make sure she didn’t leave me as I would have been completely lost out there for hours if she had! My heart began racing and then I calmed myself down and became reminded that the Angels are with me, keeping me safe and will lead me wherever I needed to go.  I finally settled down, and then relieved to hear her voice, she said, “Now imagine if it was night.” The thought of being all alone there at night, completely abandoned was very uncomfortable to me. I did not like feeling alone. And I was angry that she abandoned me, although she was still right there!


However, in my mind’s eye I tried to find the peace in that moment as she coached me.  I turned over and looked up at the stars. I contemplated the enormity of God and how it felt to actually see so many stars so clearly. But of course, a tiny wave of fear and bitterness swept in and I was ready to just open my eyes and be done with this astral meditation! lol! Finally she instructed me to open my eyes and I was relieved. I found out that I do have a fear of abandonment and being alone. And that right now as I have to deal with being a single mother, and without real love since my husband abandoned me I still had residual anger and bitterness. Thank you Sabra for being my guide!


In exchange, I gave her and her husband an Angel Therapy session with my Angel and Mermaid cards. It was beautiful to connect with them in such a powerful and healing way. The positive energy was all around us and the many Angels, Ancestors and Orishas had themselves a party!

I encourage you to try a little guided meditation or astral travel! It really is a great way to focus on what your spirit needs to be unblocked in fulfillment of your journey.

How to Astral Travel

1. Get comfortable, any position you like will be fine

2. If you need to hold a crystal, ring a bell, light some incense, be in nature, just do whatever it is you need to do to set the atmosphere for divine expectation

3. Focus on where you want to go or whom you would like to talk to. Do not just go willy, nilly and try to astral travel without a destination in mind. You might end up somewhere scary.

4. Always take your Angels with you to guide and protect you. I often visualize my Angels guiding me by the arm, or flying by my side, and leading me to my destination. They also arrive to take me back and will wait patiently until you are finished communicating with your divine place or person.

5. Yes, you can go talk to God, and Archangel, travel to other planets, other dimensions, speak to Goddesses, and the Orishas as well. Anyone can, you do not have to be a prophet or a priest. I once talked to Merlin and learned how to shape shift with him.

6. When you return ground by eating something. I usually fast before I travel, but you don’t have to always.

Hope this was helpful! Blessed Be!

Rainbow Blessings and Coconut Dreams!

Luv, Ostara



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  1. I understand completely how it works. Unfortunately, for the people they like any other religion has failed to progress. There is a higher dimension and deeper connection to be had with the Orisha as on evolves. But I respect their right to worship how they please. Just as they should respect my right as well. The fact of the matter it happened to me.


    1. I am a Witch, you know. And I guess if you must press Oshun resides within me…. Always. 😘 olorun I know personally. He loves me. There is much you don’t know either. I am not saying I know everything for I don’t. I’m also not saying I am a Voodoun practitioner either. I am a Shaman. I have been given free access to worlds and dimensions you may not have even heard of. Have you ever sat in the center of the sun with no flesh and talked face to face to God? I have…and I’m not bragging. I’m just a regular chick with extraordinary gifts. That’s my life.


  2. You don’t know what a witch is? You can type in Witch and read my blog post about my spiritual path. There are many definitions you must find that for yourself. Blessed Be! Thank you for your comments. Ase!


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