Rainbow of the Seven Hathors

Ostara, The Hippie Love Angel

SP-studio-Soul-Portrait-in-Studio-Katherine-Skaggs (Picture credit: Katherine Skaggs Studio Soul Portrait)

I researched the significance of the Rainbow Goddess I found Hathor! I discovered that she, the Morning and Evening Venus Star Goddess, Mistress of Heaven, Celestial Nurse, Mother of Mothers, and Celestial Cow Goddess of the Milky Way was the original RAINBOW GODDESS.

First of all, Hathor was part of the triple Goddess of Heaven.  Goddess Nun, who was the primordial waters, which gave birth to Mehet-Waret, the cow goddess of the sky. Her name actually means “great flood” or “tidal wave” and so she was the original destructive and regenerative force of Nun, which later transposed to Sehkmet.  Hathor, was called the Morning and Evening star, because she represented the planet Venus or star Sirius which would rise after the flood. The Venus star at certain times of the year would rise in the morning and other times would rise at twilight…

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