Purple Amethyst LIGHT MY FIRE!

A little crystal therapy for the seasonal changes! Abundant Blessings!

Ostara, The Hippie Love Angel


The purple amethyst is the violet flame of the earth. She is the “heart flame” that burns brightly in the center in the flame of life.  Known in ancient times as the gem of fire, she carries the energy of creative passion, faithful love, divine emotional healing, intuition and  yet bears the logic of temperance and sobriety.

Personal Association

When I first met Amethyst I did not know anything about this myth. I took my beautiful, newly purchased and cleansed Amethyst raw cut crystal, placed her to my forehead and began my meditation. Suddenly I was taken to a hotly glowing violet flame in the middle of a white alabaster room as pure and clean as cotton.  There she emerged, her skin violet and crystalline, as she floated towards me to be my guide on my spiritual journey. I was amazed at her beauty and her grace. I do believe…

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. bob says:

    blessed lady that is just beyond gorgeous wow i can feel the energy right through this screen so love you post you are truly blessed may our gracious mother continue to be with you always


    1. Thank you Bob! I am glad that you are able to tap into the energy of Purple Amethyst! She is a rare beauty.


  2. bob says:

    some day if the spirits will alow i hope to be a good wizard well if otehr parties wil let me follow this path


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