Oooooh!!!!! I’m greedy for you! Lol


Gothic Girl-1all earth’s movement is around me

I take a deep breath watching nature fly by

inhale the scent of this spring time of freshness

at sunrise I face east calling upon the air energy that lies within

an invitation to the butterfly I send

bring to me your knowledge
with grace and lightness
dance on the air
my messenger of the moment

the charming social butterfly appears

it has surely earned its wings

stir the spirits of the living

giving me a reminder of your Divine presence

dancing on air…

from flower to flower it helps to further spread the earth’s beauty

I talk with the butterfly and listen to the message…

life is short the butterfly tells me enjoy the here and now

our conversation continues on…

the butterfly gently whispers…nor is it good getting stuck at a stage and becoming stagnant

what a wonderful cocoon of…

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  1. bob says:

    blessed be yessss i cant wait

    Liked by 1 person

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